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1951 Photo of CJ-2A w/ Wood Hardtop

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UPDATE: Rather than a V-7, this might be a Woodie Top.


Originally posted 04/09/2020: 

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John spotted this CJ-2A in a Westchester, NY, local history book. As he read through it, he spotted the jeep with it’s unusual hardtop. He was wondering if I knew what it was. (is that possibly the Yorktown Heights train station?)

My best guess is that it is a modified V-7 Body Works hardtop (modified on the lower door along with the front corner extension that appears to go down to the step). Here are some links and photos for comparison:

V-7 hardtop which first went on sale in 1948, so the timeline works.


These two tops look to be V-7 tops:

These two links have characteristics of Woodie Tops:



5 Comments on “1951 Photo of CJ-2A w/ Wood Hardtop

  1. John

    Thanks again Dave, and yes you are correct. That is a photo of the Yorktown Heights train station c. 1951

    Great job putting these pictures together for the post, it is definitely getting bookmarked for later! 🤘👍

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