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1958 M-274-A4 Mule Mt. Sterling, KY $8500

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Tom shared this solid looking Mule.


“Runs good, drives good, will take you anywhere. It’s a 1958 M274A4 mule with the magnesium frame, and a 2 cylinder Morse Fairbanks engine produced by Brunswick with only 189 hours, 3 speed manual with high and low. Also equipped with 4 wheel steer, and full time 4X4 and everything works. Comes with a winch, trailer hitch, has tons of lights. Everything on it works as it should, may need a new battery.”

1958-m274-a4-mtsterling-ky1 1958-m274-a4-mtsterling-ky2 1958-m274-a4-mtsterling-ky3 1958-m274-mtsterling-ky4

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Crosley? Model? Molalla, OR $350

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If a Crosley, which the grille indicates it might be, I’m unsure the model. Usually, these have some type of hood-bump and different style fenders, but the hood on this is flat, as are the fenders.


“Crosley Jeep Project. $350”

crosley-bug-molalla-or8 crosley-bug-molalla-or9

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Fiberglass Body and Front Clip Missoula, MT $200

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It’s unclear to me what this is supposed to be, but it’s only $200. Might make an unusual looking racer.


“”HJ-7 / Hum-J” Fiberglass body kit for a Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ. Never installed, but has sat outside for years. Cash in person only”

fiberglass-body-kit-missoula-mt5 fiberglass-body-kit-missoula-mt6 fiberglass-body-kit-missoula-mt7 fiberglass-body-kit-missoula-mt8 fiberglass-body-kit-missoula-mt9

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Unknown Vehicle Davenport, IA $1800

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

I can’t remember who shared this, but it sure is an odd item. The seller thinks they “have a good idea want it go’s for” and is sure it is a Cushman jeep. If it is a Cushman jeep, it is something I’ve never documented nor can I find anything using Google about it.


“Not sure the age just know it’s old Cushman jeep it runs make a reasonable offer I have a good idea want it go’s for so don’t try and low ball me”

cushman-jeep-davenport-ia4 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia5 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia6 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia7 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia8 cushman-jeep-davenport-ia9

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1965 Studebaker Zip Van Los Angeles, CA $7900

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Folks looking for FJs might be interested in this 2WD van. Thanks to Blaine for sharing it.


“1965 60’s 1960’s ’65
Classic Rare
Studebacker postal van, pretty rare, almost complete, has engine, and I have a new gasket kit for it, glasses can be made custom with glass or plexiglass lexan… It is a project worth of doing Ice cream catering bar photo booth shoot movie videos etc”


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1962 Willys Interlagos Convertible Costa Mesa, CA BaT

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UPDATE: Blaine confirms this was Dan’s car previously.  It did not reach the reserve, with bids maxing out at $43,000.

Blaine spotted this 1962 Willys convertible Interlagos, which sits as $23,000 with 3 hours left in the Bring-A-Trailer auction.

You can see pics of this car from the post of our visit with Dan back in 2014: http://www.ewillys.com/2014/04/13/day-24-apr-12th-dans-fcs-and-the-scared-romanian/ . He was pretty sure it was the only convertible Interlagos in the US.



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Year? M-274-A2 Mule Paso Robles, CA $8000

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Mike shared this ad. It seems like a good price.


USMC Vietnam War era survivor.
The ultimate ATV for the ranch, vineyard or parades
Runs great, mechanically sound, everything works.
Four-wheel drive.
Four-wheel steer option.
Hercules two cylinder engine.
1/2 ton capacity.
Weighs 900 lbs.
The M274-A2 were built between 1965 to 1967. Originally designed & built by Willys.
Bill of sale. No pink slip available, not street legal.
No odometer equipped. Mileage is unknown.”

1966-m274-a2-pr-ca1 1966-m274-a2-pr-ca2 1966-m274-a2-pr-ca3 1966-m274-a2-pr-ca4


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And Now, for Something Different … Chesire, OR $34,000

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Perfect for towing your jeep to remote places?


“This bus has been my labor of love for many years but I have moved out of state and it’s time to sell. It DOES run and drive. It’s a 1970 GMC 5500 chassis with a Wayne body. It’s has a GMC 305M 60degree V6 in it, I replaced the motor in 2014 using the M designated components from the original 351 V6.

All of the components that are too high and too wide are removable. The wood stove pop out lifts off. The top of the second floor middle loft room, which we use as a closet, comes off and is built to be lightweight. It stows on the deck for transport. The mast is hinged and folds down easily. It isn’t just for looks, that’s a projector screen and there is a projector stand as well. Movies on the deck are a ton of fun.

It’s plumbed and wired.

240v 50amp. 3 dedicated heater circuits. 1 electric hot water heater, one gas tankless heater. Each room on it’s own breaker plus an outdoor outlet.

It’s got a 30g blackwater and 60g grey water tank plus a mecerator pump for pumping your business uphill. The kitchen sinks uses an electric hot water heater and the shower uses the tankless.

I have a clean title in hand. It has already been converted to RV status.”






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1977 Mitsubishi Projet Waddell, AZ $4200

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This does not have a US title.


1977-mistubishi-waddell-az7 1977-mistubishi-waddell-az8 1977-mistubishi-waddell-az9

“Recently imported from Japan. After Jeep was done producing the Willys they sold the rights off to Mitsubishi to be produced for many years after. So this is essentially a Willys Jeep. Diesel engine, 4×4 , fires right up and drives fine. 4 speed manual on the tree ( right hand drive). Comes with an extra set of larger tires. Just don’t have the time for this project at the moment. I have the Japanese title in hand and all the paperwork to transfer. Will need an inspection to get an Az title”

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1955 Austin Champ San Mateo, CA Free

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Maybe some parts value here?


“Free Austin Champ for parts or restore Located in Sunnyvale It’s on 4 decent Landrover wheels It’s ready to pull on to your trailer It’s free come and get it”

1955-austin-champ-ca2 1955-austin-champ-ca

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1958 Austin Champ Gualala, CA eBay

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UPDATE: Bill notes that the starting price dropped on this one. Now there’s a bid of $1000 on it.

Bill shared this rare Austin Champ. It seems a fair price, but the cost of parts is the killers on these.

View all the information on ebay





“1958 Austin Champ British Jeep
The Austin Champ is powered by a 64hp Rolls Royce gasoline engine with a 5-speed gearbox (forward and reverse), and a clutch for 4-wheel drive option. It has 4-wheel independent suspension with double a-frames and torsion bar. The fasteners are British standard — Whitworth, the same as early British motorcycles. This vehicle has river fording capabilities. The Champ had sophisticated generating systems for field operations.
This vehicle was operable until early 90’s, and then it started to require more work than there was time for. This vehicle is being offered with an additional engine (that was purchased new from the UK in the early 1990’s), and a set of parts that include carburetor, distributor, etc. The vehicle is currently stored, along with the additional engine, in northern California. This vehicle is currently not running. All paperwork, registration and title. Buyer responsible for relocating vehicle. We can assist you in sorting out details of the shipping if needed.”

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1966 M-274 Mule Ione, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

This does not run at the moment.

“Selling a 1966 military mule. This is a fun thing to have. And it is titled as an atv in the state of Oregon and I do have a clean title and all the paper work that goes with it also have manuals for it as well. It’s rated as a half ton. Has articulating steering and is 4×4. It did run but sat with gas in the tank and it gummed up the carb. Asking 5500 obo”

1966-m274-mule-ioen-or6 1966-m274-mule-ioen-or7 1966-m274-mule-ioen-or8 1966-m274-mule-ioen-or9

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1956 Fiat Campagnola Jacksonville, Fl eBay

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Bill spotted this one. Not many of these around. This is sold by an importer. No description provided.

View all the information on eBay

1956-fiat-campignola-jacksonville-fl97 1956-fiat-campignola-jacksonville-fl98 1956-fiat-campignola-jacksonville-fl9

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Year? M-274A5 South Pasadena, CA $10,500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

Joe is selling this Mule. This is part of an estate sale. It has no title. Email joehuld @ pacbell.net (remove spaces around the @) with Mule in subject line or Call Joe at 626 379 0059.

“This mule was completely restored a few years ago by the late owner and used very little after restoration; only 31 hours show on the Stewart Warner hour meter. The vehicle has been in dry inside storage for the past couple of years. It has STA 7.50-10 NHS tires that appear to be practically new. The O.D green paint is in excellent condition. It is not a street legal so has no registration or title but the attorney representing the estate will provide a bill of sale. It is located in South Pasadena, California and will have to be trailered. It does roll easily”

year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca6 year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca7 year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca8 year-mule-m274a5-pasadena-ca9


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1968 M-274a5 Yakima, WA $4500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

TJ spotted this Mule. It needs a clutch replaced, but could be worth a look.


“two-cylinder Continental-Hercules two-cycle, air-cooled three-speed manual, non-synchromesh transmissions with two-speed transfer cases, and were four-wheel drive vehicles. All Mules except the A5 variants had four-wheel steering. This one has 5 wheel steering upgrade. Only the A5 variants had electric ignition as standard. They had no suspension aside from the low-pressure tires and the seat cushions. Needs clutch replaced. Will provide clutch but it won’t be installed. Has new carb and fuel pump.”


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1948 Willys Package Delivery Van Broadway, VA $5600

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This runs and drives. Thanks to Andy for sharing.


“1948 Willys package delivery van, 4 cyl 3speed ,4×4 runs, drives, could use some more TLC ,16 inch tires ,all new glass ,just cleaning out my building, selling projects ,can’t keep them all ,and you will not find another one of these in 2000 miles of here. call Kenny 540-42one-506two”

1948-package-delivery-van-broadway-va4 1948-package-delivery-van-broadway-va5 1948-package-delivery-van-broadway-va6 1948-package-delivery-van-broadway-va7

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1968 UAZ 469 Carmel, IN $28,000

• CATEGORIES: International, Other 4x4s

This “like new” UAZ has low miles according to the seller.

View all the information on eBay

1968-uaz-469-carmel-in6 1968-uaz-469-carmel-in7 1968-uaz-469-carmel-in8 1968-uaz-469-carmel-in9

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1968 M-274 Mule Carlisle, PA $8000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

I was sent this link, but I managed to space it until now. Looks solid.


“M274 mechanical mule aircraft engine. This vehicle had 30 hours on it when I got it. Converted to electric start. I have two of these and only want to sell one”

1968-m274-carlisle-pa8 1968-m274-carlisle-pa9

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Suzuki Samarai w/Jeep Body Upper Lake, CA $15,000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Lots of updates to this Suzuki chassis.


1948-cj2a-upperlake-cali7 1948-cj2a-upperlake-cali8 1948-cj2a-upperlake-cali9

“All Suzuki samurai.1.6L,thorley header,Weber carb,5 speed,6.5-1t-case,extreme duty t-case cradle,ARB air lockers front+rear,4.56 gears,calmini h.d axles,birfield rings,rocky road high steer,rear axle truss,diff pumpkin hats,power steering,power brakes,Jeep wrangler springs,custom drive lines,6000lb.winch,33-10.50-15 km2 tires.
Custom tub,Mojave heater 16,000btu,real windshield wipers,pioneer stereo,audioban speakers,xm radio,custom full roll cage,master craft seats(need new covers),mastercraft 4 point harness,best top tiger top.
Spare tire+mount,ice chest rack.”

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1968 M-274 Mule Lewiston, ID $4000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/03/2023) This may well be worth a look at this price.


“$4,000 or will trade for a cargo trailer or zero radius, lawnmower. Runs great is a 4 cylinder as is rare come take look”

1968-mule-m274-lewiston-id8 1968-mule-m274-lewiston-id9

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Year? Land Rover 88RHD Santa Clarita, CA eBay

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Bill spotted this Land Rover with some Hollywood history. It lacks a title. The current bid is $500.

View all the information on eBay

“Selling 1 1970s vintage Land Rover 88 RHD truck used in many Hollywood movies through the years. Truck runs, stops, can use a tune up. truck has low miles, good tires. Selling AS IS with a bill of sale only.
“NO TITLE”. Buyer to arrange shipping, will help load.”

land-rover-88-6 land-rover-88-7 land-rover-88-8 land-rover-88-9

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1972 Gaz69 Sandy, OR $10,000

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/28/2022) TJ shared this rare Gas. Looks in good shape.


“Fully restored inside and out. Needs new brake booster installed Gaz69 4 speed 4 cly 4×4”


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1972 Suzuki LJ20V Bland, MO $6500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Bill shared this rare early LJ20.


“Suzuki LJ20V, low miles, runs and drives. Super rare, complete. 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine!”

1972-lj20v-suzuki-bland-mo0 1972-lj20v-suzuki-bland-mo1 1972-lj20v-suzuki-bland-mo2 1972-lj20v-suzuki-bland-mo3 1972-lj20v-suzuki-bland-mo9

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DJ-3A? & A Sand Jalopy? Imperial, CA $1000

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Other 4x4s

UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/09/2022) I have to say I was more curious about the Sand Jalopy Hot Rod than the jeep. The jeep seems to have a DJ-3A body. Neither seems to have much value.


“1 Jeep 1 water pumper buggy 1000$ for both Bill of sale”

dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca4 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca5 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca6


And the Sand Jalopydj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca7 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca8 dj3a-and-jalopy-imperial-ca9

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1978 UAZ Carmel, IN eBay

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Bill shared this rare UAZ for sale. It’s supposed to be a zero mileage vehicle. The buy-it-now price is $29,900. I don’t know if that is a good price or not.

View all the information on eBay

1978-uaz-carmel-in5 1978-uaz-carmel-in6 1978-uaz-carmel-in7 1978-uaz-carmel-in8 1978-uaz-carmel-in9

“A true Soviet Army SUV, this particular one is very rare due to the fact that it has no mileage, it was Army conservation and later purchased by former army general who kept it in climate controlled garage until we bought it and imported into the US. All export and import duties are paid; it is now titled in IN and can be registered in any state in the US.

It’s practically like new with very few flows that I tried to show in pictures.

The 2.5-liter inline-four features a single carburetor and sends power to the rear or all four wheels through a four-speed manual transmission and a twin-stick dual-range transfer case, making it very versatile.”