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1946 CJ-2A Fountain, CO $5000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/03/2022) I’m not sure if the f-head in the back is extra or even comes with the jeep.

1946-cj2a-fountain-co1 1946-cj2a-fountain-co2

“Very cool 1946 Jeep CJ2A. This was sitting in a field for quite some time. The owner I bought it from did not title the jeep. The previous owner could not locate the title. So you will need to get a bonded title. I had multiple offers on the way home when picking it up. Will have a bill of sale.. I have shown this jeep to a serious collector and he said this is the kind of jeep he looks for. It’s virtually un molested. It does have rust in the floor under the tank and where the tool box is on passenger side. I bought a new tank and sending unit for it and gas cap.

It also has a new repair manual. The previous owner drove it around for me but did so without working brakes. He used a retro fitted fuel can to make it work. Engine ran rough probably needs carburetor cleaned out real good. I believe the brakes could be bleed. Not sure of their condition. Has to original style seats. This would make a great little project. These thing are going for crazy money and It has the Ford type head. Let me know it your interested and I’m not really gonna budge on price. Other motor shown in pic is not included.”

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1958 DJ-3A Austin, TX $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/03/2022) Not a bad price, but it does need work. The body has been cut at the entrances. .Appears to have the original tank. The seller is correct that this is a convertible model, not a Gala/Surrey.

1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx6 1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx7 1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx8 1958-dj3a-convertible-austin-tx9

Selling a very rare 1958 Kaiser Willys DJ3a Convertible!…VERY LIKELY the original strait-4 cylinder, single carb and oil-bath air filter. 3 speed manual column shift (“3-on-a-tree”)….Yes, it is called a convertible, did a lot of searches, primarily trying to verify if its really a “Gala Surry”. 2 wheel drive flat fender, no tailgate. Got a clean title but not in my name, can transfer over no problem. This a very solid project that I simply do not have time to work on. I have had this is DRY storage since i got it in 2019. Go to “” to see more info. The previous seller had thought it was possible this was a Gala Surrey model (Google “Gala Surrey/Elvis”, light/powder blue). I am not so convinced BUT definitely a “convertible model” (see old brochures in my photos, I own old original copies, bought on ebay).

THE BADS -NO top frame or soft top material, common problem, unfortunately, but might be available online (repros) -NO back seat -Clutch cable is broke I believe, so cannot test -The body has been cut/modified slightly (entrance to driver’s/passenger seats) (see pics first, I’ll explain) -Never got time to start the process of getting it started, I was told it ran not that long ago, maybe on a ranch property near Temple Texas. I got this on trade for a Triumph TR-6 (he got it on trade with the Temple person)

THE GOODS! -VERY solid and very lowrust, if not at all. -Good tires, been holding for awhile (I have been storing on jacks!) -Decent body that does not need a lot of work -Battery tray solid, no rust! -Some parts been replaced not long ago but cannot confirm dates -Solid rig! hate to sell but just no time that it deserves! PLEASE be legit and serious! Happy to call back with anything I know. CALL or TEXT is best. IF YOU ASK, “is it still available” I will not respond, I will delete the post seconds after its sold. Sorry about the sideways shots, not sure why that happened! [hidden information]

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Bantam Trailer Sunrise, MT $700

• CATEGORIES: trailer

The ad is posted in the Vegas area, but the trailer may be located in Montana.

bantam-trailer-lv-az0 bantam-trailer-lv-az1 bantam-trailer-lv-az2

“Jeep-Willys trailer in fair condition. Bed-box, fenders, tailgate, axle, and trailer tongue.
Currently all apart ready to recondition.
No title, parts bill of sale only.
Call or text for info. 8am-7pm.”

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1959? CJ-3A? White Oak, TX $700


The body appears to be a 3A. I’m not sure why the chassis is being stored upside down? I figured that was just odd enough to post about it.

“Willis jeep for parts. Frame and engine is bad. Yes it has a clear title. Message for info. $700 OBO ”

year-cj3a-tx1 year-cj3a-tx2

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Controlling a Lift From the Dash

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

A few years ago Barry finally solved the riddle of which hydraulic lift offered by Newgren used a dash control. You can read about it here:


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Updates continue to dribble out, so sorry about that.

We are still working steadily on the master bedroom. I am hoping to be finished with the trim by Saturday, but little things keep delaying us (ex: Ann got a flat tire two days ago, which caused me to use up half-a-day getting it changed and fixed). Once that is done, we can redo the TV/study room (which is currently our bedroom). I hope to get all of the phase one interior changes done by the end of Feb. Phase II will be the remodel of the master bathroom (this summer or fall?). Phase III will be a major remodel of the common rooms of the house, but that is probably a year+ away.

I am also busy documenting the various issues with my sister vis-a-vis mom’s estate in case my sister goes through with her recent threat to sue the estate. The crux of the issue is that my sister doesn’t believe the horses, which she inherits and which my parents bought and owned (and she rode, trained and cared for), have any value to the estate and that she should be gifted them free and clear of the estate distributions. Given my parents put six figures into the horses over two decades, and the fact they own them 100%, the horses do indeed have value to the estate and, thus, part of my sister’s inheritance should include some value placed on the horses. Since she knows this means she will get less cash from the estate, she believes this unfair and is very upset about it (even though the current plan is to give her the horses at half the market value to recognize her contribution to their value, but she refuses to have any conversation about this). Ugh!

We are still awaiting a date for Ann’s semi-emergency gallbladder surgery, but our local hospitals are very busy with COVID patients, so we aren’t sure when she can get in. At this pace, it will likely be an emergency procedure at some point!

Perhaps the best news of the year is that I have the shop heater running … oh boy, does it warm up the shop quickly!!!

Vernon asked about the heater. It is propane powered (we have a 1000 gallon tank). It is connected to a thermometer on the wall: :



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Nate Tests “Snowshoe” in the Snow

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Nate got out his camera and his track-enabled CJ-5 named Snowshoe to see how it would do in the snow. He’s suitably impressed.

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Rescuing a 1949 Jeepster

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

Bill shared this TWO-HOUR video of a 1949 Jeepster rescue. I haven’t had time to review it all, but it looks like in pretty good condition and will make a good restore or drive-as-is project.

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Kid’s Jeep in Old Photo

• CATEGORIES: Features, Old Images

Blaine shared this photo that includes this toy jeep. It was included in a thread on pedal cars, but I can’t tell if this is pedal or foot driven. There is no date on the photo.!/


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2 Structo Toy Jeeps Middletown, CT $90/each

• CATEGORIES: Features, toys

Bill shared these two structo kids’ toys for sale.

  1. Red Structo Jeep:
  2. Structo Toy Jeep “Doodle Bug”:
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Unusual Topeka Highway Mower Hortonville, WI $2500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s • TAGS: .

Adam spotted this unusual Topeka Highway Mower. I’m now sure if there are any Willys parts on this model.

“I had this running a few years ago. Ran good for its age.
6 cylinder Ford engine in it. large steel blade on the front. A real great piece. For any buddies collection. You are not gonna come across another one of these very often if at all. good project .”


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Transport Motor Company

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, Old News Articles • TAGS: .

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to export this topic further, but Barry Thomas is doing research into California’s Transport Motor Company, which was the earliest supplier of Willys farm equipment in California. If anyone has more info about the company, Barry of would like to know about it. Comment below or email me at and I’ll connect you.

Transport Motor was already a strong Willys reseller by the time WWII started, so they were were well positioned for post-war sales and service. This ad was published in the October 19, 1941, issue of the Oakland Tribune as part of a larger article:


After the war, the company pushed Willys Jeeps and the associated farm equipment, though it is unclear which specific models/manufacturers of the equipment was being sold, as evidenced by this October 27, 1946, classified ad in the Oakland Tribune:


This article from the March 28, 1947, issue of the Ventura County Star claims that Transport was the first company to make farm equipment especially for the jeep (I would need to see more evidence to believe that):


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M-38A1 Body PA No Price


Jim’s selling this M-38A1 body. Note that the first M-38A1 was produced in 1952.


“I have decided to buy a new Philippine made reproduction body for my U.S.M.C. Military Jeep Project.

So I am selling my Original U.S. made Willys M38A1 or Cj5 Military/ U.S.M.C Jeep body tub as used by the United States Military from 1955 until 1982.

These Jeeps bodies are getting very hard to come by and becoming very collectible, they go for a nice chunk of change when finished.

I am including the flooring patch panels and hat support that I bought intending to fix this tub floor.

Also included are both front fenders, the hood, a M38A1 grill and a M38A1 dashboard all steel parts.

I am also including a steel hardtop and doors made by KOENIG Co. Model 508 use by the military for colder weather aka ( ARTIC CAB ).

All parts for a 1955 – 1972 Military M38A1 or Cj5 body restoration.

Will sell parts separately.
Price is negotiable.
May have other part available.
Will post photos soon.”

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Bantam Jeep Festival June 10-12, 2022

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features

This year’s Bantam Jeep Festival will be taking place June 10-12th.


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1949 Wagon Hartsville, SC $8000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

Sounds like there’s been a lot of work done on this wagon. The ad was shared by Mike.

“1949 Willys Wagon Original 4 cylinder engine, new head, 3 speed w/ overdrive, NEW radiator, NEW gas tank, All new fuel lines front to back, All new brake lines front to back, All new brake shoes, wheel cylinder, master cylinder, brake drums-king pins/bushings, wheel bearings, shocks, etc. Have carb kit, wiring harness, front floor pans, 5 NEW tires, Body is very solid for age”

1949-wagon-sc2 1949-wagon-sc3

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1964 CJ-5 Argillite, KY $6400


Tom shared this one. It’s got some carpet on the floor, so unclear what condition the floor is in.

“64’ keep Willy, $6400 new gas tank runs and drives, don’t actually know the mileage”

1964-cj5-arglite-ky1 1964-cj5-arglite-ky2 1964-cj5-arglite-ky3 1964-cj5-arglite-ky4

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1952 M-38/CJ Cookeville, TN $7500 obo


Tom shared this one. This has a CJ chassis (maybe 1952 CJ-3A?) and an M-38 body.

“1952 Willys Jeep. 4×4, 4 cylinder, 3 speed, plus high and low, runs great, 4×4 works great. Clean Tennessee title $7.5 k or obo. Will also trade for old 70’ to late 80’sToyota Land Cruiser or Maybe a side by side.thank all for looking”

1952-cj3a-m38-cookeville-tn0 1952-cj3a-m38-cookeville-tn1 1952-cj3a-m38-cookeville-tn2 1952-cj3a-m38-cookeville-tn3 1952-cj3a-m38-cookeville-tn4

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1949 CJ-3A Belgrade, MT $11,500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $11,500.

Debbie is selling this nearly completed rebuild of a CJ-3A. It runs and drives, but still needs a few things completed. It has a new body kit.

1949-cj3a-belgrade-mt1 1949-cj3a-belgrade-mt3 1949-cj3a-belgrade-mt4

“My husband inherited this Jeep from his father and was in the process of doing a complete restoration when he passed away suddenly. He was always a meticulous worker and I think the pictures of the frame, engine, drive train, steering and brake assemblies show the quality of work he did. He completed all the mechanical and electrical work.

The engine was rebuilt and I have the receipt from the machine shop. It has a Saginaw steering conversion, a new dual master brake cylinder, and many other new parts which can be seen in the pictures. I have many receipts for the new parts he bought and installed. The body that was on it when he inherited it was very rusty, so he bought and installed a reproduction tub, fenders and rear seat frame. He saved the original serial number plate and body number plate from the firewall of the old body. I have those and they will be included in the sale.

The hood, grill, windshield frame, front seat frames and tailgate are the ones that were on it when he inherited it. I’m sure there’s other work he did that I haven’t mentioned. The picture showing the Jeep running with the headlights on was taken in September 2021. It runs great and just needs paint, upholstery, window glass, etc. to complete the restoration. I’m hoping it will be purchased by someone who enjoys these old Jeeps and will appreciate all of the fine work my husband did. I have a clear Montana title in my name, the VIN on the title matches the serial number on the firewall plate I have. $13,500.00”

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Jeep Customized with Bandsaw

• CATEGORIES: Features, MB

These Facebook photos from Alfano Mucci of Italy show a customized jeep with a bandsaw. The work was done by his father. Pretty cool!

italitan-mb-jeep-bandsaw-1 italitan-mb-jeep-bandsaw-2 italitan-mb-jeep-bandsaw-3


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Body Bars

• CATEGORIES: Body Parts, Features • TAGS: .

Now that I’ve seen two of these repurposed bodies on Facebook, does that mean this is a trend?

Looks like some kind of replacement body:



1943 MB Body:

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Another Sedan-topped Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Sedan-jeep

Roger shared this photo from Facebook showing another example of a sedan hardtop on a jeep (link includes other car-like modes, too). I’ve been amazed at how many different times this was tried (see other examples here).


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More About The Barrel Cars

• CATEGORIES: Features, videos

A few days ago I posted a video about the oil barrel cars in Thailand. Here’s some more info about them thanks to Bill.


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1963 DJ-3A Surrey? Thousand Oaks, CA $3500


This has an updated engine. It doesn’t run. Still, this may be worth a look. The paint/trim numbers seem to confirm the this may have been a Surrey (148 is the body paint color for Tropical Rose/Coral Mist aka “pink”).

1963-dj3a-ventura-cali6 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali7 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali8 1963-dj3a-ventura-cali9

“1 of 1100 made. The VIN tag confirms the pink paint underneath the blue redo makes the Jeep I have a “Surrey” or “Gala” I don’t know the history of the Jeep, I did talk to the PO who had the bucket sets and a Ford V6 Cologne motor from a Pinto put in it. He had no idea what it was. As it sits now it is not running. I have ordered the parts for the ignition including a Duraspark II distributor. I’ve done an oil change and coolant change. I’ve only had the Jeep a month or so and didn’t realize what I was buying. The body is really straight and surprisingly rust free. There are a couple <6″ spots under the passenger seat I found when I pulled up the carpet. It’s registered in CA as an Historical Vehicle. Registration is not current, but the title is in my hand and is clear. The Jeep is currently “not in the system” so there’s no back fees to be paid. Not sure what else to put, I’m new to the Willys game.”

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1948 CJ-2A Phoenix, AZ $8800


Seems worth a look.

“1948 Jeep CJ 2A. Runs good. Bikini top and custom car cover. 4 cylinder. 134”

1948-cj2a-phx-arizon1 1948-cj2a-phx-arizon2 1948-cj2a-phx-arizon3 1948-cj2a-phx-arizon4

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1948 CJ-2A Winnemucca, NV $9000


This has some mods. It also has some rare Cutlas Bulldog hubs.

“1948 cj2a Jeep with a 283 4 speed Muncie”

1948-cj2a-winnemucca-nv1 1948-cj2a-winnemucca-nv2