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You may have noticed that regular updates have returned. I hope to keep them going, though I may still need a few more days off than normal.

For example, we discovered yesterday that some of our outlets in the living room didn’t work. Three of them each had their bottom portions of the outlet on a three way switch, but the wiring was never completed. I made them work, but not via the three-ways switches. Whoever wired it, did it oddly, so I bypassed the switches. Because we hope to remodel the living area next year, my fix will do for now.

Our back pasture has three and a half new ‘squatters’ in the form of three cows and a calf. A neighbor offered to managed the back pasture in exchange for keeping his cows there. He rebuilt some sections of the fence and brush-hogged much of the grass. He’s getting a good deal, but, for this summer at least, it’s one less thing I need to manage.

Today I left early for the “west-side” so Steve Carter and I can bring back Patterson. I tried to purchase a cheap electric fuel pump yesterday, as the one on Patterson isn’t working at the moment. I only need it to get Patterson up on the trailer, but neither NAPA nor Autozone was capable of selling me a cheap pump. All the ones they had were 8″ long and $70 or more. That was overkill for what I want. So, I’ll do a simple gravity feed setup.

Progress has slowed on unpacking as Ann hasn’t felt good for a couple days.

We had a few amazing, golden sunsets over the past few days. This place will be a bunch of work for the foreseeable future, but evenings like this make it worth it.




7 Comments on “UPDATE …

  1. Terry

    Yes ! wiring a 3 way switch is tricky , I’ve done it, but even a pro. will have trouble.


    excuse me , but who would wire half of an outlet to a three way switch ? was there marihuana growers in the house previously ?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Vernon: Whomever it was, I need to get their name so I know whom NOT to hire to do electrical work.

  4. David

    Back in the 60’s and 70’s that was done in most houses to control table and floor lamps A lot of houses did have ceiling lights in living rooms. So the switch would control the lamps


    DAVID – you should see what some dirty #$%^&* marihuana growers did to my new house ? — i have to go through all the wiring in the house and barn , outlets in the ceiling ? switches 8 feet off the floor ? i hate pot growers with a PASSION !! BUST EM !! MARIHUANA GROWING IS AN ENVIROMENTAL DISASTER !! (AND AN ELECTRICAL HAZARD ) !! .. i wont even talk about the water system .. my jeeps are working overtime to clean up the MESS !!

  6. David Eilers Post author

    When I lived in Cali I regularly read about the illegal, guerrilla pot growers in national forests, etc, in northern Cal. They carelessly sprayed chemicals, left trash, high-jacked water and electric systems, and posed a danger in that they guarded their areas. I agree, bust ’em!

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks David. Yes, the purpose was clear, but the execution abysmal (partly due to the bad wiring, but also partly due to the outlets selected, two of which aren’t near places where you’d put a table and lamp).

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