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Worman Hardtop Graeagle, CA Best **SOLD**

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UPDATE: *SOLD**. The jeep as a whole was sold back in 2014.

(12/28/2017) The hardtop looks to be an early Willys-Overland Worman-manufactured hardtop .. a very hard to find item.

“Cab with doors as seen in pics. Does NOT include tub. Best CASH offer.!

worman-cab-halftop-3 worman-cab-halftop-4 worman-cab-halftop-5 worman-cab-halftop-6

worman-cab-halftop-7 worman-cab-halftop-8 worman-cab-halftop-9

Older pics from a previous post that show CJ-2L for archive purposes:

More pics of the tub …

1947-cj2a-cj2l-portola-ca1 1947-cj2a-cj2l-portola-ca2 1947-cj2a-cj2l-portola-ca3


11 Comments on “Worman Hardtop Graeagle, CA Best **SOLD**

  1. Barry West

    What was this platform use advertised for? Was it advertised the same as the C6? By the way I guess someone bought it cause the ad was deleted. Cool stretch factory or not.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Barry,

    I exchanged emails with the seller and secured some more pics. The body looks consistent with other “CJ-2Ls” that I’ve seen, but my guide for determining what makes a “2L” is neither rigorous nor scientific. Here’s what I wrote the seller:

    This jeep began life as a 1947 CJ-2A. Obviously, at some point it was stretched. It appears to have been stretched about the same amount (2 feet) as other “CJ-2L”s I’ve seen. I use the CJ-2L designation because of a 2010 story I read about stretched CJ-2As out of the Spokane/Couer d’ Alene area. You can read that story here:

    You can see other examples of 2As stretched in a similar manner here: …. I don’t have great photos of these, as all the photos are from craigslist, so it’s hard to compare these tubs to see what is similar.

    What I can say for certain is that it WAS a CJ-2A and now it is more of a curiosity. Perhaps there’s a jeep dealer in the Spokane/Couer d’ Alene with old enough records to confirm this was owned/sold/modified by the dealer, but that’s likely a fools errand.

  3. bill

    Willys is still for sale. Seller removed ad because I was to look at this afternoon. It snowed last night so everything was covered. Sorry I did not get pics or measure the stretch.. The good. cab is in really good condition. one door window cracked. Rest looked good on quick inspection. Tilt out windshield looked like it used cj2a ? lollypops. Pieces were welded to rear corners to take up space since wheel wells were moved back. looked pretty easy to remove. Drivers fender useable. The bad. Pass fender missing metal. Repo or cj3a hood [ 1 piece rear support ] had dent in left top. Might be able to save. The tub was stretched with approx. 12 ga. metal for floor and side extension. Had no lip in on bottom. ok job . Useable. Front 1/3 of tub was in ok shape for old willys. Ser # tag and body # tag intact. Some hat channel missing and I step bent. tool box missing. Some rust thru under tool box area. the rear1/3 of the tub was junk. Used to haul rocks. Pretty much all of it was beat up. Tail gate was beat up . Was it a cj -2l ?. As I have never seen one not sure. If I were to guess I would say home built. I passed on it as most was junk except for the top and I did not need it. No paperwork. The neighbor moved and did not want to take so gave away. Made it home thru the snow with a empty trailer. I have his # if someone wants it.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the info and update Bill. Based on the evidence, this was the first commercial hardtop and it was made for Willys-Overland, which suggest it was either a factory or dealer option (not sure which). So, it would have been made especially for the CJ-2A, possible mimicking it since W-O was selling it in place of the standard 2A windshield. Sorry to hear the tub wasn’t more useable. It’s probably mostly junk at this point.

  5. bill

    That one advertised in april 2014 was in gray eagle Ca as is this one.. It was painted white. There is white paint under the blue on the on for sale now. Appears the same one as body damage is the same location and cab looks identical.

  6. Steve E.

    Bill, please send the owner’s number to me: I’m going on a Jeep trip above Graeagle this weekend, and I’d like to stop and check out the CJ-2L. Did he still have the frame?

    **Steve E.**

  7. bill

    His name is Dave. 530 412 0630. I only saw sheet metal parts. He did have a complete Willys pick up for sale. He is not a jeep guy. Neighbor moved and gave him this stuff to sell.. Cab is on reno craigslist now. Worman cab was in pretty good shape.

  8. Dan

    I have one up here in canada took me some time to figure out what it was. I am not sure how to post pictures on here.

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