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1965 DJ-3A Charlton, IA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $14,900.

“65 dj3a hand built hot rod jeep, very rare body heavily modified jeep frame, 454 mark 5 crate motor with bigger heads all comp cams valve train , cdi ign.,177 blower, 9 quart oil system carbon fiber clutch, all new suspension, fuel cell, gel bat., so much more.600+ horse power,2400 pounds, this car isn’t for light weights. pearl paint on it ,in it, under it. 5speed w3500 over drive. runs on lightly doctored pump gas. will trade for way bitchin rat or kemp custom.”


1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia2 1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia3 1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia4

1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia5 1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia6 1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia7 1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia8 1965-dj3a-jeeprod-desmoines-ia9


7 Comments on “1965 DJ-3A Charlton, IA **SOLD**

  1. mike

    Very cool, reminds me of something ED (Big Daddy) Roth would do. I always liked the Dispatcher hard tops better the the soft tops. I owned one of these back in 1964. Although it is a neat toy to have in your collection, but not the kind of vehicle you’d want to use for pizza delivery.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike, I agree: More Roth than Barris. However, I might still want to deliver pizzas in it 🙂

  3. SteveK

    Very Kool. Add a heat exchanger off of the horsepower produced to an oven in the back, and “guaranteed Hot Pizza” in 20 minutes or less… and fun too…

  4. mike

    Stevek, Great idea, a lot better than the STERNO OVENS they used back in the 60’s, faster delivery too!

  5. Colin Peabody

    That is just too cool! Big Daddy Roth could have built this! I would guess the driver sits way back due to the engine being back into the firewall. Love it!!

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