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1973 4 Door CJ-5 Custom Jeep Sunnyvale, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This was made from 2 CJ-5s.  The seller provides a variety links and pictures for this neat project.

“This auction is for a custom four door CJ.  The Jeep was built using all CJ5 parts.  The front door is modeled off of a CJ7.  The rear door is modeled off of a CJ5.  The bed is extended to the length of a CJ6 or CJ8 Scrambler.  The frame is stretched 36 inches in the middle and 14 inches behind the rear axle.  The frame was boxed from the front to to the rear spring perches.  It has Dana 30 and Dana 40 axles both are open diffs.  The transfer case is a Dana 20.  The transmission is a 3 speed.  I believe it is a T150.  The engine is an AMC 360 from a 1972 Wagoneer.  It was rebuilt about 15,000 miles ago.  It was bored over.  The crank was turned.  It got all new bearings, new pistons, new valve guides, and hardened seats.  It has an RV cam, an Edelbrock SP2P low rise dual plane intake, and a Holley Street Avenger 570cfm carb.  The motor has more than enough power for a vehicle this size.  I drove it about a month on the new motor when I broke the input shaft on the old transmission.  I then put the heaviest spring in the secondaries of the carb and backed up the timing a little bit to take some of the grunt out of the motor.  The Jeep was built in 2009.  It got all new floors.  There is no rust in the body or frame.  The color is Rescue Green from a 2008-2009 Wrangler.  The seats are new from Bestop.  The seat belts were new in 2009.  It has a super thick aluminum radiator, power steering, and front disk brakes.  It has a 20 gallon gas tank from an 86 CJ7.  The tires are 33 10.50 15 BFG Mud T/A KM2.  The fronts have about 5k miles on them and the rears are new.  I have no idea how many miles are on the Jeep.  It has about 15k since built.  Almost everything was replaced at that time.  The tub and bed have bedliner throughout.  It looks funny in the pictures, because it is a little wet from washing the Jeep.  The leaf springs were upgraded to the wider springs from a 76 model CJ7.  It has front sway bar mounts on the frame, and I have a sway bar for it.  It will need new rod ends and bushings if you plan to install it.  I will also include the stock front bumper if you want it.  You can see pictures of it on the link below.

This Jeep was my daily driver for almost 3 years.  It draws a crowd everywhere you go.  You can’t buy gas or go into Home Depot without someone stopping you to talk about it.  Since it was my daily driver, it has all of the scratches and dings you would expect of a truck used for that period of time.  It runs and drives good.  The four wheel drive works fine.  Since I had to rely on this as my driver, It hasn’t been thrashed off road since built.  The four wheel drive has been used in the snow, pulling trailers out of the muddy pasture, and around the deer lease.

Negative issues:  This is no trailer queen, so it has normal dings and rock chips and scratches that you would expect from a driver.  There is one good dent in the left rear fender well.  I included a picture of it.  The speedometer doesn’t work.  The gas gauge half ass works half the time.  The gauge is new, it needs a sender.  While you are replacing the sender, you could replace the oring on it that leaks gas if you overfill it.  The oil gauge works, but is falling apart.  It needs a new horn switch.  You have to hit just the right spot to make it honk.  If you romp on it in reverse, it will pop out of gear.  Driving sensibly prevents it from happening.  The transfer case shifter needs new bushings, but it shifts fine for me, so I don’t worry about it.  It has a top and doors that need recovering.  I don’t have any pictures of it, but you can see it in the snow video below.

See it run and drive on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5oef9OP4lE

See it play in the snow in four wheel drive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I-P8n3qoWf8

See some of the build pictures at http://myaffordaplane.com/jeep

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1941 Russian GAZ Yerevan, Armenia eBay

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This appears to be an early GAZ 67B that’s fairly original (though I’m no GAZ expert).  Here is a similar example at a Moscow Mueseum.  The bigger question is whether to bid at all given this is located in Armenia.

“GAZ 67, a Soviet military jeep dating from 1941. All the parts on the vehicle are its originals. The car doesn’t run. It needs to be repainted, the seats need to be rebuilt.
If you are really interested in the car, but want it fixed, we can get it done. But obviously, the price will go little higher.
For the payment, PayPal, deposit/transfer on bank account or contact by e-mail for other arrangements. The car can be shipped worldwide, the price can vary from 500 to 3000$, depending on the location.”

View all the information on eBay

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1954 Nissan 4W60 Brochure on eBay

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Here’s a rare brochure.

View all the information on eBay

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1976 UAZ Davenport, IA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

Here’s a rare UAZ that appears in good shape.

” This may be the only Russian UAZ military jeep in the USA.  All terrain vehicle. 4 cylinder engine, 4 wheel drive, left and right fuel tanks and removable canvas top. Original Russian tires.  Vehicle is in running condition and all electrical items appear to operate correctly.  Spare parts are readily available from many European sources. 1976 four-door model.  VIN 71202153.  Vehicle has clear USA state title. Vehicle is sold in as is condition without  warranty. The license plates do not go with the car.”

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Just a Squirrel — A George Barris T-Buggy

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If you have seen Pixar’s UP movie, then you know what a ‘squirrel’ is, something that distracts you from what you planned or should be doing.  Well, at least that is the terminology Ann and I use.

Obviously, the internet is notoriously full of squirrels.  Today’s squirrel relates to a search I was doing this morning, something I do in the normal course of producing (and by producing I mean borrowing) the incredibly high quality, unparalleled content published herein.  That’s when I spotted this (http://lascruces.en.craigslist.org/cto/3151068039.html only $800!) fiberglass flat fender dung buggy body.  I instantly recognized it as the body style of the dune buggy the my neighbor Bud across the street used to build his dune buggy when I was a kid.  The distinguishing feature were those flat fenders in the front, which for obvious reasons seemed comfortably familiar to a lover of flat fenders like myself.  After spotting this ad,  I spent about an hour this morning, chasing this squirrel of a buggy to learn more about it.  It turns out it is a Barris designed T-Buggy kit that Barris had hoped to sell through dealers in every state (I don’t’ know how far he got creating the dealer network).

Now, my neighbor Bud was quite a character.  He was a machinist for Boeing until he retired and machined a couple parts for me that really helped when I was building my first jeep.  During the 1970s he purchased an electric wedge car like this, which on a full charge had just enough power to allow him to drive down Renton’s South Hill into Kent in the morning and return up the hill in the evening.  When Bud’s son Tim, who was my age, turned 16, we’d go for a drive occasionally.  Thank goodness we never got in a wreck, because that vehicle was a coffin waiting for bodies.

At some point before he purchased the ‘cheese wedge’, Bud built a dune buggy.  Every so often we would go for a ride in it, sometimes on the roads and sometime down a power line trail (that was the good old days when you could still go down a power line trail).  One day, we drove into downtown Renton to the former Sears outdoor shopping mall off of Rainier Avenue.  However, instead of parking in a parking spot, Bud drove onto the sidewalk, between a couple stores, and into the middle of the walking mall.  We drove by a few stores until he got right in front of the store he wanted to enter, where he came to a stop as if he belonged there.  We got out and people walked by checking out the cool dune buggy as if it belonged there.  When we were done at the store, we just hopped in and drove back out.

I never knew what type of dune buggy he had, until today’s search.  Based on what I’ve read below, he must have purchased a Barris T-Buggy kit.  The dune buggy he built had all the Model-T elements you see below.  His body was painted a metallic dark red.  It had the faux leather straps across the hood, the chrome roll bar, and a small soft top.  Bud ended up selling that in the 1980s I believe.  I’ve never seen it since.

If you want to chase some dune buggy squirrels of your own, check out the Dune Buggy Archives or Samba.

Here’s an example that is as close as I’ve found to Bud’s:

This is example the way I remember Bud’s, only it was red and didn’t have the stripe around the edges.  Bud had wider, more aggressive slicks that improved the ‘hot wheel’ look, too.

Here’s an example of a kit.


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6×6 Jeeps in the Jolly Jeepers Jeep Club

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I was looking up some PTO parts when I landed on the Jolly Jeepers website.  According to their website, the Jolly Jeepers is Oregon State’s oldest jeep club, having been founded in 1962. Two of the jeeps owned by members are custom 6x6s.  You can see more 6x6s here.

Coincidently, just before publishing this post, Blaine happened to send me pictures he took of one of these 6x6s at the Orphan Car Show hosted by the Studebaker Drivers Club in Oregon City, Oregon, this past Sunday.  I’ve seen “Gator” listed both as a DJ-6 and a CJ-6, so I’m not entirely sure what the base platform was.

Here’s an early shot of the Gator:

And here are Blaine’s photos

This one is built from a CJ-8 or Scrambler:

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1959 J-59 Mitsubishi Atlanta, Ga $10,900

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(05/24/2012) The tail light set up is interesting.  This looks in great shape.

“1985 Jeep J59 51,000 Miles CJ3b

In 1953 Mitsubishi secured the rights to build the Willys under their own name and the Mitsubishi Jeep was born. In the USA the Willys was built till 1965 but in Japan Mitsubishi had a good thing going so they kept the line in production till 1998. Mitsubishi installed the 5G52 Astron 2.0L 4 cyl These engines put out a much more useful 100 hp and moved these Jeeps down the highway comfortably at 110 km / hr or 65 mph.

This is a true turn-key off road capable unit. They have full time hubs Ready for the rugged out doors. Pick a trail and enjoy one of the best off-road vehicles ever made. The beauty of the Willy’s body style coupled with the strong and reliable Japanese engineered drivetrain using the D44 out back and the D30 up front, gear to gear t/case with a 2.3 low range, 4.77 differential gearing and you are ready for the great out doors.
Crawl down the steepest hill or race up the nearest dune, this gutsy miniature tank can handle it all. The very sharp approach and departure angles will be the envy of all and the superb break over angle will be hard to beat in any stock 4X4. This stock J59 can run 31” tires with absolutely NO LIFT.

Absolutely Mint Condition, runs as NEW. These Jeeps are some of the finest manufactured vehicles in the world.


see other info at www.paladintrucks.com


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Micro Car Kapi JIP @ the Microcarmuseum

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Blaine forwarded a picture of the Kapi JIP yesterday.  The picture was taken at Bruce Weiner’s micro car museum in Madison, Georgia.

While Frederico Saldana is said to have patterned this after the American Army Jeep, it looks much more like a CJ-3B/Wagon hybrid.

View all the pictures here


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GAZ-69 Kailua Kona, HI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This is unusual and in good shape.

“GAZ-69 took the place of GAZ-67B in 1953 and remained on assembly line till 1972 practically without changes. First cars have been produced in Gorkiy city (before 1930 and right now – Nizhniy Novgorod). Then, in December of 1954 production of GAZ-69 has began in Ulianovsk, UAZ. GAZ-69 production on GAZ lines has been cancelled in 1956. Officially GAZ-69 became UAZ-69, but new name didn’t get accustomed even in official papers. The engine of the car was taken from the famous “Pobieda” GAZ-M20. Strangely, the vehicle was not supplied with side mirrors. The only small mirror in the uppermiddle of windscreen was useless in tarpaulin covered car because of small rear window.
Before 1970 there was only rear window in the canvas top, then 2 windows appeared on every side.

New brakes installed, bought from Bulgaria. Headlight deflector/black-outs included. Canvas top needs restored. Will drive to dock for shipping. Shipping and payment to be set-up by buyer. Vehicle has just over 1,000 kilometers original.”

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Year? M-718 Medina, Oh **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“Your buying a M-718 Ambulance with a bill of sale. vehicle starts, runs, drives well but needs some brake work. It will need the usual undercarraige kit. Correct canvas top and right rear curtain are N.O.S. Missing left right curtain.”

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1954 Austin Champ Birmingham, Mi **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $29000

As a former owner of three of these, I can attest to their lack of value.

“Austin was commissioned to build the Champ to replace WWII Willys Jeeps in the British Military service. It is powered by a modular Rolls-Royce engine that produces 80 horsepower. The engine is linked to a 5 speed synchromesh transmission that has no integral reverse gear, drive being taken by the propshaft to a rear transaxle which incorporated a reverse mechanism that acted on all five ratios and is controlled by a separate lever. The suspension is fully independent double wishbones with a longitudinal torsion bar and telescopic hydraulic damper at all four wheels.

Recently, over $8,000 was spent replacing all the axle seals and gaskets for the front and rear differentials. The front and rear shocks were also replaced and the entire undercarriage and suspension was cleaned, undercoated, and detailed.]”

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1945 GAZ Estonia eBay

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Here’s a rare GAZ out of Estonia. Might be good for a European collector.

“GAZ 67, Jeep, Militaria (Willys Jeep) 1945 ,

The vehicle is moving under its own power.
the car is not restored.
Still retains the original factory work. (80 %)
The car has been standing on the tenth garage.

EU Member States do not have customs and logistics companies to be transported. Transportation Estonia to Germany pays 400 – 500 EUR. –

Shipping will be paid by the buyer. Shipping outside the EU to clarify before you buy. I will help the buyer in dealings.”

View all the info and pics on eBay

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Year? Mitsubishi Annapolis, MD **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $5700.

“I purchased this jeep 5 years ago in Washington State where I restored it and used it on mountain trails, hunting/fishing while based at Fairchild AFB near Spokane. After being transferred to Andrews AFB it’s spent most of its time in my garage, other than trips into town, etc. It has a very efficient low mileage (under 45,000 miles) 4DR6 2.7L diesel engine mated to an iron 4speed manual transmission and transfer case. The steering is right hand drive as is typical for these late model willy’s from Japan. It’s been well maintained but shows some wear for its age such as repairs in the soft top, worn seats, etc. I also have the driver, passenger, and rear doors that are included in the sale. About 3 years ago the windshield wiper motor stopped working, so I’ve relied on the back up manual wiper in its place. I don’t have the time to research a new wiper motor or have it rebuilt, which is why I’m letting my jeep go at such a low price… While doing some research on this vehicle I discovered through discussion boards that individuals are paying up to $14K for these jeeps by the time the import cost, taxes, and all other expenses are calculated. It’s never been driven in the rain/snow here in Maryland due to rust concerns. This jeep has proven extremely reliable to me and capable of anything I’ve put in its path, you won’t be dissapointed.

Since I’ve owned it I’ve addressed the following:

-New windshield
-5 new 8 ply tubeless tires
-resealed the front and rear axles
-replaced all of the brakes (11″ drum brakes)
-installed new rear driveshaft
-replaced driveline parking brake
-eliminated rust from rear fenders by removing old sheet metal and welding in new
-Water pump was rebuilt 1 month ago
-New fan/alternator belt last month
-replaced thermostat & hoses
-installed inline coolant block heater
-M38 speedometer (replaced old unit that was in kilometers per hr)
***note*** speedometer works great but odometer recently stopped working
-installed turn signal control (unit was missing when it arrived from Japan)
-new pintle hitch with 2″ ball
-new shovel, axe, & jerry can
-installed farm jack on front bumper
-new M38 mirrors
-installed passenger seat from a CJ-5 (seat was missing when it arrived from Japan)
-installed Warn Locking hubs for the Dana 30 front axle
-engine oil & filter have been changed every 3,000 miles or 6 months (which ever comes first)

****the engine is barely broke in at 45-50K miles, burns no oil, and there are absolutely no leaks from the engine or drivetrain components.Yea”

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1969 Nissan Patrol Eagle River, AK **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: Was $1000. **SOLD**

If parted out, this might indeed be worth a small fortune if you think around $1000 is a small fortune.

“for the people who collect these ive been told that if i parted it out it would be worth a small fortune, but i want to sell the whole thing quickly so lets deal…..it ran and drove to where it was parked sat a few years brake pedle goes to floor has twin stick t/case 4 litre straight 6 inline engine some spare parts in back picture makes it look good but it does have rust. all parts are there except door glass. neat old rig a lot of people get it confused with a land rover but it is a nissan patrol. its about the size of a CJ 5 but a little wider so its not tippy, they were used by militaries all around the world until fairly recently they were still made. there is a title for this. i really wish i could keep this but you can see the willys in the background of one picture and that is the project im working on now.”

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2 More Days for Tour Jeep Auction in Tucson May 24th

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Need a Scrambler jeep for your tour company or just for fun?  Check this auction out. 12 Scramblers and 2 CJ-7s.

“Tucson Jeep Tours Auction!
Begins 5/15/2012
Ends 5/24/2012 @ 7PM MST

Huge assortment of off road jeeps, trucks, trailers, go carts, jet ski, office furniture, tools and much more!”


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M-274 Mule Temecula, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This looks solid.

“m274 mule for sale runs great 4 wheel drive 4 wheel steer has the option of 2 wheel steer electric start real straight and clean would not take much to restore all there ,needs tires ,the back of the seat is the one it came with a cover but the canvas is torn come look and drive a piece of military history and are getting hard to find in this condition.”

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1977 Ice Cream Truck Phoenix, Az $5900

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Mama’s Sweet Treats?  That made me laugh.

“1977 Jeep Ice Cream truck 4WD w/lockg hubs,has window a/c unit,has platform for generator,360 CID eng,std. trans.,needs a little wiring work….ran when parked last year,just what you need for a business …….asking $5,900.00 OBO………….better hurry ….SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE……..(602)214-3123”


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1953 Wagoneer Camper? Lamar, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE:  Was $1500. **SOLD** Scott notes this is not a Gladiator, but rather a Wagoneer.


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1965 Army Mule Ft. Myers, Fl $6500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Unusual

This appears in good shape.  I could have used one of these at the swap meet today.

“4 Wheel drive 4 wheel steer 4cyl willys air cooled opposed cyl. Electric start. 2 seats 2 foot baskets.  $6500.00 Firm.  Call (239) 980-7273”


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The Selouki 1/4 Ton Truck Model 4WD-25T

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

UPDATE:  CapnJohn obtained the following info related to Selouki:

We don’t have a photo of the front of this vehicle but this manual covers the Selouki 1/4 Ton Truck model 4WD-25T.This Jeep like vehicle was produced by Highway Products Inc, Kent, Ohio.

Highway Products, Inc., Kent, Ohio was formed by Joseph Thomas ‘Joe’ Myers in 1960 to manufacture truck bodies for specialty markets such as mobile post offices. In addition to mail trucks and mobile post offices the company also manufactured small boats for both military and commercial use, missile launchers and engines. In 1968 Highway Products introduced a 25-passenger bus and sold it under the Twin Coach name. Joe Myers sold the company to Alco Standard in the early 1970s. Alco Standard bought the Cortez Motor Home line of products and manufactured the motor homes in the Kent, OH production facilities of Highway Products. Approximately 900 buses were built under the Twin Coach name when production stopped in October, 1975, due to bankruptcy. Joe Myers also served as the President of the Davey Tree Expert Company and was married to John Davey’s granddaughter, Marilyn Davey.


Glenn spotted this unusual manual.

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1967 Nissan Patrol Riverside, Ca **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: Was listed at $450. Status Unknown.

I don’t see these very often.

“Here is a solid rust free california nissan patrol 4×4 for parts or restore. Missing the engine, yes it has the transmission and transfer case etc etc $450 have clean lien sale papers 951 965 8428……………….toyota tacoma jeep Jeep willys Willys Land Cruiser patrol 4×4 diesel Nissan Nismo TRD ford chevy”

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1963 Wagoneer Whiting, NJ $1500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Here is a rare find:  A non running Wagoneer  … lol … Steven sent this one.

“rare find, all original less then 100000 miles, 230 straight 6 tornado engine,4-wheel drive,as is not currently running (trany stuck in revrse) Great Restoration project call for more details at 848-227-3135”


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2004 Jeep Wrangler – Willys Edition

• CATEGORIES: Features, Other 4x4s

I admit I don’t pay too much attention to the new jeeps, so I was surprised as Bob to hear about the ‘Willys Edition’ Wrangler.  I figured others might not have known about it either.  You can learn more about them here.

Here is one of them for sale: http://cosprings.craigslist.org/cto/2667511424.html

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1966 Volvo L3314HT Seattle, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

Perfect for the growing family.

“1963 Volvo L3314HT 4×4 aka Laplander or Valp – 7 passenger ex-Swedish Military troop carrier. 65 hp b-18, 4 speed M40 transmission. Very cool rig, new brake & clutch hydraulics as well as brake shoes. 28K original kilometers on truck. Runs and drives, burns oil and body is somewhat rough but still cool and drivable. Be the only one on your block, town or possibly county that has one! Attracts attention everywhere it goes so be prepared to talk to people. Great off road rig or fun weekend driver. Tops out at about 55mph so you can’t be in a hurry to get anywhere. Serious inquires only. Title in hand, have a new project so this one must go to make room!”

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CJ-8, ’63 Wagon, Other Stuff Middleton, Id

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s, Parts, Willys Wagons

This seller has a variety of items.

“I have some projects that I know now that I will probably never get to. I am really trying to simplify my life and wanna move some stuff.

’81 CJ8 Scrambler
4.2, swapped in T18 and Dana 20 t/c
Stock height and axles. Has aluminum rims and BFG A/T in 235/15’s
Has 1/2 cab but, no doors or rear window.
Needs driveshafts installed. Probably will need a rear one lengthened.
Runs but, needs work.
$2500 firm

’63 Willys Wagon
50k original miles on the body. Has a Chevy Nova front clip graft and frame has been aligned at a frame shop. Chevy Nova 10 bolt rear axle.
Low mile LT1/4L60E 2wd setup goes with it but, not installed. I have extra sheet metal that I will let go with it also. Have a new front suspension rebuild kit and aftermarket wiring harness also.
$2500 firm

Front and rear Dana 60’s
front is a Chevy kingpin axle. Dis-assembled. Housing has been sandblasted and primed. Has brand new SRW hubs and rotors.
rear is all stock and outt of a 70’s Dodge. They were gonna go in the Scrambler.

Miller 350 LX Tig welder.
Need I say more? This is a Cadillac among tig machines and is the upgraded water cooled setup.

Jeep Comanche bed and frame with fiberglas topper.
I was gonna make a sweet trailer to tow behind my XJ but, sold the XJ and so, really don’t need it. It does not yet have a tongue or hitch on it. Still has the Dna 35 under it but for full price I will throw in a trailer axle with 5 x 4.5 BP to match the Jeep.