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Year? CJ-3A Valentine APU Central Point, OR **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $25,000.

I don’t see any of the APU equipment left, so while it’s a rare jeep, it’s also no longer an APU jeep. I don’t see anyone paying the asking price for it. That said, it’s got some interesting mods, including a custom lengthened rear cargo area, a custom spare tire well and holder, what appears to be the Hudson steering mod, and a custom modified top (shortened CJ-6 top perhaps). This also utilizes doors from a late model CJ-5 hardtop by Kelly. The rear portion may even be a modified Kelly CJ-6 top.

“Up for sale is a CJ3A Willys APU Jeep .
This APU Jeep was built for the military Navy and Air Force to start jets by the Valentine Welding Co. they made a total of 75, this is one of two know to still exist, and the only one with a windshield and top .
The newer F head engines were placed in and a custom hood made by the manufacturer
Asking 25k”

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3 Comments on “Year? CJ-3A Valentine APU Central Point, OR **Status Unknown**

  1. Marcus Aurelius

    So if you owned this and someone walked up and offered you 20-25k you would say Oh no, don’t be silly, that’s entirely too much, $2700. would be just fine with me .

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