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March 1960 Jeep News

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This eight-page Jeep News was published in March of 1960. On the front page, the company announced the 1960 ‘Jeep’ Approved Equipment Sales Program to further push third party equipment sales, which rose 33% in 1959 vs 1958. Willys Motors also welcomed a new Jeep Approved Equipment sign.

In addition, the front page highlighted the Surrey, noting that Pepsi had purchased 100 surreys, making it the largest Surrey purchase to date. Eighteen of those went to Tulsa in custom colors of Code N-57 Pepsi-Cola Yellow and Pepsi-Cola Creamed Striped Vinyl, but it is less clear to me what colors were used for the other surreys. Finally, the front page noted that the Surrey would appear in “Seventeen” Magazine on April 04, 1960 (see full ad in black and white here).

Page two referenced three different brochures. The first brochure was highlighted to announce that an updated version of the value-rater with 1960 data had been published (view the 1959 version here). The second two brochures were intended as mailers for a targeted audience of contractors, engineers, and other building trades people. The first mailer was titled “When The Weather Outside Is Frightful” (DM60-01), while the second one was “Building Up? Or Down?” (DM60-02). At least nine 1960 DM60-XX brochures were produced, though I am still missing DM60-05, DM60-07, and DM60-08.

A story on page three describes the use of a Surrey by the fashionable “Togs for Women” stores as “a trailing fashion show, with a trailer loaded of the latest in women’s clothing.” Pages four and five cover the rise of jeep clubs from across the country, both for fun and for community service. Pages six and seven have a variety of FC stories.

Page eight has another Bonners Willys story, this time highlighting a DJ-3A Dispatcher, though the hardtop on the dispatcher looks most like a very early Willys Overland top like this one. Meanwhile, a different article shared the news of a thirty-two Dispatcher purchase by Sommers Drugs, a San Antonio, Texas, drug store chain.

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One comment on “March 1960 Jeep News

  1. Barney Goodwin

    And right below the Bonner article is one about Palmer Motor Company, another Houston Jeep dealership which become Woodie’s Jeeps at the same Washington Ave. address, part of our legacy here at Barney’s. Talk about a valuable learning experience! Somewhere between this printing and ’65 the name and possibly the ownership was changed to Woodie’s. We know this because there are many 3Bs in Texas today with the Woodie’s dealership sticker on the tailgate. This dealership was open until Chrysler bought AMC in ’86. So far I have found no evidence that Woodie’s was forced to sell AMC cars, which AMC was also pressuring some to do after their own purchase of Kaiser Jeep. If anyone here has additional information about these 2 dealerships, I would love to hear from you.

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