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1953 CJ-3A Farm Jeep North Canton, OH **SOLD**

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UPDTE: **SOLD** Was $6500. As Bill notes in the comments, there has been some odd activity with this Jeep.

Seller believes this to be a Farm Jeep based on the serial number. The hardtop is a Kelly “23” series top. Thanks to Tom for sharing it.

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“Serial Number 453GC1 10049 indicates a 4-cylinder, 1953 production year. The fifth symbol C indicates a Farm Jeep. About 10,617 CJ3As were produced in 1953, but only 85 serialized Farm Jeeps were produced in 1953, this Willys is number 49. Less than 10 of these are listed in the Kaiser Willys or databases to still be intact or running. While it has been resprayed, the original color was Pacific Blue, and the original paint can be seen under the hood and inside the fenders.

Farm Jeeps had reinforced frames for the additional implements as well as upgraded springs. The frame and suspension are in good shape. The engine and drive train are fully functional, and it starts and drives reliably. Steering is reasonable for the condition, however much of its 27,000 actual miles has been off pavement, while it can be driven on the road, it would need adjustments to feel comfortable above 45 MPH.

This is running the original style fuel pump, oil filled air cleaner, 6v electric system with generator. The L-Head (L134 Go Devil) was rebuilt approx. 12 years ago along with a large amount of reconditioning with new lines and aluminum radiator (one of the only non-factory style parts on the Jeep).

The hardtop is original, and all glass has been replaced and windows function. Possible Kelly or Beck cab, still need to verify. (UPDATE, thanks to David for pointing out, the top appears to be “a Kelly “23” series from the early 1960s”. While it does have some surface rust, the roof is solid.

The Grill, Front Fenders, and Tailgate are good. The hood is solid but dented. The tub has had most of the rust spots removed and new metal welded in, it was fixed to be functional. The welds on the patches could be cleaned up and sanded smooth but they are solid.

The floorboards need repair. The area in front of the seats is solid, but the area under the driver and passenger seats should be replaced. I would think the front floorpan kit from would address most of the tub needing replaced.

The plow is also included though not in the set of pictures. FB Marketplace limits to 20 photos so I put what I thought gave the best representation of all sides of the Jeep.

It was unregistered for many years (since 1977) as it was not driven on the road. I have recently updated the registration and plates and it has a clean title so it can be driven.”



3 Comments on “1953 CJ-3A Farm Jeep North Canton, OH **SOLD**

  1. Bill Taylor

    This Jeep has been listed twice in the last two weeks on Facebook. Both times it has been marked (sold.) Yes I took screenshots for proof and I have notified the site administrator. Not sure what is going on with this Jeep.

  2. Keith

    I dont know what is going on with THIS Jeep, but I also have a 1953 CJ3A Farm Jeep about 25 units erlier than this one, and other than extra factory holes puched for a Monroe Lift, I’m not sure of all the differences.

  3. Barry T

    When it first appeared, I sent the seller a FB message and was told he had a deposit. I told him I was interested in the history and asked for more details, but he never responded. I think the current seller doubled the price and is doing a quick flip

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