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Race Jeep Roseburg, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $21,000

“Race jeep for sale. Modified wrangler chassis with lift off body. Custom aluminum floor pan. Custom full race cage. Engine Sbc 406 with many modifications est at 700 hp, dart cnc ported heads, cull roller cam, rev kit, wesmar gear drive, 2″ headers, flow master exhaus. 850 proform carb. Turbo 400/205 full manual race tranny. 4 link front and rear. 18″ travel ORI struts. Trail ready wheels. Good year tires. Psc/krc full hydro steering Custom paint. Corbeau suspension seats. Tom woods driveshafts. 32 gallon fuel cell, turning brakes, dana 44 front, dana 60 rear spooled with 40 spline dutchman axles. And much more. Willing to seperate engine & tranny from jeep. Sand tire combination available for extra fee.”

racejeep-pnw-roseburg-or1 racejeep-pnw-roseburg-or2 racejeep-pnw-roseburg-or3 racejeep-pnw-roseburg-or4

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1944 Colorized Photo of Eisenhower in Jeep on eBay

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These are reproduction photos, but still pretty cool. It may be Omar Bradley in the rear of the jeep.

view all the information on ebay


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1948 Photos of Everglades Tamiami Arch Everglades on eBay

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Anyone ever seen a grille guard quite like this one? It has kind of a Road Warrior feel to it in the first photo.

“As described in the title and shown in the scans below, this is a set of three original snapshot photos that were taken from 1948 to about 1950 of, what seems to be, the same Jeep (or similar) parked in the shade under the Collier Archway on the Tamiami Trail at the Collier County and Dade County lines in the Everglades National Park. We don’t know if the officer in the swamp prepared Willys Jeep with large police light on the front is a Park Ranger, Sheriff’s Deputy or Police Officer. He is parked on the Dade County side but they may just be because of the shade. One of the photos is marked “1948” on the back and the other two are not marked. However, one of the unmarked ones has the “Kodak Velox Paper” watermark on the back which would place at least to 1950 and the Jeep now has a radio in the front center of the roof which is not present in the other two photos. The approx. measurements range from 3.25″ x 3.5″ to 3.5″ x 5″. The photos are in bright clean condition though two have been clipped, there is photo paper curl, some scuffing and crinkle. Please view the edge to edge images below for further details on condition and image quality. The thin white vertical lines are artifacts of our scanner and not actually on the photos. If you are interested in original historic Everglades snapshots from the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s, please check our other listings as we have a few more to sell.”

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1943 Photo of General Alexander in Tunisia on eBay

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Marc forwarded this photo and noted the square (rather than round) coolant expansion tank.

“1943 Press Photo Gen Harold Alexander drives own jeep in Tunisia”

view all the information on ebay

1943-04-09-general-alexander1 1943-04-09-general-alexander2

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Honest Joe’s Pawn Shop (Can you see the Wagon?)

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Dave Antram forwarded this photo of a Dallas, Texas, Pawnshop run by Rubin Goldstein from 1931 until 1972. I don’t know how the store became “Honest Joe’s”, but I do know Goldstein’s personal motto: YCDBSOYA ….. “You can’t do business sitting on your Afghanistan”.  You can learn more about Goldstein here.

Now, can you spot the Willys Wagon in this photo?


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Jeep Train Postcard from Mackinaw City, MI eBay

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Here’s a rare jeep-train photo Marc forwarded. I’ll see if I can find more info about this. We stopped near here during our stay in Mackinaw City, MI in May.

View all the information on ebay

fort-dexter-mackinawcity-mi-jeeptrain-postcard1 fort-dexter-mackinawcity-mi-jeeptrain-postcard2

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1945 Photo from Kunming, China on eBay

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Marc spotted this neat photo. It’s a reprint.

“On 12 January 1945, the first convoy of 113 vehicles, led by General Pick, departed from Ledo; they reached Kunming, China on 4 February 1945 :: 12.6 x 17.4 cm (approximately 5.0 x 6.8 inches).”

View all the information on ebay


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1942 Photo of Willys Overland Assembly Line on eBay

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Here’s a good look at some chassis assembly.

“This is an original press photo. Photo measures 9 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 06-20-1942.”

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Dave and Cindy’s 1965 Tuxedo Park

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Yesterday Dave Alexander wrote to share the Tuxedo Park he and his wife Cindy have owned for nearly two decades.

He writes, We have had ours since 1994. We bought it from an older guy who towed it behind his motorhome occasionally, he was original owner . It had 32k now has 48k I think. My wife and I drive it a little every summer and enjoy it very much. We pile the dogs in and go. It’s got the two speed shifter between seats giving it 6 forward gears, and posi front and rear diffs, I have the original white softop and doors in rafters. Also have a rear wheel tire kit I took off so we can drop tailgate. It will cruise at 70 on freeway on calm day all day long, just don’t turn to sharp cause my wife will fall out. The Shepard fell out once, I just went back and picked him up, he sure had a funny look I his face. And in the snow, only once, it will swap ends in a New York minute.

tuxedo-park1 tuxedo-park2 tuxedo-park3 tuxedo-park4 tuxedo-park5 tuxedo-park6

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Happy New Year from Roberto Flores

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happy-new-year-from-roberto-floresHere’s a Happy New Year from Roberto!

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TARE: The Wild Rumanian 4WD Vehicle

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Glenn pointed out this unusual 4Wd jeep-like vehicle that was offered for import back in 1972. I can’t imagine too many of them made it to the states.


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Photo of Soldiers Holding a Long Snake on eBay

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UPDATE: This is back on eBay.

Yikes! I think that snake could swallow a jeep!

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M-151 Assembly Line Photo on eBay

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Here’s a good shot showing a series of M-151s awaiting assembly.

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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Pepsi Surrey Madness

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I had no idea there were this many Pepsi Surreys produced.  I can’t believe someone didn’t get this photo in color. Eighteen of these were sent to Tulsa. I can’t imagine there aren’t a few stragglers still in the area. This photo is from the March 1960 issue of Jeeps News.

Oklahoma Pepsi Surreys

Oklahoma Pepsi Surreys2

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Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX

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Published at the Jurgen Chronicles: http://misterjurgen.blogspot.com/2012/09/lubbocks-silent-wings-museum.html

Dallas Durham recently visited the Silent Wings Glider Museum in Lubbock, TX, and photographed some of the toy jeeps. After searching the internet, I learned that Silent Wings is the official museum of the National World War II Glider Pilots Association. It looks like an interesting place, so when we go through Texas (maybe after the FC-Roundup), we’ll definitely stop there.

Here are a few links related to Silent Wings.


They have at least one jeep. I’ve seen a photo of the jeep inside the glider and outside, so I can’t guarantee how it is currently presented. Here are photos published on the Jurgen Chronicles of it outside the glider:

silent-glider-museum-jeep-lores silent-glider-museum-jeep2-lores

Here are Dallas’ photos of the toys:

silent-glider-museum-toy1 silent-glider-museum-toy2

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Santa Driving a Follow-Me Jeep out of a Glider

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This photo was published in the December 1978 issue of the Silent Wings Newsletter. Santa was exiting a Waco CG13. Read more here and look for December 2013.


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1947 Photo of American Legion Riding to City Hall on eBay

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Marc forwarded this photo. When I first saw it, I thought these guys were doing a German salute. The jeep has an unusual paint job. Is it something specific?

” This is an original press photo. Those calling upon Mayor William O’Dwyer to join are Betty Plunkitt, Jim O’Conner, Nicholas Lanese, Milton Epstein, William H. Barker, & Al Brief.Photo measures 8.25 x 7.25inches. Photo is dated 8-26-1947″

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Photo of Jeep Getting Towed Out of the Yalu River on eBay

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No year provided, but this was taken in the South West Pacific Area of WWII.


View all the information on ebay



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Koenig Tub Extender Frederick, MD **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $350

Wayne spotted this bed extender.

“For Sale an original Koenig Tub Extender for sale. If you’ve ever seen one before, you’re squarely in the minority. You take the tailgate off your CJ 5, plug this piece in its place, then put your tailgate at the end of your tub extender and viola…2 more feet of cargo space. Pictures are as it is. It’s a very simple restoration to match with your classic. Email with any questions or interests! Would like gone asap!”


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Photos from WWII Pictoral History Book

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Over the holidays I discovered several volumes of a book titled “Pictoral History of the Second World War”. Here’s an example of one of them at archive.org. The series is full of amazing photos, including some vintage jeeps photos. Most of the photos were taken by various news services.  I’ll be sharing these on occasion. Here are a couple:

1944-09-05-PHWWII-pg1551-brussels-lores 1944-09-05-PHWWII-pg1589-italy-lores

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Old Jeep Photos on Flickr

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Dan spotted this Flickr thread that shows old photos from the Hemet Jeep Club. There are also multiple photos of a great looking CJ-5 with an unusual bumper setup. You might remember these great LIfe Magazine photos from a 1949 Hemet Jeep Club Anza Calvacade.

Here is a link to view the old photos Dan found (you have to browse between the photos to see all the old jeep pics). I’ve copied a few of the photos to share below:







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1956 Article About Fleet Sales

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This April 1956 article from Willys News highlights the importance of fleet sales to an Oklahoma dealer.




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Some Photos from Bob

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bob Anderson forwarded some photos and text to start the new year.

He writes, Found an old picture of a Willys I bought in about 1978. It had 12K actual miles on it, and had never been on the road. Was used on a large Asparagus farm in central Ill.
Needed a complete overhaul, as well as most front end parts, but kept it for years when I moved back to WI and bought a small farm.
It did everything I ever asked it to on the farm !! Loved it…


Also here is a picture of my ’52 M38A1 after I moved the seat back. I am 6’5″ and ~350 lbs, and it works great !! I used the common methods described here and elsewhere to move it.


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Transmission ID and More at the Crankshaft Coalition

• CATEGORIES: Features, How To, Website

I happened upon this website while looking for some transmission information. As I scrolled through the page I was impressed with the amount and organization of information. I ended up spending time viewing a bunch of other pages. Since it is a Wiki-based website, people can make corrections and add information.



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20,000 Miles South by Helen and Frank Schreider

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UPDATE II: Not only did they publish a book, but they also filmed a documentary in color, called We Made the “Impossible” Tour, that was part of a lecture tour. In addition, their adventure was serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in 1957:
January 12, 1957, We Made the “Impossible” Tour, Part One: How We Motored Through the Jungle
January 19, 1957, We Made the “Impossible” Tour: Part Two: How We Went to Sea in a Jeep
January 26, 1957, We Made the “Impossible” Tour, Part Three: Island-Hopping the Spanish Main
February 2, 1957, We Made the “Impossible” Tour: Part Four: Trigger-Happy Territory
February 9, 1957, We Made the “Impossible” Tour: Conclusion:The Land of Fire – three agonizing miles of travel in southern Argentina.


UPDATE: This same book is published under a different name with some different photos: “La Tortuga an amphibious journey from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego”. I could not find a copy for sale when I last looked.

20,000 Miles South:  A Pan-American Adventure in a Seagoing Jeep from the Arctic Circle” by Helen and Frank Schreider is a great read.  In the book they relate their first failed attempt to travel south in a Willys Wagon, which leads to their decision to try it in a SEEP (named La Tortuga).  In 1954, they started their journey south, sharing in the book their struggles, successes and failure.  At one point they try to drive down a railroad track, but are forced to give up the effort due to the damage the track inflicted on the SEEP. At another point they enter the country of Colombia by water, only to be told when they attempt to exit the country that they didn’t get the proper stamp (because they entered via the water).  These are just some of the challenges they face.

I’d have to say this is one of my favorite jeep related books that I have read.  After the “20,000 Miles” book they wrote the “Drums of Tonkin“, which is about a trip through Indonesia, and “Exploring the Amazon.” They also joined National Geographic as photographers and authors.

Frank died in 1974 at the age of 70.  He suffered a heart attack in the cabin of his sail boat, Sassafras, while anchored off the island of Crete.  I suspect that’s the way he would have wanted it.  Helen was still alive and living in New Mexico at last report.

La Tortuga was re-discovered in California in 2006 and shipped to Norway.  La Tortuga appears to still be for sale.

It appears you can borrow a copy of the book through the open library project.  Learn more here.  Here are some photos.  This is a shot of the inside cover which shows the path they drove/boated:

This photo was taken after the maiden voyage in Balboa Bay, California.  Helen is holding onto their dog, Dinah, who could often be found riding on top of the cabin.

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