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1944? Jeep Brandywine, MD No Price

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UPDATE: Still Available. Description has been updated. Was $400. Now no price.

(07/02/2014) Oh this crazy thing is great! It’s got some floating rear hubs, so very well could have a 1944 chassis.

“Experimental? 312 engine was informed by the long retired pilot Air Force. Found locally near Hyde field near Andrews AFB .. 312 virtually identical to 292 without checking numbers on crankshaft. Complete except carb. Parts or restore – pto, Dana 44s, tow bar. One off hand built cap. Still has some military type script on inside of cap, looks like they used recycled ductwork or equiptment steel. Ford mustang type seats. .. no parts this on really needs to be researched. Haven’t been able to locate a VIN. Confusion as to all that have studied it. No parts sell as whole unit. Bill of Sale. Great conversation piece, yard art or rare historical piece. Pretty solid except for some floor pan and rocker repair.

1944-jeep-brandywine-md1 1944-jeep-brandywine-md2 1944-jeep-brandywine-md3 1944-jeep-brandywine-md4


11 Comments on “1944? Jeep Brandywine, MD No Price

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This is so cool and unique. It’s got to be worth $450. Would be great to see it restored, keeping that front end and top.

  2. John Hartman

    I recognize the Y-block, after that I’m lost. What’s with the front fender weirdness?

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    That’s a wagon/truck/jeepster front. Don’t encounter that mod often . . .

  4. Bob

    One more comment. I think if I ever collected a certain type of jeep, it would be oddball stuff like this. Something someone modded back in the day. I’d restore them back in their modded form too.

  5. Joe in Mesa

    Wonder what the current asking price is… I didn’t see it in the Facebook ad.
    I agree with Bob’s comment (of almost 3 yrs ago(… this would be neat restored to its “modded glory” 😉

  6. Willy McCoy

    312 Ford Y block engine. It was in a lot of early T-birds. My Dad had one in a 58 F-100 and it was a hoss.

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