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Qualls Road Trip IV: Team Qualls Makes it Home

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This is the final summary from Randy and Carson’s coast-to-coast drive. Thanks to both of them for the inspirational journey and for sharing your photos along the way.

Here’s Randy’s summary of the trip:

“We made it😁 18 days and 7055 miles coast to coast and back in two 1951 open Willys jeeps. Average speed 48 mph Why? I don’t know, but it was fun! Sometime I’ll make a slideshow and post it. Thanks Melvin Petiet and Molly from Happy Trails 4×4 in Jacksonville for storing our tow rig while we were gone. They were also overlanding but we didn’t manage to cross paths. We did hook up with Cartotracks, warn, and Factor 55 for a run in Sand Hollow, and Boston Bob put us up for a night in Delta Colorado. Also thanks David Eilers for a great site”


Back home on the beaches of Florida


2 Comments on “Qualls Road Trip IV: Team Qualls Makes it Home

  1. Klings262

    I’m hoping they shot some video and will post it to YouTube in the near future. I’d like to see some of their off road trips and stops they made along the way. Epic trip guys, and thanks for sharing!

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