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Photos From Reconditioning at Esslingen, Germany on eBay

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This series of 5″x7″ photos were taken at the Esslingen Germany shop where jeeps were reconditioned. It’s not clear if these are reprints, but still a rare bit of history.

1. This image shows recondition jeeps parked and ready:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning7a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning7b

2 . This image shows more recondition jeeps parked and ready:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning6a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning6b

3. This jeep is hanging from a hoist as part of its rebuild:


4. This action shot shows a man welding the back of a jeep as part of a rebuild:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning4a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning4b

5. An engine/transmission/and transfercase are being removed from a jeep as part of a rebuild:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning3a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning3b

6. In this photo it appears a worker is readying the power train of an upside-down jeep for removal:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning2a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning2b

7. This photo shows an upside-down jeep partially disassembled:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning1a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning1b

8. this photo shows another look at rebuilt and parked jeeps:
photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning8a photo-esslingen-germany-reconditioning8b


4 Comments on “Photos From Reconditioning at Esslingen, Germany on eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    In the background of the welding photo I think that’s a parts board that I’m guessing is a reference for all the boxed parts in that long bin below it. Unless I’m wrong.

  2. John North Willys

    look at the water puddles on top of the jeeps – i know canvas is waterproof until it touches something , then it leaks — the welding parts board looks like special jeep tools ? miller ?

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