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1963 Meyer Snow Plow Brochure on eBay

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Here’s a good Meyer Snow Plow brochure.

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Service Men’s Dairy Protesters Sporting VECs

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Buz found this photograph in a Detroit forum archive while searching for something else  You have to scroll half way down to see the picture.  The CJ-2A in the rear is a VEC.  I can’t quite tell about the one in front.


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Acme Jeep Identification Chart Poster on eBay

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This is cool.  Anyone make reprints of this?

“This is a vintage 23×29 inch Acme Jeep Identification Chart poster.It was original folded so it still has the fold creases but has since been rolled and will come rolled.It has some wear but is still intacxt with no pieces missing or major tears.”

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1950s Roy Rogers Do-It-Yourself Fix it Chuck Wagon eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys


“A Vintage 1950s Ideal Roy Rogers Fix-It Chuck Wagon & Jeep in the Original Box. Set in near complete. Contents and condition are as follows: the box, measuring about 24 inches by 8 inches by 4 ½ inches, is in nice condition with a little warping on the lid and some water stains at various places. The chuck wagon, jeep and all figures and accessories are in excellent undamaged condition (the right front wheel has a hairline crack that runs halfway through it, but you can barely see it and it work fine). Please see photo for contents of lot—accessories look complete except there is no triangle or bar for the jack. The rear tail gate, which has some fragile clasps, is undamaged and does fold down. Please see photos for condition and also ask questions if anything is unclear.”

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1946 Benjamin Franklin Hotel Menu (CJ-2A), TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was on eBay.

This is a 1946 Menu from the Benjamin Franklin Hotel that has jeeps on it. Here’s another one.

“A Dinner Menu from the Coral Cafe in the Benjamin Franklin Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from January 6, 1946 . The cover of the menu features one of series of paintings of the JEEP. This is BORN IN WAR by James Sessions for the Willys Overland Motors, the builders of the Jeep. The menu is in fine condition, has been folded. Measures about 9″ x 12″ when closed.”


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Just a Few Updates Tonight

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Just a few updates tonight.  We’ve been busy with VA appointments the past three days.  The first one (likely torn meniscus) in Ann’s bad knee (which has been bad ever since her ‘boom’) gave out while changing cashier lines at Target (who would have thought Target was so dangerous)!.  The other two were scheduled dental stuff, with the 2nd being mouth surgery today.  It’s not been a fun three days for her! So, think happy thoughts and, hopefully, the VA will finally decide to get her the new knee she’s been waiting for ever since the bombing sent glass tearing through her right knee.

Here she is on Sunday night at the emergency room as she and I listened while two nurses debated whether patients are supposed to be held for 15 minutes after a they receive a shot (to make sure there are no reactions to it) or a couple hours. Apparently, they only have to wait 15 minutes, but the one nurse had been holding people for a couple hours.

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Fiberglass Flattie Woodland, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I’ve seen additional pictures of this.  It is a well built flattie!

“WILLYS cj3a. Bobcat glass body, stainless fender’s, grill, tail gate. Postal Jeep frame, high pinion 44’s front & rear, locker’s front & rear, disc both ends. ,RSJ power streeing box, 350 Engine, top loader 4sp, holley carb & intake. HEI, march pulley’s, on board air, stainless fan shroud, 18gal stainless fuel tank, polished aluminum roll bar incorporated into the frame. Vintage gauge’s, clutch & brake & heater all by vintage. Heater and defrost built in to roll bar,. Billet wheel & steering colum. This Willys drives like new…”

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1943 “Woodie” Wagon Goldalming, Surrey, UK **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This has been rebuilt. See this post.

Vince spotted this unique bit of jeep history. It is beautiful! For us history nuts the seller has included some helpful information, too.

“1943 Willys Jeep “Woodie” Stationwagon. Purchased by Willenhall Coachcraft in 1947 from Military surplus sale. Converted to current condition and sold to the Earl of Shewsbury in June 1948.

It was sold in 1961 to Victoria Garage in Stoke on Trent, who then sold it to a Harry Hughs of the same town and then it later changed hands to an AD Broom of Norwich, where it laid in a shed which then became derelict.

In late 2004, the jeep was finally discovered by Fred Smith, a very prominent and recognised Jeep collector, who sold it to the current owner for restoration in 2005.

It has undergone a very thorough restoration, including complete remanufacture of all woodwork, back to the exact specification matching the original condition it left Willenhall Coachcraft in 1948.

There were 95 conversions of this type carried out by Willenhall, and this is the last known example, making it extremely rare indeed.

All woodwork, engine, chassis and fabrication was carried out by the current owner. Paintwork by Andy House Body Repairs of Liphook, Hampshire. Chrome by SilvaBronz of Alton, Hampshire. Trim by Jeff Mussell and Son, Godalming, Surrey.

The jeep is being sold as new since being restored by myself. V5 present, taxed, MOT’d. Registered with the plate now on 125 YUP.

Included in the sale of this vehicle is as follows:
· Photographic history of restoration
· Buff logbook (dating back to first registration)
· Photography of original vehicle and Willenhall Coachcraft History by Archie Templeton-Dick, Historian.
More photos of the jeep and the restoration can be found on Universal Jeep Supplies’ facebook page.

The number plate, NRF 9 is not included with the sale but im offering this for £10,000 separately.”


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Craig’s Pic of the Week

Craig from the FCConnection has offered to send a few non-FC pics our way from old editions of Jeep News and Willys News. After a minute of great deliberation and exhaustive thinking, I decided to call his weekly feature ‘Craig’s Pic of the Week’. Brilliant, yeah? Today’s pic comes from a 1964 issue of Jeep News.

In March of 2012, Mike was trying to track down the one pictured here.  It sure looks like it could have been one of the trucks shown above.

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Los Angeles Life Guard CJ-2A

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Buz unearthed this CJ-2A Life Guard Jeep used by the city of Los Angeles (see others here).  Though the caption accompanying the jeep suggests this was war surplus, it’s clear this is a civilian rig. The rear extension is interesting, though doesn’t look neatly done.


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Louver Maker from 1962 JC Whitney Ad

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Steve spotted this ad for those do-it-yourselfers who wanted to add louvers to their hoods called the FORM-A-LOUVER.  I still haven’t found an advertisement for aftermarket louvered flatfender hoods.  Maybe they were all custom made?

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Hallmark Jeep Ornament

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Rob forwarded me a pic of his Hallmark jeep ornament.  I found one just like it on eBay.

If you have an interesting jeep ornament, take a picture of it and send it to me (d@ewillys.com)

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Czech Army Field Kitchen **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, trailer

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I cannot attest to the accuracy of the seller’s claims, but a kitchen on wheels is always a hit with me!

“Original Czech Army field kitchen. This one has been fully restored to working condition. Has been converted to propane burners, new receiver, new wiring and lights. Made to tow out to the field and cook lots of grub for the troops. Has a gasoline burner that heats the 2 rear pots. The third pot can be used to keep the food warm.”

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1945 GMC Air Compressor and Sandblast Truck on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Unusual

This is such an oddball, that I thought if it was military, someone might see value in it.

“Here we have for your bidding pleasure is a 1945 GMC Military Truck equipped with an original Leroi Air Compresser unit and a sandblast pot, we were told from a person who has had some knowledge of older military trucks that there were just under 1100 of these units built for the war and they were used in the construction and maintenance of bridges during that time. As far as we know the truck is all original as it was made and as we were also told that they where constructed between the years of 1940 to 1942, we do have the original books for the aircompresser unit and some other literature pertaining to the truck itself, it has been sitting for about 7 years and we were told by the facility we received it from that it was in running condition at that time, as of right now you are buying it not operable, as one can see by the pictures it is all complete including the front winch, all tires are in fair shape, we have filled the front tire up that was flat in the pictures and it has held air for a couple of weeks now, this truck we feel is very rare find and how many are really left?? We do have a transferable registration, we can also load on any truck or trailer that one may have. If any one has any questions please do not hesitate to call 315-635-9981 and we will answer and or return all calls, cash upon pickup or bank wire transfer is the only means of payment we will accept so thank you for looking and good luck!!”

View all the information on eBay

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Clowning Around in Hawaii

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This photo was at a Pacific History site, though it isn’t clear to me whose site this actually is.  The picture was part of a Honolulu Star-Bulletin newspaper and likely was taken in 1946. According to the caption, “Seems someone wrote in and complained that the newspaper photographer’s Jeep looked “like it belonged in a circus,” so when the circus actually came to town, the photographer obliged. Note the chrome wheels, bumper and grill on this surplus GPW, and the fabric-wrapped steering wheel. I’d be willing to bet the body isn’t olive-drab any more. Suggestions? I’m guessing bright blue.”


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More Clowning Around

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On January 7, 1953, Ringling Circus clown Paul Jerome posed for photographer Joseph Janny Steinmetz.  The reason for shooting a clown in a jeep on the beach is unknown; however, Steinmetz lived in Sarasota, FL, so maybe the location was convenient.  Both photos are from the State Archives of Florida.

Note the jeep has both bowholders and possibly a spare tire carrier on the driver’s side.



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Walter P. Chrysler Museum Closing (and Sold)

• CATEGORIES: Features, Museums

A couple days ago I was adding the WPC Museum to my list of places to visit on our upcoming trip to the East Coast next May/June (official announcement in January).  But, then I learned the museum was closing at the end of this year.

However, John forwarded this link indicating the museum has been sold to the Chrysler Group LLC. So, the 67 vehicles won’t be split up just yet.  Unfortunately, the exhibits will only be open on special occasions.  And, despite how ‘special’ my wife thinks I am, I don’t think I’m special enough that they’ll open that for me.

Walter P. Chrysler Museum part 1 – YouTube

Walter P. Chrysler Museum part 2 – YouTube

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Willys Coatrack on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

For the jeep lover who has jackets . .. only four coatracks left!

“Up for your Bidding Pleasure,Super heavy duty,14 Gauge steel plasma cut Willys Flatfender MB ARMY Jeep Coat or Key rack.Great addition to your garage/workshop/living room/kitchen or …a must have for the serious Willys Jeeper.Approx 10.75 inches wide X 8inches Tall,Five hooks are 1.75 inches on center,Bic Pen not included! painted olive drab with double sided tape on back for easy smooth surface attachment .”

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1955 Koenig Road Service Brochure on eBay

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Here’s a neat brochure that is $3.00 off.

“original Part Color Folder , 8.5 x 11 Folded , 17 x 11 Unfolded , 2 File Holes At Left Edge , Slightly Soiled , “Koenig Wreckers And Road Service Equipment”

View all the information on eBay

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1958 Willys-Overland Export Corp Ad in Spanish

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

Here’s a neat ad from the Willys Export Corporation.

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Claude D. Pepper’s Campaign Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB, Unusual

This pictures tells the tale of Senator Claude Pepper‘s bid for re-election as a Senator from Florida in the 1950 race.  Like his jeep, Senator Pepper’s campaign crashed that year as well.

Photo Credit: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/36090

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Ringling Barnum Circus Uses PTO to Build Grandstands

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I spotted this 1950 picture on the Buckles Blog, a blog that presents circus history from all over the world.  I with this picture was bigger.  According the blog post, “Here we see a Jeep with a power take-off in the process of raising the sides of each seat wagon. The outer corners were supported with long braces and then the front end of each vehicle would be lowered to form a grand stand.”


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China MS-884 windup Fire Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, toys

This is located in the Netherlands.

“Herewith we offer you a Very Rare and Hard to find, vintage mid to late `60ties produced Chinese Tin Wind-Up Toy Car, which was made after the famous Willys Jeep of WWII. This version depicts an wonderful, bright colored Fire Chief Support car!. Its an odd and very sought after model. The model is Wind Up operated! It has been tested and it works great! Like if it was made yesterday! The driver has a medium soft vinyl head. The Bell at the back really rings when the car moves! A lovely and cute looking collectible! An awesome addition within any Jeep, Tin Toy, Or vintage Chinese Toy collection!. Be keen on this treasure! The model comes in Top Mint Condition! Very clean, bright and shining, as if it was made yesterday! No wear at all!. The bottom is like new too!.”

View all the information on eBay

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1942 Reader’s Digest “Meet the Jeep”

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Magazine

UPDATE:  Another copy of the book is on eBay

(09/22/2012) This Old Jeep has a digital copy of this magazine article from Reader’s Digest that you can review before buying it.  Below is Page 1 of 3 pages. View all the pages at This Old Jeep.

View all the information on eBay

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Warn Hub and Box on eBay

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Randy spotted this rare warn hub box.  It needs another hub though. Northstar Willys is auctioning this.

“This auction is for one Warn hub cap with the original case.”

View all the information on eBay