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Kent Frost’s Jeep Reaches 100,000 Miles

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UPDATE: This article from the San Juan Record dated October 22, 1965,  provides more information on Kent Frost’s jeep Ruby and his treks over Elephant Hill.

1965-10-22-san-juan-record-kent-frost-ruby1-lores 1965-10-22-san-juan-record-kent-frost-ruby2-lores

1966-01-fourwheeler-kent-frost-ruby2A better example of the photo appeared in the January 1966 Four Wheeler Magazine


Original Post November 08, 2016: In January of 1966, Four Wheeler Magazine reported that Kent Frost’s CJ-5 Ruby had surpassed 100,00 miles. During that time Frost estimated he had crossed Elephant Hill 195 times through all kinds of weather, both day and night. Fittingly, the birthday celebration was held at the top of the hill. Here are a few pics of Ruby:

You can see more great photos from a trip led by Kent in this series of photos:


3 Comments on “Kent Frost’s Jeep Reaches 100,000 Miles

  1. Tom Ziemer

    Is it possible this is article is referring to Kent Frost? He apparently published four-wheeling guidebooks of the Moab area back in the day. My dad says he had a few, and that the pics of this Jeep look familiar. Some family friends that have resided in Moab since the 50s agree the Frost name sounds familiar, and that he may have led jeep tours back then.

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