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October 1954 Willys Adds Gran Hydraulic Lifter to Spec Equip List

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UPDATE III: This is a merge post, adding a nicer scan of the Commercial and Jeep Sales Bulletin, this one dated October 29, 1954, to the original Gran Hydraulic Lifter history post. This doc welcomes the Gran Hydraulic Lifter to the Willys Special Equipment list.

1954-10-29-gran-hydraulic-loader1 1954-10-29-gran-hydraulic-loader2 1954-10-29-gran-hydraulic-loader3 1954-10-29-gran-hydraulic-loader4 1954-10-29-gran-hydraulic-loader5

UPDATE II: Todd’s got a near complete version fo the loader/fork lift. You can review all the photos along with a brochure that accompanied it on this page:


Todd Paisley’s Gran Hydraulic Forklift / Loader

UPDATE: Barry shared a link to the video, likely from late 1954 or early 1955, below that demonstrates the Gran Loader in action between minutes 9:24 to 9:50.

In October of 1954, Willys Motors announced the introduction of the Gran Manufacturing Hydraulic Loader. The Loader was unique in that it was essentially a rear facing forklift attached to a jeep. It was available in two sizes, one with 108″ lift capability and a smaller one with 69.5″ lift capability, and in two styles, adjustable or non-adustable forks. One feature noted was that it ONLY took 8 hours to install, which made it pretty much a permanent jeep feature it would seem to me.

Gran Manufacturing was based in Perrysburg, Ohio, but I couldn’t uncover any more information about that company. Below are some brochures that depict the loader.

Note that the 1954 brochure is from a series of photos on eBay that were taken at angles. I straightened them out to make them more readable, but the quality is still pretty poor.

This first image is out of the 1955 Specialize Equipment Booklet.

1955 Gran Hydraulic Loader Specialized Equipment Brochure:



Gran Hydraulic pages from a circa-1955 Product Merchandising Manual:

230-merchandising-manual-loaders-5 233-merchandising-manual-loaders-8-gran-hydraulic2 233-merchandising-manual-loaders-8-gran-hydraulic3 233-merchandising-manual-loaders-8-gran-hydraulic4


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