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1949 Station Wagon Brochure

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UPDATE: Coincidentally, I received a better version of this brochure in the mail today as part of a packet of brochures, so the pics are much improved. This brochure is Form 46 SWMI-3CM-11-49.


This is how the back side of the brochure when unopened.


The top 1/4th of this foldout is a different page than the lower 3/4. The lower 3/4 folds down. Also, note the ‘Jeep’ badge that appears subtly in the lower right corner.


This page shows the brochure fully opened.Photos

This shows how the back side looks fully opened.



2 Comments on “1949 Station Wagon Brochure

  1. John North Willys

    ok , this brochure was dated 11-49 ? — the green wagon is not a station sedan , but it is a 6 cylinder model — what interests me is the paint job , it has the upper part of the side body ribs painted in pinstripes ? — my 1950 673 model , with the april 1950 and on pointed grill has the same pinstripes – i have never seen a flat front wagon with them .. live and learn

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Yes, the end of the Form name is usually a date. In this case it is 11-49.
    Perhaps the wagon in the illustration is just an illustration, but was never created? I can’t say for sure.

    Yes, I don’t think the BYU Coed story to appropriate here (unapproved comment), but having lived in Utah, I understand it.

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