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1945 MB Walton, NY $10,000


This is a ran-when-parked vehicle. Unclear if it will start right up or not.


1945-mb-walton-ny5 1945-mb-walton-ny6 1945-mb-walton-ny7 1945-mb-walton-ny8 1945-mb-walton-ny9

“1945 Willy’s WWII MB,.I am tired of hearing it is not all original, when I specifically stated the roof was fabricated by my father, and electric wipers added. Yes it does have all the data plates, yes frame is 100% solid, yes the floor pans are a hundred percent solid, all of the flaking visible in pictures, is the original WWII paint, yes I can vouch for that, I was the one that purchased the paint back in 1988. Please, read description. If 10,000 Dollars Is Way out of your budget, then I don’t know what to say, purchase one for 25 thousand. This is another true barn find. My Grandfather purchased this right out of World War II, yes with title, where it has spent its entire life in New York.no work has been done to the engine, transmission, or rears, yes I can vouch for that because it has been in the family for three generations.

Everything on this Jeep is original EXCLUDING the roof and the electric wipers. Everything worked on this Jeep as it should when it was parked. Will need all basic tuneup items and will run great. Bring a trailer, has one tire that is dry rotted and shot. Selling price is relatively firm at 10,000 but does have a little wiggle room. Again, It does have a title. Also have an ordinance manual and the original World War II lubrication chart that goes into the metal pocket under the hood. If anyone is interested, my grandfather purchased a military starlight scope that used to go on a tripod. I have just the scope, not the tripod, scope does work, and will let that go reasonably. Please, serious offers and cash only. I don’t mean to sound condescending, but offering 2-3,000 for a 78-year-old vehicle that is hundred percent solid is both ridiculous and insulting, I will entertain all serious offers.”

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1944 MB Kingsburg, CA $20,000


Pete shared this ad. This has some mods, including a tailgate, a T-90, and a CJ-2A windshield.


“This WWII Jeep is finished in Olive Drab Green. It is powered by its original “Go Devil” engine paired with a T-90 3 speed manual transmission and 2 speed transfer case. It also comes with an attached tow bar. Jeep is in fair condition and runs. It has a clean title and we have the pink in hand.”

1944-mb-kingsburg-ca1 1944-mb-kingsburg-ca2 1944-mb-kingsburg-ca8 1944-mb-kingsburg-ca9

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1943 Flattie Auburn, WA $12,000


Nice looking build.


“350ci Chevy engine, Warn overdrive, new tires, tilt wheel, warn hubs, and more. Fun to drive”

1943-mb-flattie-auburn-wa6 1943-mb-flattie-auburn-wa7 1943-mb-flattie-auburn-wa8 1943-mb-flattie-auburn-wa9

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1943 MB Redmond, OR $5000


Check out the hub on the driver’s side of the first pic. I can’t figure out what that is? Or maybe it is an optical illusion that my brain can’t figure out.


“1943 military jeep two extra tubs, and 6-8 pallets of parts, extra engines and a boat load of parts, must take all”

1943-mb-redmond-oreg6 1943-mb-redmond-oreg7 1943-mb-redmond-oreg8 1943-mb-redmond-oreg9

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1942 MB / DJ-3A Friday Harbor, WA $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/12/2023) The chassis looks MB, while the body appears to be from a DJ-3A.


“1942 Willys 1/4 ton Jeep Flat fender original miles.”






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1944 MB Prineville, OR $4500


Seems worth a look. Thanks to TJ for sharing it.


“Jeep that runs and drives. Have a rebuilt second motor that will need finished to go with it. Flat head 4 with T90 transmission. Tough but would make an amazing vintage vehicle. Got it running and that was my goal”

1944-mb-prineville-or7 1944-mb-prineville-or8 1944-mb-prineville-or9

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Year? MB? Norman, OK **Sold**

• CATEGORIES: MB, Sedan-jeep

UPDATE: **SOLD** Unclear how much value is here. It’s got one of the sedan roofs atop it. No description provided.

year-mb-norman-ok4 year-mb-norman-ok5 year-mb-norman-ok6 year-mb-norman-ok7 year-mb-norman-ok8 year-mb-norman-ok9

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1942 Flattie Del Ray, CA $7500


Has a variety of updates. It also has the aftermarket angled dash that is seen on other Cali jeeps.


“42 willys jeep 4×4. Chevy 327 v8, turbo 350 automatic transmission, spicer transfer case, rebuilt Toyota axles with 4.88 gears, yj leaf springs, 35” tires, winch, power steering, power brakes. Should be a good rock crawler, Runs and drives very well, registered on non op in my name, no back fees pink slip in hand. Asking $7500 obo. May consider trades for a ford Lincoln or Mercury pre smog cars and trucks, but cash is preferred. Cash Offers entertained IN PERSON ONLY.”

1942-mb-delray-ca6 1942-mb-delray-ca7 1942-mb-delray-ca8 1942-mb-delray-ca9

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1946 CJ-2A & 1944 MB Parts Jeep Billings, MT $5500


The 2A has a super hurricane engine.


“1946 willys jeep run and drives 1944 jeep for parts original 4 cylinder 4 speed excellent parts vehicle”

1944-mb-1946-cj2a-billings-mt8 1944-mb-1946-cj2a-billings-mt9

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1941 MB Slat Grille Vancouver, WA $39,000


Blaine shared this one. It includes a Converto Dump Trailer.


“For sale. 1941 MB Willys Slat Grill Jeep. The very first year of the Jeep.
Delivery date: December 4, 1941. Mostly original brought back from overseas.
This is a pre-war MB Jeep. This vehicle starts and runs great with a freshly rebuilt 1942 engine.
The original engine stamp date December 1939, (not installed) will go a long with the Jeep it is complete and is a good running engine.
New canvas top, seat covers, and back fold up seat.
.30 caliber belt feed machine gun (metal replica) with mount. Side mount ammunition cans included.
A very hard to find Solid steel dump trailer in great condition.”

1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa2 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa3 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa4 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa5


1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa6 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa7 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa8 1941-mb-slatgrille-vancouver-wa9

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1944 MB Burley, ID $7900


This was last started 30 years ago, so keep that in mind.


1944-mb-burley-id7 1944-mb-burley-id8 1944-mb-burley-id9

“This is an original WWII Jeep that spent its life on a farm in Idaho. It has about 25,000 original miles. Was last started and run about 30 years ago and has been stored inside in a shop since now collecting dust and bird poop. Although it was a military Jeep, it was never used by the military but instead in 1944 diverted for agricultural use, where a spray rig was added as well as large headlights and a heater, otherwise it is 100% original. The original small headlights are included as are 5 original combat rims and other military parts. This is a wonderful example of a first generation military jeep worthy of a ground up restoration. Well restored military Jeeps are worth $20,000 and great fun for parades etc. This one was owned by my father and another farmer before him and has a clear title. I will deliver for a fee or you may arrange to pick it up near Raft River, Idaho. The price is $7,900 with all extra parts wheels and tires.”

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1945 MB Grass Valley, CA $12,500


Mike shared this unique build. It’s got a 181 Mercruiser engine, which was one I was considering when I was building Biscuit. I wish I could take this for a test drive.


“Complete rebuild 3 years ago
181 4 cylinder mercruiser engine
T90 transmission
New 33 inch tires
4 wheel disc breaks
Custom best top
8500 warn winch
Duel fuel tanks
Line x tub
New seats
Warn locking hubs
Roll cage
Waterproof radio
Electric windshield wipers
Millatery grill
Hi lift jack,axe,shovel
Tow bar”

1945-mb-goldcountry-ca1 1945-mb-goldcountry-ca2 1945-mb-goldcountry-ca4 1945-mb-goldcountry-ca5

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1946 CJ-2A Medimont, ID $1500


This has some type of early military frame and axles. Floating hubs in rear and axle-mounted bell-crank in front.


“Jeep project Complete frame and body. I have 2 clean fenders but both are same side so 1 fender u will need to sell and rebuy the other side or trade for one. Parts are all clean and solid. Someone was making a v8 rig so they cut firewall but did a pretty good job. All rdyto be used as patform for trail rig or body swap or??? No title but bill of sales from me and prev owner will be given. Not hard to get title if desired. Will need motor and trans t case etc. Has good early axles for military jeep if u desire to go that route.”

1946-cj2a-medimont-id8 1946-cj2a-medimont-id9

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1942 GPW Seattle, WA **sold**


Update: **Sold** was $2500.  turns out this was an 1942 GPW.

Includes a Capstan winch. Thanks to David for sending this one. The grille is likely from a DJ-3A.

“Barn Find……Willys Jeep MB, approx. 1946 with Arctic Cab, factory capstan winch, rear hitch, solid cross members underneath. Unknown mileage. Manual and a few parts. Includes 2 rusty 9 slot grills. Who needs a cool project? No registration found…..yet. Estate clearance. Must move. $2500. Best to phone.”

year-mb-seattle-wa5 year-mb-seattle-wa6 year-mb-seattle-wa7 year-mb-seattle-wa8 year-mb-seattle-wa9


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1944 MB Stevensville, MT $950


This is pretty rough.


1944-mb-stevensville-mt6 1944-mb-stevensville-mt7 1944-mb-stevensville-mt8 1944-mb-stevensville-mt9

“1944 Willys MB military jeep. Not running it’s been sitting since 1979. It has a Studebaker flathead 6cyl in it from a early vintage engine swap. All other running gear is stock. The body is in okay shape for it’s age, the floor boards are pretty good but the two rear tool box bottoms are rusted out. The engine may be good, it does turn over by hand and by jumping the starter. The parts that I know are missing are the Radiator, window glass, headlights, taillights, rear driveshaft and seats. That’s all I know about this jeep, I have never heard it run or worked on it. Bought it last year and decided on another project that has more leg room. My loss your gain. It has no title I will give you a notarized bill of sale. Asking $950. Firm.”

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1942 MB Bainbridge Island, Wa $2995

• CATEGORIES: MB, Ordnance - Remanufactureing

This is a British contract jeep and was remanufactured by Allison, so who knows what parts were substituted during that process. Looks like an interesting pone.


1942-mb-brt-ba-wa6 1942-mb-brt-ba-wa7 1942-mb-brt-ba-wa8 1942-mb-brt-ba-wa9

“1942 Willys BRT MB Jeep – DOD 3/17/42 – MB128189 (BRT – British Contract Jeep)

Made appox two weeks after the last Slat Grill, this jeep has many slat grill features. It went through a rebuild program by Allison Steel in Phoenix Arizona in Feb, 1945 based on the rebuild tag attached to the dash. They used all sort of parts. A slat grill tub, with lots of Ford parts and pieces too. The DOD (3/17/42) would indicate it was a pressed grill jeep with a glove box. A fairly rare & early jeep.

There are no Ford stampings on the frame, so it’s definitely a Willys. The frame data plate is missing up front; however, there is still a rivet (which can be felt from behind) where the frame plate once was. There is some rust and bubba modifications where plates were welded to the floor, a tail gate was installed, etc. but the data plates are original.

The grill is the early type with no indentation on top. It has a Ford transmission with right side drain plug. Passenger side fender and passenger seat are F marked as well. Driver seat is a slat based on the split at top. Axles appear to be the early type. Rubber hood blocks, all 4 combat rims (although rusted and not for use). It also comes with three (3) older NDT Cooper tires which are not mounted. Four inner tubes are included and all go with the jeep. Engine is a CJ and most likely seized.

Additional photos upon request.

I don’t want to part it out, so it’s being sold as-is. There is no title, but will come with a bill of sale. The jeep rolls so could be easily put on a trailer.”

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1942 MB East Wenatchee, WA $5500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/15/2023) Could be worth a look. It has a variety of mods.


“1942 Willys Jeep. Rebuilt 302 motor with under 400 miles on it. Good tires, full soft top, brand new Summit racing steering column”

1942-mb-ew-wa6 1942-mb-ew-wa7 1942-mb-ew-wa8 1942-mb-ew-wa9

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Year? MB Berlin, WI $5000


This one looks like a beloved jeep. This is listed as a 1946, but it’s a modified MB with a custom top and suicide doors.


“Anyone have some land and trails to run on and hunt. 1946 Willy’s Jeep. Runs good. It needs some brake work. The wheel/ brake cylinders are sticky. It does have rust and some holes in places but the vehicle is 77 years old. lol, It’s dependable. It is what you will make of it. We love this old Jeep and had a lot of fun in it but just don’t have the storage anymore. The transmission is a three-speed with twin sticks for four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, high and low range.. We have a separate engine block and parts on a crate for another motor that was given to us by a friend years ago but we never used it or had a need for it. Make an offer. 5000 obo. Will sell the Jeep and engine together or separately.”

year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi93 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi94 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi5 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi96

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1944 MB Fallon, NV $7995


This was supposedly running last year.


“1944 Willys MB · Suv · Driven 1,000,000 miles 1944 willys MB..VERY dry and solid WWII jeep..was running driving apx 1 year ago. Dry western jeep..fuel tank well & tool boxes have NO rust or rot!..Great basis for a total resto or get her driving and enjoy tomorrow. Have a good original WWII large opening fuel tank,original drivers seat and an ‘f’ marked passenger seat and misc repro.and takeout parts the po had. Asking $7995 obo ..jeep located in northern Nevada.”

1944-mb-fallon-nv5 1944-mb-fallon-nv6 1944-mb-fallon-nv7 1944-mb-fallon-nv8 1944-mb-fallon-nv9

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1947 CJ-2A North Port, FL $2000


This looks to have an MB Body with GPW tool lids atop a 2A chassis.


“I have a 1947 Willy’s don’t now a ton about it bought it as a project was running and driving about a year ago but has ben sitting since then I have a everything I believe to get it running again just needs the fuel line looks to be all original it has been converted to run 12v instead of 6v the belly pan was replaced they didn’t do the best job but it is solid looking to get $2,000 obo if you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer them. If you want any more pictures I can get some more pictures And I do have a clean Florida titl”

1947-cj2a-northport-fl4 1947-cj2a-northport-fl5 1947-cj2a-northport-fl6 1947-cj2a-northport-fl7

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1944 MB Greenville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $10,999.

This might be a good price. No description provided.




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1944? CJ-3B? Tualatin, OR $9500


This may be a 1944 MB chassis with a CJ-3B body and other mods. It appears the VIN (MB196499) is consistent with being an MB.


GM V6 Motor w/4 Barrel Carb & Headers with Dual Exhaust
Full Roll Bar
Spare tire rack with built in tow hitch
New Master Cylinder
New Battery
Like new bucket seats
Dual gas tanks
Super Swamper Tires (33×1400-15)
Eagle alloy wheels”

year-cj3b-tualitin-o5 year-cj3b-tualitin-o6 year-cj3b-tualitin-o year-cj3b-tualitin-o8 year-cj3b-tualitin-or9

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1944 MB Colorado Springs, CO $2500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2500. Must go

Has a variety of mods. I can’t tell how much value is here.

1944-mb-cs-colo8 1944-mb-cs-colo9

“Willys MB project. NEED GONE BY NEXT WEEKEND. Moving and can’t take with me. Needs work but is a diamond in the rough. Clean Colorado title in my name. Tasteful upgrades such as; Fully boxed custom frame(see photos) Dana 30 front axle(passenger side drop) Dana 44 rear axle(Detroit locker and chromoly axles) Ford T-18 4 speed with advanced adapters bell housing to mate to a GM V8 or V6 Dana 18 adapter from advanced adapters Rancho lift Springs Trades interests: 69-91 K5 blazer/GMC Jimmy(can add cash depending on condition) Toyota 4Runner Honda trx250r Honda crf250x Tecate 3 Wheeler “

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1942 MB Moyie Springs, ID $3500


This has some updates.


“1942 Willys MB I just decided to focus my time on other projects. 305 sbc Engine runs fine but the transmission/transfercase are shot. Will come with: T90 transmission- needs a full rebuild Dana 18 transfer case – needs a full rebuild Th350 auto transmission – good condition Np205 transfer case- good Np203 transfercase Extra rolling chassis for cj5 with lift kit. I’m not going to part out. No low-ball offers. Not interested in trades.”


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1943 MB Spokane Valley, Wa $9750


This has a f-head and a few other changes.


“This is a complete frame of rebuild. Front and rear diffs new motor tranny clutch and transfer case. New brakes break lines etc. Has a 4″ suspension lift and a 2″ body lift to clear the newer F head motor. 5 brand new wheels and tires. Raptor lined complete bottom side of body and complete inside of tub. This was a rust free unit to start with. New paint wire harness and gauges. Super fun to drive but with 588 gears doesn’t go real fast. Only 60 miles since resto-mod. With over 20k spent! Asking$9750. Would consider trades. Hot rods classic cars. Can ad money for the rite trade.. Please call Danny with questions (509)993-783nine”

1943-mb-spokanevalley-wa2 1943-mb-spokanevalley-wa3 1943-mb-spokanevalley-wa4 1943-mb-spokanevalley-wa5

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