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CJ-2A Custom Wood Top Sullivan, PA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. This may have a V-7 Hardtop.

Dan spotted this unusual wooden hardtop for sale. Great piece!

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“Here’s something one won’t see on eBay every day…….This is a custom-made wooden roof assembly that fits a Willys CJ2-A civilian jeep of the immediate post-WW2 era. The story I have heard most of my life is that a neighbor of ours purchased a new 1948 CJ2-A and, after a few years, wanted something more stylish than the canvass top that had come with it. He commissioned a local furniture-maker, whose name is long lost to the ages, to design and construct this wooden “station wagon”-like roof assembly.



My late father bought the jeep with both tops in 1968 and stored the wooden roof on the second floor of his garage for many years. Around 1980 he sold the jeep, but he kept the wooden top. Fast forward to approx 2000, when I bought a haggard CJ2-A from a co-worker. Since it had no roof, installed the wooden one. The pictures seen with this auction show the wooden roof still perched on my red Jeep. It is possible this roof may fit the CJ3A with flathead engine and maybe even a WW2 military jeep, but I have NO experience with either model and can only say for certain that it will fit a CJ2-A……



So much for the history……the top is is very nice condition despite being over 60 years old. All the glass is safety glass, and the windows on the doors slide open for ventilation. As can be seen in the pictures, there is clearance to open the windshield, too.



The rear hatch swings up and can be propped open on the drivers side, but it was always precarious at best and I think a pair of modern hydraulic struts would be a good idea. The light areas on the center of the doors was where the original owner had stenciled the name of his farm, and Dad sanded it off before giving the roof a coat of varnish around 1970.


It was sanded and varnished again when I decided to install it, but has not been done since and will need it ! This roof has been stored inside most of its life, has rarely been out in the rain and has never seen road salt ! The front of the roof has mounting holes spaced to thread into the clamps that hold the windshield upright – see pictures 24+25. The rear of the roof is held in place with clamps that fit inder the lip of the body in the back sides – see pictures 16, 17+18. Your tailgate holds the rear hatch shut.


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