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1970 Con-Ferr Catalog Pages 43-96

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These are the final pages for the Con-Ferr catalog.

View pages 1-20 plus Covers and History:
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View pages 42-96:

1970-conferr-catalog-pg42 1970-conferr-catalog-pg43 1970-conferr-catalog-pg44 1970-conferr-catalog-pg45 1970-conferr-catalog-pg46

1970-conferr-catalog-pg47 1970-conferr-catalog-pg48 1970-conferr-catalog-pg49 1970-conferr-catalog-pg50 1970-conferr-catalog-pg51 1970-conferr-catalog-pg52 1970-conferr-catalog-pg53 1970-conferr-catalog-pg54 1970-conferr-catalog-pg55 1970-conferr-catalog-pg56 1970-conferr-catalog-pg57 1970-conferr-catalog-pg58 1970-conferr-catalog-pg59 1970-conferr-catalog-pg60 1970-conferr-catalog-pg61 1970-conferr-catalog-pg62 1970-conferr-catalog-pg63 1970-conferr-catalog-pg64 1970-conferr-catalog-pg65 1970-conferr-catalog-pg66 1970-conferr-catalog-pg67 1970-conferr-catalog-pg68 1970-conferr-catalog-pg69 1970-conferr-catalog-pg70 1970-conferr-catalog-pg71 1970-conferr-catalog-pg72 1970-conferr-catalog-pg73 1970-conferr-catalog-pg74 1970-conferr-catalog-pg75 1970-conferr-catalog-pg76 1970-conferr-catalog-pg77 1970-conferr-catalog-pg78 1970-conferr-catalog-pg79 1970-conferr-catalog-pg80 1970-conferr-catalog-pg81 1970-conferr-catalog-pg82 1970-conferr-catalog-pg83 1970-conferr-catalog-pg84 1970-conferr-catalog-pg85 1970-conferr-catalog-pg86 1970-conferr-catalog-pg87 1970-conferr-catalog-pg88 1970-conferr-catalog-pg89 1970-conferr-catalog-pg90 1970-conferr-catalog-pg91 1970-conferr-catalog-pg92 1970-conferr-catalog-pg93 1970-conferr-catalog-pg94 1970-conferr-catalog-pg95

View pages 1-20 plus Covers and History:
View pages 20-42:
View pages 42-96:


5 Comments on “1970 Con-Ferr Catalog Pages 43-96

  1. Bill Garland

    Hi Dave, thanks for posting the Confer catalog. It brings back some great memories during these difficult times. In 1970 I purchased a new Renegade 1 lime green Jeep and quickly removed the smooth tread G78-15 tires and installed new Gates XT Commando tires. I purchased them from a wonderful old Jeep dealership in Selingsgrove Pa. called MC Bonawitz & Son (now long gone). Those tires were the greatest for off road. Looking at the Confer catalog (which I always had close by) I saw that they sold for $49.00 and some change. Back then that was the bomb! I wore the pages out in that catalog. Thanks again for all you do with Ewillys. Regards, Bill Garland. Carlisle Pa.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Bill,

    I have heard other folks swear by the Gates Commando tires as well. I never had a chance to run them myself.
    Hope all is well in Carlisle; save a little breakfast at John’s for our next visit 🙂

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi David,

    I am not aware of any metal tubs they might have produced. If anything, they might have been involved with Fiberglass tubs.

    – Dave

  4. David ball

    Are you able to help me find out who did make replacement bodies for military jeeps thank you and have a wonderful day thanks David

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