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1949? CJ-3A? Franklin, OH $10,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,000.  The seller no longer indicates the miles on the speedometer as “original miles”.

(08/01/2022) This looks like a good build, but the reason I am posting it is that, for some reason, it has a serial number tag that places it as a CJ-5 with a V-6 with emissions from around mid-1969 (8305017 360695). So, maybe this is a CJ-3A body on a newer chassis.

“1949 jeep cj-3a runs and rides great absolutely no rust it’s got brand new tires, soft top and is very clean for how old it is has Buick v6 with a manual 3 speed the title says 1970 to make road worthy but you can tell it is way older than that ….This jeep gets all the looks and is a great cruiser!!! Come check it out !!! ”

1949-cj3a-franklin-oh0 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh1 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh2 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh3 1949-cj3a-franklin-oh4

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1984 FC-170 Harrisonburg, VA $3500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

2 different FCs are shown. Not sure if they are both for sale and whether both are included in the $3500 price. No description provided.

year-2-fcs-harrisonburg-va6 year-2-fcs-harrisonburg-va7 year-2-fcs-harrisonburg-va8 year-2-fcs-harrisonburg-va9

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2 FCs Tauton, MA $1000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

There must be some value here.

“2 jeep Cabovers. For parts or restore. $1000 firm for the pair. Delivery available”

2-fcs-tauton-ma1 2-fcs-tauton-ma2

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1947 CJ-2A Forked River, NJ $8490


UPDATE: Still Available.

This was priced much higher, but it is now what appears to be a good price.

“The car is in good condition and have the overdrive”

1947-cj2a-forkedriver-nj6 1947-cj2a-forkedriver-nj7 1947-cj2a-forkedriver-nj8 1947-cj2a-forkedriver-nj9

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1967 CJ-5 Marion, NY $1500


Sure looks like there is value here. I believe that is a Kelly hardtop.

“Project car, no title , not in running condition . As is parts or fix”


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1961 FC-150 China, MI $9500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Needs some engine repairs.

“1961 Jeep FC 150 Very solid Jeep great restoration project or drive it as it is with all the cool patina this was a oil field truck from Oklahoma The Jeep ran and drove Until I pulled the timing cover off because the water pump was leaking needs a new timing cover and gasket There is a 15000 pound Ramsay PTO driven winch in the bed It has lockers And a manual transmission”

1961-fc150-china-mi6 1961-fc150-china-mi7 1961-fc150-china-mi8 1961-fc150-china-mi9

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1958 DJ-3A Loretto, TN $1500


There may be some parts value here, but it lacks an engine and transmission. The body appears to have potential.

“1958 Willis Jeep body and frame. No motor no transmission.”

1958-dj3a-loretto-tn6 1958-dj3a-loretto-tn7 1958-dj3a-loretto-tn8 1958-dj3a-loretto-tn9

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FC Parts Webberville, MI $150


Andy shared this ad. Seems like there is parts value in the f-head.

“FC jeep engine and transmission from 1964 FC Jeep. Drive shafts included. see photo. Ran well when I removed it five years ago. body and frame scraped. Includes trans, apart. Bell housing and flywheel. No carb or generator. Pick up in Webberville Michigan. I can load crate (included)with high low.”


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1941 MB Slat Grille Owensville, IN $15,000


It will need an engine build.

“41 Slat grill MB project. This is has been a running, driving jeep for years. I am selling but have pullet the motor to put in another jeep. The T84 trans has the passenger side fill hole (correct for slat). The current frame is kinda cobbled up, a 2nd slat grill frame with axles & original slat grill is included. Seats are repros with Beechwood Canvas covers, a set of original split-back seats are included. Four 4 1/2″ 90/90 solid wheels and one 4″ 90/90 solid wheel go with. Also included is a chain drive 638632 block that i believe to be an actual slat grill motor (turns free) and 639660c cylinder head. The registration number on the hood is not original, dod tag and frame tag are missing, but the ser# on the title matches the features present on this jeep, I believe it to be the correct ser#. I have estimated the dod to be Dec 19. Clean title in my name. Serious inquiries only please. Located in SW Indiana, delivery available for a fee.”

1941-slat-mb-owensville-in4 1941-slat-mb-owensville-in5 1941-slat-mb-owensville-in6 1941-slat-mb-owensville-in7 Continue reading

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1948 CJ-2A Flintsone, GA $2500


Unclear if the extra parts are included; he may just be selling them separately. I’m also not sure which jeep is the 48.

“1948 Willis Cj2A · Convertible · Driven 1,234 miles Several Cj2A ,MB, and M38 parts. Message me as to what you are looking for. No trades please”

1948-cj2as-flintstone-ga7 1948-cj2as-flintstone-ga8 1948-cj2as-flintstone-ga9

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1957? CJ-3B Anderson, IN $1800


Given the small gauges, this is likely a 56 or earlier. The body is pretty rusty.

“Old williys trades welcome”

1957-cj3b-anderson-in6 1957-cj3b-anderson-in7 1957-cj3b-anderson-in8 1957-cj3b-anderson-in9

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1947 CJ-2A Bridgman, MI $1800


This one has an unusual radiator setup. Just better hope that radiator cap doesn’t explode off the radiator.

“1947 post ww2 jeep. Original tailgate, roll cage, cj3 tub. 283 Chevy engine with points. Comes with electronic distributor kit to be put on engine.”

1947-cj2a-michigan6 1947-cj2a-michigan7 1947-cj2a-michigan8 1947-cj2a-michigan9

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1948 CJ-2A Waukesha, WI $3650


UPDATE: Price dropped to $3650.

(05/09/2023) This has an unusual top.

“1948 jeep willys runs and drives Inline 4 Cylinder gas 3 speed stick plow works, chains on tires Overheat issue gets a little hot and steamy”

1948-cj2-wauk-wi8 1948-cj2-wauk-wi9

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Koenig Hardtop Doors Kalispell, MT $150

• CATEGORIES: Parts • TAGS: , .

These appear to be from an early Koenig hardtop.

“Came off a cj2a”


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1947 CJ-2A Chickamauga, GA $2200


This needs a total restore.

“1948 CJ2A. Very strait original body and fenders. WILL NEED TOTAL RESTORATION. Typical rust in floors. Not running. Engine and transmission are stuck. Come see it at Quarter Ton and Military in Chickamauga! $2200 no title, but can provide bill of sale.”

1948-cj2a-chickamauga-ga96 1948-cj2a-chickamauga-ga97 1948-cj2a-chickamauga-ga98 1948-cj2a-chickamauga-ga99

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Year? FC-150 Chassis Bellingham, WA $600

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/02/2023) Narrow track chassis? Maybe someone can use it.

“COE Jeep. Forward Control. Similar to CJ5. 60s?”

year-fc150-b-wash7 year-fc150-b-wash8 year-fc150-b-wash9

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John’s Completed His 1955 USAF M-38A1 Build

• CATEGORIES: Builds, M-38A1

John’s complete the build of a 1955 M-38A1 USAF. Looks well done!

My 1955 M38A1 is finished.
I bought it in late 2021 and has Dave Arnold (the area’s leading MV guy) go over it.
It had recently had an engine rebuild, so it was just the usual stuff as well as all new seals, radiator and wiring harness.

Wanting seatbelts, I wanted something period correct, so I used aircraft seat belts like the motor pool could have gotten from base supply. They were reconditioned by an aircraft supply store.
I also got an orange/white “flightline flag”, that vehicles had to display back then. The holder used an existing hole. Finally, there is a decal on the dash explained the control tower traffic signals; back then they used a light gun in place of a radio.

The power plug is operational and I bought a slave cable that is compare with airplanes (today’s planes use the same 24v plug). So when I’m at the airport, I could jumpstart aircraft.

Lacking a hood number, I put it in USAF Markings and made it from Larson AFB (Moses Lake, WA), and my dad’s unit circa ’55-57…the
62nd Troop Carrier Wing. I was born at Larson a couple of weeks before the Jeep was built.

The current Hood number is, in AF style:
55 (year contracted for),
K (Military vehicle, General Purpose),
82551 (Willys serial).

The paint is the PPG formula, (I fixed test shots of the other two and This looked best). Growing up in AF based and spending 20 years in myself, I knew what looked correct to me.
Since gloss finish shows body issues, I had some minor bodywork and final paint done by a pro body guy.
When our purchased, it was straight (except the back panel was pushed in a bit from a backing accident…we straightened it, but most of the damage was covered by the spare tire) with no rust except in the fuel tank well.”

IMG_20230527_145538_hdr_kindlephoto-3019713 IMG_20230527_145554_hdr IMG_20230527_145617_hdr_kindlephoto-2953202 IMG_20230527_145644_hdr_kindlephoto-2899671 IMG_20230527_145711_hdr

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1983 DJ-5 Anderson, IN $3500


A different take on a mail-looking jeep. Thanks to Roger Martin for sharing it.

“Posting my running and driving 83 right hand drive postal jeep. Only selling to make more room in the garage. Jeep is not restored but does run and drive. Has bigger rims and tires. automatic transmission with the Chrysler 2.5L motor. All lights work. Headlights are out of 2017 jeep wrangler. Shoot cash or trade offers. thank for looking”

1983-dj5-anderson-in5 1983-dj5-anderson-in6 1983-dj5-anderson-in7 1983-dj5-anderson-in8 1983-dj5-anderson-in9

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1953 CJ-3B Arvada, CO $7000


Seems worth a look.

“6 Volt System Dual Battery System 3 Speed Manual Trans 4 Cylinder 4×4 Rear Locker New Clutch Assembly 2019 Fair Tires Bikini Top Snow Plow Tire Chain 2-5 Gallon Jerry Cans Spare Tire 6v LED Headlights Seats Re-Apolstered 2013 Speedometer Snowplow PTO Winch New Heatercore 2021 Dual Batteries Good glass all around It is a good snowplowing SoB!! CASH ONLY!!!!”

1953-cj3b-arvada-colo6 1953-cj3b-arvada-colo7 1953-cj3b-arvada-colo8 1953-cj3b-arvada-colo9HHalf-

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1946 CJ-2A Spring Creek, NV $6000


I’m guessing the seller means “rebuilt T-90 transmission”?

“1946 Willys CJ2A see photos, and recent work in listing. Comes with extra rebuilt T95 transmission, transfer case, new soft top and Goodyear Wranglers.”

1946-cj2a-springcreek-nev6 1946-cj2a-springcreek-nev7 1946-cj2a-springcreek-nev8 1946-cj2a-springcreek-nev9

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1972 CJ-5 Jackson, MI $500


This includes a full Meyer hardtop.

“Military Jeep Project New front fenders & Windshield Frame Hard top with steel doors Does not run Have clean title”

1972-cj5-jackson-mi8 1972-cj5-jackson-mi9

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1952 M-38A1 Lake Forest Park, WA $7000


Lots of work looks completed.

1952-m38a1-lfp-wa7 1952-m38a1-lfp-wa8 1952-m38a1-lfp-wa9

“1952 Willys M38A1 project for sale. I have lost steam; it hasn’t been touched for several years so time to move on. The vehicle is not currently running but everything you see on the vehicle has been restored or replaced. Primary tasks left: – radiator and cooling system – fuel system – all electrical – front seats Included in the sale is only what is shown in the pictures. – Everything currently attached to jeep. – hood and fenders are included and are fully restored. – front seat frames are included but not yet restored – radiator is included but not yet restored – rollbar is included – spare tire (not pictured) included and restored – canvas top (not pictured) is usable. No other parts are included. Some surface rust starting to work its way back on the frame and the body. The engine was rebuilt many years ago but I haven’t gotten around to starting it (electrical and cooling not yet completed). Only significant modification I can think of is that it has been converted from 24 volt to a 12 volt system. Has many of the fording kit components installed. Have title in my name. Have collector plates for the jeep so no more annual registration. Price is $7,000 firm.”

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1957 CJ-5 Atlanta, GA $10,500


Tom shared this refurbed CJ-5 with a Kubota swap.

“1957 WILLYS The engine has been replaced with a Kubota V2203 40hp at 2800 3 speeds manual 4 wheel drive runs and drives . Bill of sale. May consider a trade. $15.000 Invested . No scammers or low ballers.”

1957-cj5-atlanta-ga7 1957-cj5-atlanta-ga8 1957-cj5-atlanta-ga9

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1978 DJ-5G Greeley, CO $1600


Hard to find a postal-looking jeep at this price anymore.

“1978 dj5g postal delivery jeep Project jeep for sale. Motor will fire up if jumped. Everything’s there and this guy could be driving around town or plowing your drive way with little work. Right hand drive New spark plugs, alternator, ignition Definitely needs a battery and a windshield She’s old and rusty but full of character definitely a head turner Must tow or trailer away Located in Greeley $1600 OBO that’s less than I’ve got in it”

1978-dj5g-greeley-co8 1978-dj5g-greeley-co9

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Year? Mighty Mite Fort Collins, CO $5500

• CATEGORIES: Mighty Mites

I suspect this doesn’t run.

“Military mighty mite Jeep. Not sure on the year but should be early 60s. All aluminum body with air cooled V-4. Only 1,700 lbs. Would make a very cool restoration”

year-mighty-mite-fc-co5 year-mighty-mite-fc-co6 year-mighty-mite-fc-co8 year-mighty-mite-fc-co9