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1991 ‘The First 50 Years’ Jeep Press Packet

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Thanks to Maury, I was able to get this 1991 press packet off ebay and shipped for under $10. That’s a good day. It wasn’t clear to me all that was inside, but it turned out to be a heck of a deal. The three-page tri-fold stores photos, old press releases, histories, and a few miscellaneous items.

Here’s the front of the packet:


These are the materials that are stored inside. There are four press releases, fourteen reproduction 8×10 photos, a 40-page AMC/Chrysler history, a jeep history that’s attached to the binder (see upper right corner), one March 1963 Jeep News front-page reproduction and a late 1940s wagon ad reproduction. Just the reproduction of the Willys Quad photo was worth the cost of this package (I’d never gotten around to getting one).jeep-pr-packet-05

I haven’t read this history just yet, but wasn’t in a hurry as I’ve already read this book on AMC’s history:


Here’s how the binder looks when opened. The jeep history starts at the page in the middle.

jeep-pr-packet-07 jeep-pr-packet-08 jeep-pr-packet-09 jeep-pr-packet-10 jeep-pr-packet-11 jeep-pr-packet-12 jeep-pr-packet-13 jeep-pr-packet-14 jeep-pr-packet-15

Under the last page of the jeep history is a holder for all the photos and other documents:


Here are two 1990s press releases (I only took photos of the front pages):


These are two 1980s press releases:


The press release on the left is from early 1942 and covers the changing situation with America’s entry into WWII, while the one on the right is from 1965:


The Jeep News reproduction page from March 1963 is shown on the left. It includes a report on the name change from Willys Motors to Kaiser Jeep and the Willys-Overland Export Corp. to Kaiser Jeep International Corp. The reproduction wagon ad on the right is from 1948 and includes details on which magazine and dates it appeared (I wish I had that database of information!).



6 Comments on “1991 ‘The First 50 Years’ Jeep Press Packet

  1. keith Buckley


    I didn’t realize that gold publication came in a version with a folder and Press releases.
    You caused me to buy a copy of the last American CEO. I never read it , but had many interactions with Joe at AMC and his later roles at the Rental Car Companies.

    Have you ever read Bejing Jeep? It was the story of Jeep building the XJ Cherokee in China. Jeff Trimmer is a central character in the story. And he really was a Character. My 2nd trip over the Rubicon was with him… I know it’s about Jeep later than your ‘Willys’ focus, but it gives a great insight into what politics were like, and why some owners of the Jeep Brand leveraged the Willys and Kaiser history, and why others avoided it like the plague. Reading about Ronald Reagan trying to negotiate the release of profits for an American company producing vehicles in Communist China was , well, a learning experience.

    I think most of that history folder was put together by Vern Schmidt, but I’m not certain.

    If you need a copy of the separate gold book or the Quad photo let me know. I have spares.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Keith: I have not yet read Beijing Jeep, but I just now ordered a copy. I’d heard of the book, but had forgotten about it. So, thanks for the reminder! I’m not familiar with Jeff Trimmer, but I guess I will be after I read the book.

    I can see both pluses and minuses to leveraging the jeep history, so I look forward to reading the reasoning and politics behind that. History can be great for it’s sentimentality, but it can also be an anchor that drags on innovation.

    Thanks for the offer about the gold book and Quad photo. I’ll keep that in mind.

  3. Dave C

    Good resource, for sure. But, don’t you just love it how Jeep continue to claim that they invented the jeep? Scant mention of Bantam’s Pilot Car, or Willys using the Bantam drawings as the basis for the Quad.
    Dave C

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