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1942 200-Mile Jeep Trip to Dakar

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Joseph Morton’s description of his jeep trip from Bathhurst, Gambia, to Dakar, French West Africa, was published in the Evening Star, December 26, 1942. Fun fact: I got to know a Gambian ambassador to the US and was invited to Gambia to help work on a school’s computer system back in 2002, but other priorities kept me from going.

Bathhurst is now known as Banjul, Gambia’s capital city. French West Africa is now Senegal. This map *might* be close to the route taken:


Now for the article:



3 Comments on “1942 200-Mile Jeep Trip to Dakar

  1. MATT

    Old Jeep trip stories are always neat to read.

    Speaking of Jeep trips.. You guys should check out “Four Wheels and Frontiers: The First Overland-Singapore to England.” By Jayne E. Follows · Roy Follows
    I stumbled across this book a while ago and it was a very interesting read. A 13,000 mile Jeep trip in 1958. (I may have mentioned this book before but it warrants repeating.)
    If you’re a Jeep fan, you got to check this out and I think it can be downloaded in PDF form as well. (?)

    Here’s a little blurb from Amazon about it:
    “Two English Colonial Police Officers were engaged in a lethal war fighting Communist Terrorists in the Malay Emergency when they decided to make an overland journey from Singapore to England. One year later, in February 1958, they purchased an ex-army Willy’s Jeep from a local scrap yard and set out for England. This book reflects their true spirit of adventure with no mobile phones, no G.P.S., no sponsorship, and limited maps.”

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