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1943 MB Lake Oswego, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Seller doesn’t know a lot about this.

1943-mb-lakeoswego-or97 1943-mb-lakeoswego-or98 1943-mb-lakeoswego-or99

“** Update: lots of interest in this but I’m heading out of town for a couple of days. I’ll try to follow-up and arrange for showing(s) this weekend **

Selling my dad’s old Jeep. He bought it about 5 yrs ago as a project, then got sick and never got to fix it up. Bummer, as he was a real car guy and always, always wanted a WW2 era Jeep.

I don’t know a ton about this – from memory of him talking about it:
– I do *not* believe it’s a triple matching specimen. I believe he had determined that the transmission was likely a heavier duty one from ’46 (?). I don’t recall if he thought the engine was original. I have some hand-written notes where he was trying to record the details of the differences between the early running gear (but I can’t make sense of them).
– Was nearly running when he got it – turned over, etc. I don’t believe he ever fired it up, but I’m not 100% sure. At any rate, I know it hasn’t run in years (though has been under cover the entire time).
– Has a TITLE (California) in a previous owners name. I also have a note from when my dad bought it.
– Has a simple towbar (see pix) with (if I recall) a 1+7/8 ball. Tires appear to hold air.
– Appears to be generally complete (though I admit I don’t know what that really means for a vehicle of this vintage).

From my point of view it’s in semi-rough shape. I believe the previous owner used it as a hunting rig for a number of years – doesn’t look like it’s been registered for the road since mid 2006 (based on docs I have). See pix – there is diamond plate in the rear. Hood has sheet metal patches and I don’t think the hing is fully attached. Windshield frame will need some work to ever fold down. Has 3 seats that look they are outdoor/boat seats. Tub has been opened slightly to make space for the larger transmission (from memory). In general has a thick, very rough layer of paint.

That said, it’s a 1943 Jeep! 75+ years old, rolling and, and least according to what my dad thought, probably possible-to-get-running. Good for someone who knows these rigs, or wants a starting point for a rock crawler, or someone (like my dad) who just loved them and thought he’d get a chance to patch it together enough to have a fun weekend toy.

This is not likely to be in a museum ever, so please don’t come out here expecting to find a perfect vehicle! It will need some attention to get it going, and some semi-serious attention to get it looking truly sharp again. I’m not much of an old car guy so my knowledge will be (seriously) limited.

I have a (small) box with a few extra parts, some documentation (including the aforementioned title, previous registration docs, note from previous seller when my dad bought it, etc), and a ring with a few keys (which I’ve never tested). Obviously as-is. I freely admit I don’t know much about the value, but am trying to price it such that someone else with some knowledge can give it a go without breaking the bank. My dad would have liked that.”

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Year? MB College Station, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1300.

(02/08/2019) MB chassis and body with an extension on the rear.

“Looking to sale an old Willys Jeep I have owned since 2006. This is a project Jeep. The best I can tell it is a CJ2a or CJ3a. I did have the Jeep running at one time. This is a project for someone with time and money. Will need a new starter and radiator for sure. The bed is extended which I was told was for medical use? Comes as is. I bought the Jeep with no paperwork and I cannot find any of the original VIN numbers. Looking for $1,300 cash. I do have multiple Service Manuals and Parts List as well.”

year-mb-collegestation-tx1 year-mb-collegestation-tx2 year-mb-collegestation-tx3 year-mb-collegestation-tx4

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1943? MB? Dos Palos, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

(01/01/2019) This was listed as a 1947 here, but now is listed as a 1943 with a lower price. it seems to be a mix of parts.

“Have a Willy’s Jeep for sale with a Buick v8 tagged and registered Brakes need to be bled Needs seats Needs a gas tank And tub is pretty rough needs body work or a new tub depending on what you want to do”


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1941 MB Morton Grove, IL **SOLD**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** was $24,999.

The seller of this jeep suggested to at least one potential buyer that for more pics and a description, the potential buyer could download a book from Shutterfly for $70. While this may or may not be a scam, I feel such a suggestion is inappropriate. Moreover, the seller refuses to be contacted by phone (text only), even though the seller contacted me by email.

1941-slatgrille-mb-mortongrove-il1 1941-slatgrille-mb-mortongrove-il2 1941-slatgrille-mb-mortongrove-il3 1941-slatgrille-mb-mortongrove-il4

“Restored to 90% specification using original parts and other high quality reproductions. THIS IS NOT THE 1945 WILLY’S MB! The 1941 model is exceedingly rare and differs from the 1945 Jeep in more than 30 ways.

Some of the notable differences that are found on this Willy’s are: rubber steering wheel, brass framed instruments, pumpkin air filter, distinct fuel tank and filler, seat upholstery, and gears; heavy drive shaft, rectangular gearbox cover, glass fuel filter, single-piece rims, and more that are detailed in a book included with the purchase.

The vehicle is exceptionally unique and has a clean title. I accept only serious offers. TXT only, please.”

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1943 GPW/MB Butte, MT $1000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/19/2019) Seems like there is value here.


“Real deal WWII army jeep, looks like it was used as a highway dept vehicle after it went surplus. Ford GPW body on a Willy’s MB frame. Basically straight tub but needs a gas tank well. Missing the right front fender. No running gear. Frame is good except for a crack that will need further welding but holds for now – see pic. These are easy rigs to restore and a blast to drive when you’re done, and they take up no space to store. Or, start with this and build whatever 4×4 you want! Clear title.”

1943-gpw-butte-mt1 1943-gpw-butte-mt2

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1951 CJ-3A Sweet Home, OR $1200


This needs a closer look. It’s a mix of parts.


“1951 Willy’s Jeep I need it gone. No engine. Has original front flip down window, 2 front bucket seats, rear bench seat. Has big mudding tires on it.”

1951-cj3a-sweethome-or1 1951-cj3a-sweethome-or

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1943 MB Crawler Gilroy, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6000.

Lots of mods.

“Ready for hollister hills lots invested in this Jeep come see it”

1943-mb-gilroy-ca1 1943-mb-gilroy-ca2

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Year? MB? Perris, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

Has some hurricane rims. It needs some work.

“1940 Willys Jeep in good condition. Needs work but great investment opportunity”

year-mb-perris-ca1 year-mb-perris-ca2 year-mb-perris-ca3

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1943 MB Half Way, MO $1200


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/08/2019) Not sure how much value is here.


“1943 willys mb. engine thru machine shop , not together. Head has hairline crack between # 2&3.
Project I just dont have time for. good title. call text or email with questions.”


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1942 MB? Pungo, VA $8000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/22/2019) Needs work.


“Willys 1942 Army Jeep, fairly complete, needs some TLC, good glass, original 4-cylinder engine, excellent frame, $8,000 or offer.”


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Year? Willys MB Tub Reading, PA $250


Thanks to Steve for spotting this one.


“Selling a WW2 Willy’s Jeep tub. Floor is rotten. Looks like it was sitting in a field for decades. Still has usable hardware on it. The radio cable/box is on it. Feel free at email any questions. $250.00 obo”


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1942 MB Monroe, WA $10,500


UPDATE: Still Available. Most of the body has diamond plating.


(06/11/2018) “Runs great, rebuilt motor, (will include all receipts). Stock 3 speed transmission has been professionally rebuilt with after market overdrive added (note extra 4th shiftier) now 12 gears forward. New heater under passengers seat / new interior / new top / 2 – ammunition boxes / 2 – shovels / 2 – canteens / 5 – gal. jerry can / electric winch / diamond plate on body / 9 hole radiator grille / reversing headlights (for working on motor at night) / 12 volt system / seat belts / floor mat / C B radio.

PS; Also included is a tow bar and a new side mount rear view mirror.

1942-mb-monroe-wa1 1942-mb-monroe-wa2 1942-mb-monroe-wa3 1942-mb-monroe-wa4

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1944 MB Maitland, FL $2200


Lacks an engine.


“I have my 1944 Flatfender willys jeep up for sale. No motor but i have the original transmission for it. body is in good shape. The restoration was started on it but never completed. I don’t have the title but i do have a clean vin plate and can put you in touch with the woman who has gotten titles for me for other cars before. Not interested in any trades.”

1944-mb-maitland-fl2 1944-mb-maitland-fl3 1944-mb-maitland-fl4

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1945 MB? Ronkonkoma, NY $3000


It’s a mix of CJ and MB/GPW parts.


“Military antique Jeep Willy. Unsure of the year but likely a 40s model.”

year-mb-r-ny96 year-mb-r-ny97 year-mb-r-ny98 year-mb-r-ny99

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1944 MB Altamont, NY **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $18500.

Looks mostly unrestored.

“This mb is from southern California and been sitting for years.Mb has minimal rust and can be easily restored or driven as is.Very complete,will need carb and fuel tank cleaned.18500.00 or best offer.”





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1942 Slat MB Murrells Inlet, SC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,000.

“I have slat grill 123271/ tub 23570 coming up for sale in the very near future. Lots of hard to find original parts. It has solid floors-poor patching in areas on the exterior. Comes with correct patch panels and crossmember. Incorrect motor with the correct trans and transfer case. Ran before being stored this fall. Was owned by a veteran who was making it a parade jeep. Comes with a full wiring harness from vintage wiring of main/canvas/ and loads of parts. I’ll be selling it to hopefully get my slat restored professionally”

1942-mb-slat-sc1 1942-mb-slat-sc2 1942-mb-slat-sc3 1942-mb-slat-sc4
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Year? CJ-2A? Everson, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

It appears to have an MB/GPW body with an extra CJ-2A body and chassis.

“Stock 4 cylinder flat head that runs needs all the brakes done but I have a lot of brake parts to go with and an extra tub. Clean title”

1942-mb-everson-wa2 1942-mb-everson-wa1

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1945? MB? Shirley, AR $3000


May have an MB/GPW body and rear hubs.


“Mostly original, converted 12V, power steering added. Needs radiator.”




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1945 MB Lodi, CA $4500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/09/2018) This is a project.


“Show me what you got for Trade or $4500 firm not in hurry to sell 75% built 1981 CJ5 running gear project needs to be completed many new parts.”

1945-mb-lodi-ca4 1945-mb-lodi-ca3 1945-mb-lodi-ca2 1945-mb-lodi-ca

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Year? Flattie Seffner, FL $3999


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/07/2018) A mix of cj and mb/gpw parts.


“For sale is very old flat fender! –Original ford gpw frame/gears
-original 3 speed hi/lo range
-non-original engine
-clear title
The jeep runs but hasn’t been started in years and needs some tlc to get back on the road.
It is very nice compared to what’s out there.
I can show it Weekdays after 6:00pm. Thank you.”

year-flattie-tampa-fl1 year-flattie-tampa-fl2 year-flattie-tampa-fl3

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1944 MB Wareham, MA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $4000.

It’s a project.

“1944 MB Willys Jeep project. Body and parts to be assembled. Includes lots of new parts. Title is with Jeep! Great project for the right person.”


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MB Tub and Fenders Boise, ID $200


The tub is rough, but maybe there’s something here someone can use?


“Selling the tub and fenders for a 1942 Jeep Willy’s MB.
They are not in the best shape, but not too bad considering they went through WWII.
They would be good for parts or candidates for a build. I was planning on using for a build, but I need the space for other projects. No title.”


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1945 MB Port Orchard, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4250.

It doesn’t run, but has potential. The body will need some work.

“45 flatty original flat head 4 cyl, 3 speed, tub is very solid , has fuel tank that has been moved to the back otherwise stock, I am the third owner and have the original owners manuals for it, its been sitting awhile motor turns and is not very old, this is a willys overland not a gpw ford. not really looking for trades but you can ask.”

1945-mb-portorchard-wa6 1945-mb-portorchard-wa7 1945-mb-portorchard-wa8 1945-mb-portorchard-wa9

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1942 MB w/Trailer Ann Arbor, MI $15,000


This has 1700 HP?


“beautiful yellow factory refurbished jeep with trailer for sale. 1700 horse power. email for more details. from the world war 2 era”


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1943 MB Cambridge, MN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1800.

Has a few updates.

“1943 willys jeep, military vintage, 1969 225 V6,3 speed, full floater rear axle, currently NOT RUNNING, price reflects this, has storage in rear wheel wells , mileage unknown”