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Qualls’ Roadtrip III

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(<– See Part II of the road trip)

Over the past few days Randy and Carson made good time, yet saw plenty. From Yosemite, they traveled southeast until camping somewhere in Nevada.



The next morning, they drove to Las Vegas, Nevada, where they hit the Vegas strip. At some point, Carson broke a fan belt, so they got to spend more time than planned in Vegas.



Back on the road, they drove to Utah. There, they met up with Jake White and others to take the offroad trip to Toquerville Falls, Utah.



Gratuitous eWillys photo :-)

2022-10-04-utah5 2022-10-04-utah4

Toquerville Falls:

From Toquerville Falls, the duo travelled through Monument Valley:


Then onward to the Moab area where they tried Hells Gate (see video):


Somewhere along the way, the father-son team got this iconic Southern Utah photo:


They didn’t linger in Utah long. Next up was the the mountains of Colorado. Fortunately, it appears they made it over Colorado without suffering through any snow or cold rains.

Here, they have just summitted Monarch Pass. If they looked off to their right at the summit, they would have seen a building with Madonna Mine on it (my family owned or controlled the mine and property for about 60 years).


From Monarch Pass, Randy and Carson began their descent down the eastern slope. At some junctures they left Colorado for Kansas, where it looks very cold!

2022-10-07-kansas2 2022-10-07-kansas1

Their last post was from Arkansas. They are likely pretty close to home as of this writing. No doubt they will remember this road trip for a long time! Congrats to them both for an epic journey!



5 Comments on “Qualls’ Roadtrip III

  1. Will R.

    Wonderful trip and adventure! Pictures have been great, many thanks for sharing! Congratulations on the memories made!


    “somewhere in Nevada” means an awful lot! You can really get lost in those desert mountains – the solitude is fantastic! And I’m from Montana. The M38 makes it all the more fun

  3. JohnB

    Can you give us the location of guest the 10th photo (headed towards Monument Valley?) was taken on?
    Great shot, I need to see that in person.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    Google Maps now has it marked as “Highway from Forest Gump Movie”:,-110.0544077,12.19z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x8737382cd502c16f:0xd834a571b3dc7f4d!2sMexican+Hat,+UT+84531!3b1!8m2!3d37.151946!4d-109.8670664!3m4!1s0x873731e51d65aced:0x816d1c371fef3ef4!8m2!3d37.1016329!4d-109.9907615

    Here is our pic from the same spot:

    As part of our 2012 trip southward (already 11 years ago? we look so young..)

    – Dave

  5. JW

    Trip of a lifetime! Awesome that it was a father and son adventure. I’d like to know more about their preparation, preventative maintenance and what failed or wore out along the way. Were their Jeeps modified or mostly stock? What spares did they take, what do they wish they would’ve taken? I went to Randy’s FB page but they really didn’t cover those aspects of their trip.

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