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1968 Jeepster Convertible Montclair, NJ $25,000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Bill shared this nice looking Jeepster. The front bumper could use some chrome, but otherwise this looks real nice.

1967-jeepster-convertible-montclair-nj6 1967-jeepster-convertible-montclair-nj7 1967-jeepster-convertible-montclair-nj8 1967-jeepster-convertible-montclair-nj4

“Is it a classic Bronco? No it’s a classic Jeepster Commando!

Rare Deluxe model with 3 speed stick shift, selectable 4×4, power hydraulic top, factory continental kit with spare wheel, towing hitch and Deluxe 2 tone white and teal interior.

I’ve just spent thousands servicing the transmission. Rebuilt with new parts.

Selectable 4wd and freewheeling hubs.

Deluxe wheels.

New soft top in white vinyl with all padding and seals.

New hydraulic package with pistons and piping replaced. New roof switch.

Powerful Buick (Dauntless) V6 motor starts and runs well. Engine has been painted.

This truck is in a staggeringly beautiful aquamarine metallic teal with white accents. The chrome is in good shape and the floors are rust free.

Just needs surfboards and a new owner!”

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1972 Jeepster Commando Johnson City, TN $18,000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Tom shared this nice looking late model Jeepster Commando with a few mods.

“Unique and fun vehicle! Unknown miles on it; drives great. Heat works; 304 V8 engine, 400 turbo automatic transmission, Dana 20 transfer case.”

1972-jeepster-com-jc-tn6 1972-jeepster-com-jc-tn7 1972-jeepster-com-jc-tn8 1972-jeepster-com-jc-tn9

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Various Jeeps at an Alaska Auction

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Jeepster, Willys Wagons

Bill shared this auction for a Jeepster chassis and body with no bids, but there are additional jeeps in the auction:









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1950 Jeepster JeepRod Chattaroy, WA $26,000

• CATEGORIES: Jeep Rods, Jeepster

Lots of interesting customizations on this Jeepster.

“Full Custom 1950 Willys Jeepster. It just doesn’t get more unique or custom than this. Powered by a great running Chevy 350 with throttle body fuel injection spinning a 5-speed manual tranny. Sits on a Mustang II type suspension with disc brakes up front and drums in rear. Has a custom built interior, console, and a dash off a ‘40 Ford fitted with 3rd generation Firebird gauges and tilt steering. The hardtop is removable making it a slick little roadster to enjoy. It also has shaved door handles and the custom built tonneau cover for all your goodies.
Painted in a vibrant metallic blue with a bit of tasteful pin striping throughout. Deep old school rumble coming out the cherry bombs on each side. $26,500 seems like a very good deal for you from me. Let’s see what you think. You could not build this car for anything near that. I have gone thru the car nose to toes to make it safe and realizable. I have thousands of dollars of receipts that will go with the car. For the person that wants a very good and distinctive clean driver classic.”

1950-jeepster-chattaroy-wa3 1950-jeepster-chattaroy-wa4 1950-jeepster-chattaroy-wa6


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1969 Jeepster Commando Felton, PA $6500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This is supposed to be a former Red Cross Jeepster. Thanks to Bill for spotting it.

View all the information on eBay

“Up for sale a 1969 Jeep Commander, was used by the Red Cross in the Military. It is a savage title issued in Pennsylvania, it was formerly abandoned  .It has a rust free body and frame, the floor needs work, The V6 engine runs off a can of gas and has 3 speed manual  transmission, new dual exhaust, will need a gas tank, I took the old one off and realized I don’t like that kind of work, so I’m selling it and trying to get my investment back. PS the frame has surface rust but good.$6500.00 or best offer”

1969-jeepster-commando-felton-pa0 1969-jeepster-commando-felton-pa1 1969-jeepster-commando-felton-pa2 1969-jeepster-commando-felton-pa3 1969-jeepster-commando-felton-pa4

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1969 Jeep Commando Palisade, CO $7000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

I thought this commando has an unusual soft top. Was this a standard or third party option? I can’t remember seeing another. This has a nice looking warn winch on the front, too.

Has good tires on it. Warn wench on front works. CB radio inside. Serious inquiries only. 7K OBO. No trades”

1969-commando-palisade-co1 1969-commando-palisade-co2 1969-commando-palisade-co3

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1948 Jeepster Cook Trailer Okmulgee, OK $1800

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster, trailer • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Still Available. As Colin notes, Jeepster weren’t produced until 1948.

(08/04/2023) This is pretty unique and appears well done.

“Trailer made from a 47 jeep Willy’s “Jeepster” Flat griddle grill under the hood, propane bottle, big ice chest, old school centerline wheels with spare, good tires, light and pulls straight and easy. 2in ball. 2,500obo or trade”

1947-jeepster-cook-trailer-ok5 1947-jeepster-cook-trailer-ok6 1947-jeepster-cook-trailer-ok7 1947-jeepster-cook-trailer-ok8 1947-jeepster-cook-trailer-ok9

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1967 Jeepster Commando Fort Collins, CO $7000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This seems worth a look at this price.

“1967 Jeepster Commamdo Runs, drives and stops as it should. This is an old Jeepster. The questions in the past have been: what is the top speed, will it make a 1000 trip, what is the mileage? I answer the same way to each one of these: it’s a 56 year old Jeepster”

1967-jeepster-commando-fc-co6 1967-jeepster-commando-fc-co7 1967-jeepster-commando-fc-co8 1967-jeepster-commando-fc-co9

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1950 Jeepster Ray, OH $13,000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

It’s been parked for a few years.

“1950 Willys Jeepster, Jeep ran when it was parked about 5 years ago. Needed break lines. Pads swelled up wile it sat. Had to pull them to get it to roll. I’m posting this for my mother. I forgot to look at the mileage. I believe it’s around 40k. If posting is still up, it’s available. The longer it’s here, the more I’ll get done to it. I plan to get it running first. Then it will get brake lines. Which also means the price goes up. Please, don’t send us low ball or pointless messages offering half price. I get messages constantly. We have planned to sell this for over a year. I’ve watched the auctions. I’ve seen some that are far worse go for 20k. The price is 13k… That’s what we need. Show me one for less.. And it’s yours for the price.”

1950-jeepster-ray-oh5 1950-jeepster-ray-oh6 1950-jeepster-ray-oh7 1950-jeepster-ray-oh8 1950-jeepster-ray-oh9

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1949 Jeepster Hawk Point, MO $7500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Seller says it has a vibration problem. Might be worth a look.

“I bought this but have other jeep priorities. It starts and runs but had a vibration at over 25 mph. It’s been in my barn for 2 years. Firm on the price. Thanks. Would consider interesting trade”

1949-jeepster-neomesha-mo6 1949-jeepster-neomesha-mo7 1949-jeepster-neomesha-mo8 1949-jeepster-neomesha-mo9

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1948 Jeepster Portland, OR $4500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Now here’s a combo you don’t see often. TJ spotted this Jeepster body on a 1961 Ford Wagon drivetrain. Thanks to Race for correcting me.

“1948 Willys Jeepster. Been in storage for many years. Has the drivetrain from a 1961 Ford wagon. 292Y block, auto and rear end. It was running and the transmission shifts into and out of gear. That was what I was told a few years ago when I bought it. Body if fairy solid for the year. Will need a few patch panels. Convertible top bows are all there and intact. New Tires and Wheels Great restoration project.”

1948-jeepster-ford-chassis-or6 1948-jeepster-ford-chassis-or7 1948-jeepster-ford-chassis-or8 1948-jeepster-ford-chassis-or9

And this is a picture of a 1961 Ford Wagon (according to the internet … I wouldn’t know):


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1967 Jeepster Commando Cayuta, NY **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $22,500.

Stan is selling his recently restored Jeepster Commando. He did a great job! You can learn more about his work here:

1967-jeepster-commando-cayuta-ny8 1967-jeepster-commando-cayuta-ny9

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1950 4-Door Jeepster Florissant, CO No Price

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster • TAGS: , .

Blaine spotted this unusual 4-door Jeepster on an F-350 chassis.

“1950 Willie’s jeep. Set on a 2000 f350 frame with the 7.3 diesel motor and 6 speed manual transmission. Runs.”


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1949 Jeepster Kingman, AZ $10,900

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,900

(05/12/2022) The ad includes some good photos of the underside.

“IN KINGMAN ARIZONA! 1949 Willys Jeep Jeepster Overland. THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST RUST FREE JEEPSTER AVAILABLE. TWO WHEEL DRIVE. Older amateur restoration of a rare (2900 made in 1949) phaeton body style, and then stored for decades. Runs and drives. Steering and brakes good. Typical 6 volt system with “foot pedal” starter. 3 speed on the tree with overdrive, column shift. Engine OHV 4 cylinder (possibly a Hurricane 4), Gas gauge seems stuck and there is an aftermarket oil pressure gauge added. Top is in good condition and interior redone in a nice tweed (doesn’t get hot in the sun). There are no side curtains. Great around town grocery getter and take it to a show and be the only one!. Miles are unknown (hey, it’s 70 years old). Has assigned Arizona Vin and Clean title in my name. asking $10900.”

1949-jeepster-kingman-az6 1949-jeepster-kingman-az7 1949-jeepster-kingman-az8 1949-jeepster-kingman-az9

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1948 Jeepster Portland, OR $4000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

TJ shared this project.

“1948 Willys Jeepster. Been in storage for many years. Has the drivetrain from a 1961 Ford wagon. 292Y block, auto and rear end. It was running and the transmission shifts into and out of gear. That was what I was told a few years ago when I bought it. Body if fairy solid for the year. Will need a few patch panels. Convertible top bows are all there and intact. Great restoration project”

1948-jeepster-portland-or6 1948-jeepster-portland-or7 1948-jeepster-portland-or8 1948-jeepster-portland-or9

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1950 Jeepster Barnstable, MA $3500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This may be worth a look.

“This is a basically sound Jeepster that needs work. I put in a rebuilt Jeepster Jim transmission, but it still needs to have the engine wired before it will run. I am including a new wiring harness for the entire vehicle. This is the four cylinder Jeepster and ran fine before the wiring deteriorated. This Jeepster will have to be towed.”

1950-jeepster-barnstable-ma 1950-jeepster-barnstable-ma9

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1949 Jeepster Grandville, MI $5500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

It’s had some updates, but needs some more work.

“1949 Willys Jeepster project. Mustang II type front suspension, 8 inch Ford rear axle. Manual disk front brakes all done with dual master cylinder. Rust in the rockers and cowl has been cut out patch panels are there. Stock steering column attached to rack with Limeworks 700r4 column shifter. 700r4 transmission mount. Almost 2 sets of body chrome trim, aluminum radiator plus original radiator, extra grille, rear pan and windsheild frame. $5500 obo you see it it’s avaible. Clear green title in my name.”

1949-jeepster-grandville-mi7 1949-jeepster-grandville-mi8 1949-jeepster-grandville-mi9

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1949 Jeepster Minneapolis, MN Copart Auction

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This is supposed to run and drive. Current bid is $500 (4 days to go).

58590703_Image_1 58590703_Image_2 58590703_Image_3 58590703_Image_4

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1950 Jeepster Wichita, KS $6500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This could be worth checking out if you have a Jeepster with a bad body.

“Restored body only. No title, no motor, no transmission, no interior, no top, Does have axles.”

1950-jeepster-wichita-ks7 1950-jeepster-wichita-ks8 1950-jeepster-wichita-ks9

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1968 Jeepster Commando Pahrump, NV $3500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

It looks like the rear area has been customized. Might be worth a look at this price.

“V6 ran when parked 3yrs ago,needs restored.”

1968-jeepster-cmmando-nv1 1968-jeepster-cmmando-nv2

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1950 Jeepster Beech Grove, TN $9500

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This is supposed to be a solid Jeepster, but will need some engine work at the very least.

`1950-jeepster-beechgrove-9 `1950-jeepster-beechgrove6 `1950-jeepster-beechgrove7 `1950-jeepster-beechgrove8

“Decided to sell our 1950 Jeepster, 6 cylinder. Even has the rare “6” emblem on the hood. Clean TN title in my name. New over the past year: tires, brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders, new aluminum radiator, rebuilt starter, rebuilt water pump, carb rebuilt (twice), plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, button, points. The engine was supposed to be rebuilt before I got it. It idled, but wouldn’t rev, prior to all the work. Slip the clutch and it pulled in 1st and reverse in the garage. Also has the overdrive unit. After the work……..nothing. I added an electronic ignition conversion, nothing. We’ve owned this for several years, always stored inside. We’ve come to understand that we will not get this car up and running and have moved on to other projects. This is a solid car that just needs someone’s magic touch, no side curtains (we have frames), and no top (we have the bows on the car).”

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1950 Jeepster Lancaster, OH $10,900

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

Bill shared the nice looking Jeepster at what might be a pretty good price, though the gauges and overdrive need to be wired. It was also highlighted on Barn Finds.

“Nice looking 1950 Jeepster, runs has good brakes, converted to 12 volt, has disk brakes on front , new top not installed, dash gauge’s needs to be wired up, is a 3 speed with 3 on the tree, it does have o/d but it needs hooked up, this vehicle still has the 4 cylinder hurricane engine, interior good body work has been done in the past, tires good. mileage unknown.”

1950-jeepster-lancaster-oh6 1950-jeepster-lancaster-oh7 1950-jeepster-lancaster-oh8 1950-jeepster-lancaster-oh9

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1949 Jeepster Hemingford, NE eBay

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This project or parts Jeepster was spotted by Bill.

View all the information on eBay


“Up for auction is this 1949 Willys Overland Jeepster. Very solid sheet metal, I could only find two rust through spots on it, one behind drivers door and one on the left lower hood which I took pictures of. It has light surface rust that should sand off easy. The engine turns freely, trans shift through gears and it rolls very easy. It does steer too. Gauges busted out. Car is pretty complete. Hotrod, ratrod, or restore. The serial number indicated it is a VJ2 Jeepster that was  built right around the cutoff date for 1948 models and the beginning date of Nov. 1, 1948 for the 1949 models.  With the serial number tag under the edge of the dash,

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1949 Jeepster East Wenatchee, WA $5000

• CATEGORIES: Jeepster

This appears to be a project.

“Top end was rebuilt on engine but the new oil line broke causing the lower end to knock. May just need bearings which are easy to install. It was a Shriners car, so interior is not original. Carpet is indoor outdoor. Not sure of rust? Top bows are rusty and not installed. And has all but one fender steps. Rare car. Fun to drive. 6 volts, except to start is 12 volts. Not sure why they didn’t just convert it to 12 volts. Looking to sell or trade toward a 67 to 72 C10/c20 plus cash. Looking for a 67-72 c10. Box full of trim and various parts including a used working speedometer. My hands don’t work anymore so I’m not able to repair it. It’s in East Wenatchee”

61949-jeepster-ewen-w 1949-jeepster-ewen-w8 1949-jeepster-ewen-wa9

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Carlisle Auto Auction April 20-21

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Jeepster, Willys Trucks

Mike shared the news that there are several jeeps in this auction.

  1. 1947 Truck (why listed as a ’47 when obviously not?)

  2. 1950 Jeepster
  3. 1962? CJ-2A (not sure why it is listed as a ’62)
  4. 1971 CJ-5