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2 CJ-5s Knox, NY $600


I think this probably scrap .. but you never know

“2-Early 60’s Willys Jeeps $600. Both are currently not running. Bodies almost completely gone, see pictures below.

One was last running two years ago, it was used to level off a yard area. When the brake lines broke, it was parked, it still turns over but does not start. It has a plow with hydraulic lift only, it worked when it was put away. No battery.

The second Jeep was gotten for parts years ago, at the time I was told the head gasket was bad, I never checked.
I believe the drive train on both is complete.

No paper work, neither have been registered for over 20 years.

I’m selling them for $600 firm, because I will get just over that for scrap. If no sale is made they are going to the port.”

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1964 CJ-5 Chandler, TZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500

Here’s a later model CJ-5 with a rear PTO. This looks like a good price!

“1964 jeep has 4-cylinder motor jeep runs and drives but does need brakes. has rare pto hook up at the back of the jeep.”

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1948 CJ-2A Mason, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000

(05/29/2011) This appears solid, but unclear why the seller has only driven it two miles.

“1948 jeep cj2a recent restoration driven 2 miles since completed original 4cyl 3 spd 4 wheel drive also have aluminum half top
might trade for bass boat of equal or less value plus cash please leave your phone # with e-mail response”

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MB/GPW Parts Stockton, Ca $600


Dexter is selling some parts.

“To summarize . . .

– Willys MB with body number 124358
– GPW271051 motor
– Gauges
– Torque reaction spring
– Motor has about a 3 inch crack right above the distributor (see photo)
– No data plates on either the frame or glovebox
– Spicer T-18 transfer case
– T90 transmission
– Tubular Crossmember cracked at the passenger-side front shock (see photo)

What you see is what you get. If interested, $600 firm.”

See all the parts here:

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1946 CJ-2A Corry, Pa $7900


No pics provided.


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3 Jeeps Exeter, NH *SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500/each

Only one of the jeeps is pictured.

“The one in the pic is a kaiser jeep, there are 2 more willys in the same shape.didnt want to scrap without trying tolist first. let me know if you want them 500$ a piece”

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1948 CJ-2A Parkland, Wa $2800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2800

(06/15/2011) “1948 willys jeep with 1966 327, 275hp. got it running a week ago, just needed a new fuel pump and new battery cables. Has a new high performance starter, spark plugs and wires. it is a good trail willys and not bad for around the town, clean title and street legal. 3 speed tranny keeps the top speed down. Has a fluid leak underneath, not sure what it is yet. $2800 email or call steve at 253-651-3477.”

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1949 Crosley Farm-O-Road Denver, Co $8000

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(05/05/2011) Josh spotted this unusual vehicle.  This doesn’t look like a Crosley.  It’s possible it is the ‘other’ prototype.  I’ve never seen another vehicle quite like this one, except for the bobcat prototype. I contacted the folks at Crosley for more info.

“1949 Crosley Farm-O-Road Jeep
Rebuilt 3 Speed Transmission
Good Motor, Extra Carburator
Fold down Window
Willing to work with you.
Mark 720-620-7350”

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1947 CJ-2A Concord, NH $3750


UPDATE:  Priced bumped to $3500

(04/24/2011) Still needs some work.

“old jeep that was someones project. has new(rebuilt) engine and all of the running gear was gone thru and done. body was of,frame was painted, wheels are after market. runs new, but needs wiring for light, horn, etc. wheelwell was cut so that drivers seat could be moved bac 3 inches. needs glass. not fancy but a nice rig for fishing or whatever.”

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Paddle Tires and the Art of Introspection

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My mother tells me the month of July in Seattle is on pace to be one of the coolest on record. Fortunately, I didn’t move here for the heat!  And as I took a relaxing walk this morning (sunday) dodging tourists through bustling Pike Place Market, with new female friend in tow, to the Seattle Art Museum in the drizzle that defines Seattle, I rather relished it.  I relished the cool rainy July day, weather I ran away from back in June of 1992 as fast as the moving van would travel on a journey that seems otherworldly at this point.

So, 19 years later, here I was walking only a few blocks from the very spot from which I moved, an apartment at the base of Queen Anne hill in downtown.  As I walked down 1st Ave towards the SAM, I realized I’m older, yes;  I’m grayer, slighly; I’m richer, financially no, experientially yes; I’m wiser, maybe; more introspective, absolutely! I sold my jeep to finance the move so long ago and arrived back with a nicer one; maybe that was worth the entire adventure?

I guess I can’t help but be introspective at this time.  A heady move followed by a delightful time with my kids, which after their summer stays, I’m always simultaneously proud at who they have become and disappointed that their time with me is up for another summer.

And, of course, there was the added element of my father, whose dignity we fight to preserve as time weighs heavily on his formerly stout constitution.  The truth is dad is a little south of odd for the kids to recognize, as they really did not know him the way I did. I wanted to show the kids he is facing his mortality head on, despite infirmities and incontinence, and fighting for his end goal, to live to the age of 80.  Will he make it?  If he has any say about it, he will.

During all these events eWillys has suffered a bit, as time demands bit into my updates. Whenever that happens, I wonder if I have run out of time and energy to keep running the site.  And it always seems that when I start feeling that way, when I think there are better things (money making things) I could do with my time, some far flung reader I have never heard from sends me an email.  In this case, the reader’s name was Joe who hails from the Nashville area.

He writes, “Ewillys has refueled my passion for old flatfenders. I never knew much about them growing up, other than I wanted one and they were cool as all get out in all the old black and white war movies. I have wanted one ever since I was a kid. Two years ago I finally got a 46 cj2a. I traded a Harley for it, straight up. Figured both were about 3000.

I put 2000 miles on it in the first year and I am currently replacing the motor and catching up on some long over due maintenance. I will send a pic or two.  I took my mom for a ride in it last winter through the snow and it was 21 degrees out side, no heater. I have created a monster of her now. This past November she called me and told me that she wanted an “old” jeep. I figured a cj5 or 7 so she could get around, go fishing, and wat knot. She said “I want one like yours!” She wanted a flatty! After searching all over the craigslist and ewillys we finally found her a beautiful 48 cj3a in GA. She drives it everywhere! I will send you pics of it as well. Now my son is 5 and I have created a jeep nut of him as well.

I bought a parts 2a and it ended up having a title. So my son and I have tinkered with it and after getting his little hands greasy he’s hooked. He can see the corner of a hood behind something and he will shout, “JEEP DADDY!” He is also convinced that they don’t make “real” jeeps anymore and he loves cj’s. We plan on building from the ground up(with a lot of help) the parts 2a into a daily driver. When he turns 16 I am going to sign it over to him.

My father and I never had a project like this and its been great and created an even larger bond with my son. He will sit with me in the recliner and look through eWillys and give me full commentary on all the jeeps. My father is now retired and has run out of projects around his house……until now. We have dissasembled my 2a and replaced the motor and are working on the body. My family is now 3 generations deep in jeep and I hope it continues. So a BIG THANK YOU for ewillys! I hope there is many more years of it.”

I shared that letter with my kids and they thought it was pretty cool.  So did mom.  She wonders less and less why spend time on the site.  A few letters like that and she is a 100% backer.

Karson, my oldest, also informed me near the end of his stay that he’d like to have a jeep to drive around here.  With the perfect warm weather we had at the beginning of the month coupled with the hills and valleys of Renton’s East Hill, he finally got it.  He understood why I thought it was so fun to drive a jeep around here, even on the roads.

To be honest, it was funner to drive here than in Boise.  I was having a blast driving the kids on the roads I had grown up driving.  While driving,  I tortured my kids and their cousins with the history of my old jeep and where I had driven around the area.  “Oh, here is where I did such and such” and “this is where I got stuck” and even the rolling of their eyes at the sound of my history-lesson voice did little to dissuade my lesson. I was having too much fun.

So after all of this introspection, with the kids gone and my life sort of re-orienting to normal, with Joe’s passionate call for another few years of eWillys, updates will commence on a more regular schedule starting tomorrow.

Well, at least until early September when I hope to get to New York to spend one to two weeks doing research in NYC and Yale on a family project.  I will finalize that schedule this week, which will include several jeep specific stops that I know will interest readers.

Until tomorrow’s updates, I am happy to report, for the record, that four paddle tires will fit inside a BMW 540i.  Matt, who specializes in early Dana axles rebuilds (if you are near the Boise area and need axle or drive train work done, drop me a note; Matt has about 18 years of drive train experience.) sold me this set at a great price.  Since I only need two, if anyone has an interest in the other two, drop me a note.  The tires will hold air, but they really should have some inner tubes put into them.  Thanks Matt!

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My Newish Kayline Top!

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Good news, for the next two days you can admire my new top!  That’s because I will probably not do any updates until then.  I had hope to get some updates out, but it has gotten to late and I have to get up early for a very long drive to Boise and back tomorrow.

It is a Kayline canvas — yes not vinyl — top that I bought for $200!!!  It is in beautiful condition, having sat unused for nearly 10 years. I am very pleased.  I bought it from Daryl, who is a full time firefighter and part time jeep nut in the Bonney Lake area of Washington and whom repairs flatties.  If you need any work done and are near him, let me know and I will forward his number to you.

He was also kind enough to give me and my son Karson a tour of his jeep collection, which includes a recently purchased FC-170 and a jeep truck converted to a tow truck.  So I want to send a big thanks to him!

Here is the top draped on the jeep. Of course, the rear seat and spare tire unbolts and will be removed when the top is mounted; I have an alternative mounting bracket to mount the spare inside the back area when a top is installed.  I am pleased that the contrast in colors doesn’t look too bad (he was selling it cheap because few people want that color).

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Mail Jeep JeepRod

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I spotted this on the internet.  I don’t know whose it is or where it is located.

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1946 CJ-2A Goshen, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200

This looks solid.

“Hello i have for sale a 1946 willys jeep cj2a 4 cyl flathead very rare three speed on the coulmn almost new top & doors from best top m38 military windshield 6 volt system this jeep runs and drives very good for a 65 year old jeep”

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1946 CJ-2A Bay City, Tx $4000


I haven’t seen a Texas hunting jeep in a while.

“1946 williys runs like new everything works”

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1953 CJ-3A Butte, MT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2800

This has a few interesting mods, including the front fender changes.

“Very nice Willy’s Jeep. Ran well when parked more than a year ago. Has front mounted snow blade. Has chains, but could use new tires. Interior seats are in good condition”

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1955 CJ-3B Warren, AR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a project, but there is some value.  It has a PTO. Has a Kelly hardtop.

“I dont know much about willys jeeps , the man I got it from said everything works like it should . It started smoking and he took the head off the engine and lost interest in fixing it . It has been about 2 months since it has been cranked and when he tore the engine down . The jeep is very clean for its age and has a hard top with doors . All the glass is good and unbroken except for the windshield , which has a large crack down the center of it. The tires look to be very new and excellent shape with very deep lugs on the thread. It has a tow bar on the front end and a bumper with place to put a trailer ball on the rear . Would make a excellent hunting jeep or a great restoration peice . I am unsure of the exact year model , I was told it is a cilivian jeep not a military jeep. Has high and low range transfer-case and four wheel drive . Does have some rust , mainly the drivers floor board next to the door . It is painted camo all over with leave print on it . Jeep is for sale as-is , where-is , and I am not promising anything . I have described it to the best of my knowledge . It has warn lock-in lock-out hubs . The exhaust system looks to be recently replaced . The doors , back hatch and tail-gate open and shut as they should . Has seats that flip up in the middle to access the back . No rear seat . All parts to the engine are inside the Jeep , including the carburator .”

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1957 CJ-5 Decorah, Ia $1500


I think I seem some bubbling paint along the front fender edge, but this still might not be that bad of price.

“1957 Jeep Willis, O.H.V., 4 cyl. 3 speed, Lock Outs, $1500.00 OBO”

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1963 DJ-3A Kenton, Mi $3000


Compared to the one below, this doesn’t look like much of a deal.

“1963 Willys 2 wheel drive Jeep. 13″ four lug wheels. Low mileage, less than 3,000 miles? Runs. Some spare parts. Painted military. Call 906-472-2532. Located near Kenton, MI”

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1966 DJ-3A Thackerville, Tx $3000


Wow.  This is a fun looking DJ-3A!  The price looks pretty good too.

“1966 Flat Fender Willy’s Jeep 2wd Good condition and super fun to ride around in and have fun!!”

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1962 FC-170 Albuquerque, NM eBay

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Only one pic and no description.

“FC 170 long bed, restored. CASH or bank check(after cleared).”

View all the info on eBay

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1954 CJ-3B Saint Marys, Pa eBay


This looks like a nice, well cared for rig.

“I owned this Willys for 38 years and have kept it up  but have not ran it for sometime. I  put it in storage.but now am ready to sell. The color of the New Omix-ADA Body Kit was painted Ford Fire Red Pearl Metalic Base Coat ,Clear Coat ,Put together with lots of Stainless Steel bolts as well as Stainless Steel Front and Rear Bumpers,New Chrome Wheels with New 31x 10.50 Tires,There is a Reverse shackle Kit on Front along with Power Steering,It has Classic license plates, It is powered with a 225 Dauntless V6 Engine that runs well,It has the 2 lever transfer case that I had the machine shop build to bolt on to the T14 transmission.There is no front drive shaft. I never needed one because I ran it in the summer on dry days only, Never saw any dirt or mud roads.The Horn dosen”t work and the transmission pops out of reverse. I  have a used replacement T14 Transmission for it just never had it checked and put in. The milage on the spedometer reads 85558 but this is an orignal replacement I bought off ebay.Even though this Willys is in great shape for the year. It is Sold as is. No shipping must be picked up.If you are the Lucky winner please put $500.00 in my Pay Pal  3 days of auction end, Bring the rest when you pick up. Thank you for looking at my auction.”

View all the info on eBay

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1942 MB? Fort Smith, Ar $600


No pics.

“I have a 1942 jeep im trying to sell as far as i know all it needs a gas tank a battery a cluch cable a paint job and glass for the windsheild i was gonna fix it up for my wife but dont have the time it does not have a title its basicly just something 2 play around in im asking $600 obo if you have any questions jus call me at one4seven9eight3one9nine0six my name is russel”

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1947 CJ-2A Powell, Wy **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $1325. **SOLD**

This runs, but needs a little help starting.  I think it looks like a great price.  I loved the seller’s explanation regarding the procedure to start it.

“For sale 1947 Willys CJ-2A Jeep. Bought the Jeep with big plans for an off-roader but time and other projects won over. I’d rather sell it to someone that has the time than park it in the weeds. Great for somebody looking for a simple no-frills Jeep.”

It runs and drives but needs a little TLC.

Under the hood: P.O. replaced the motor with a 2.0L SOHC Ford motor out of a ’74 Mercury Capri with bellhousing adapter. Original Motorcraft carb. for this motor. New aftermarket air cleaner installed to replace the monsterous Ford air cleaner assembly in small Jeep. Motor runs great once started but the Jeep had been parked for years so I think the carb needs rebuilt because the only way I could get it to run was by ditching the hot-water choke assembly and running a manual choke with choke plate fully closed all the time. This of course causes the carb to load up a bit so it will continue to run for 3-5 seconds after the key is shut off until it uses up the fuel in the carb. Due to motor length a manually-switched electric fan was installed on the stock Jeep radiator. P.O. put a Delco alternator on it but wired it for single wire (race car style), if I were to keep the Jeep I’d rewire correctly (3-4 wire) so the internal voltage regulator can properly sense charging needs. New starter, new cables, new battery with disconnect switch. One note on the carb is that the Ford carb uses a “puller” style throttle pedal/cable while the Jeep originally used pushrods. I scavenged a puller pedal & cable out of a Hyundai and mounted under the dash because it had no pedal when I got it. It is there but could use some finesse to make it more comfortable for driver.

Rest of drivetrain: completely stock with Willys 3 speed stick tranny, 2-lever transfer case. Only issue I noted with drivetrain is that the front drive shaft slip joint has some play in it and could use some work. Everything including 4 wheel drive works.

Brakes: New brake master cylinder, works good. Only service brake issue is that the line to the drivers’ side rear wheel was cut off and crimped at some point in the last 64 years so it only has 3 wheel braking. Stops fine. Parking brake lever is on the dash but not connected, these Jeeps used a transfer case brake…don’t know what besides cable is needed to fix it.

Steering: Stock…like every other Willys it requires some “herding”

Electrical: 95% of electrical is new. All lights work but not stock. LED tail lights on rear, standard “truck” marker lights put in front grille housing. Have the original front & rear light housings, some lenses if you want. New fuel tank sending unit and 12v gauge from Kaiser Willys. Oil pressure gage works. Speedometer works (but bounces a little). Water temp gauge does not register but if you test the gauge and sending unit you get good voltage/reading and wires ohm good (not sure why it doesn’t work). Have new standard voltmeter to install (might get it in if I have time). Installed small fuse box under dash for some protection as there was nothing when I got it. No turn signals, use your hands just like when it rolled of the assembly line.

Suspension: Stock (ish) Needs some help. This Jeep is a “rarer” Willys nicknamed a “leftie” because due to a short-lived law in some states the spare tire was mounted on the driver’s side instead of the passenger side like most CJ-2As you see. Hanging the tire off the driver’s side, combined with driver weight produces a significant “Willys-Lean” after 64 years as the suspension sags on the drivers side. Front drivers leaf spring had been changed to a heavier duty at some point long ago to correct but it still leans. I think swapping springs left to right would help but haven’t got there. Someone lengthed the spring shackles to give the Jeep a little more lift for engine clearance. Suspension doesn’t look pretty but still works.

Exhaust: Needed from manifold back…only has small straight pipe (loud)

Seats: original with some padding and cheap seat covers added. No rear seat.

Windshield is good with no cracks.

Body isn’t great. Does have some rust and body filler and amateur bodywork throughout. Needs paint. Is missing the horizontal “steps” that attach to the rear of the front fenders. Someone cut the firewall to make room for the Ford engine…since the Jeep has no top it is nothing to worry about but I would fabricate patch panels to keep heat/fumes out if I were to put a top on it.

Tires are old, little tread…basically covers for the inner-tubes but I’ve run it around with no problems.

Comes with home built tow bar for 2″ ball…not pretty but works good

Clear Wyoming title.

Odomoter reads 64883, but who knows if it is original

Asking $1325.00. Call 307-two-five-four-1716

If you are interested, call to see it, bring cash or be prepared to wait until the check clears the bank and bring a 2″ ball so you can tow it home.

Will not ship vehicle, no electronic funds transfers, no scams.

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1947 CJ-2A Belding, Mi **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $700.

This is a project. However, the body looks pretty good.

“47 willys 4wd jeep (no motor) was bolted to a ford 302 has borg warner T-90A1 3 speed manual tranny- Dana spicer 18 twin stick gear driven transfer case- Dana 25 front axel- Dana 41 rear axel, crawl ratio is 38.8:1 chassis is in great shape tub is fair for the year, larger tires. for $50 more i will throw in an extra front axel with leaf springs. (roll bar not included)”

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1954 M-38A1 Manchester, Wi $1500


Still runs.

“1954 Willys Jeep 4×4. Runs and drives good. It is in very good condition for it’s age. Alot of fun. 1-920-296-9012”