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2008 PNW4DA Racing

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I was searching to see if anyone posted videos from the PNW4WDA 2009 Convention, but haven’t seen any yet.  I did find this nicely organized collection of racing images from 2008 that I hadn’t seen.  So, I thought I’d share them.  Note the audio has been disabled.  I have to wonder exactly how they track down audio like that given the millions of videos uploaded vs. the relatively low number of hits on this video.

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Tail Light King: Willys & Jeep Section

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I was looking for some Willys Jeep script ran across the Tail Light King Website accidently.  I don’t think I mentioned it last time, but the has Willys & Jeep lights as well.


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Playing with different technologies


As you probably noticed, I’ve been testing out some different technologies, like the javascript slider on the front page.   Unfortunately, the menus don’t roll over it, so that’s not going to work.  I’ll be mucking with this stuff the next few days, so bear with me.

I’ve also noticed that there’s a number of issues with IE-6 with this design (drop down menu problems and sidebar issues for starters), so I may do a total redesign over labor day weekend.

It’s true that I could use a development site, but what fun would that be.

– Dave

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1949 CJ-3A Greensboro, NC **SOLD**


1949_cj3a_greensboroUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

The price on this project will drop.  This could also be a rare ’49 CJ-2A.

“1949 Jeep Willys fame and body. Excellent project vehicle. No transmission or engine”

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Diamond Plating Question

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Several of our finest in Blue from Arizona read ewillys daily.  One of the readers asked about diamond plating for old flatties.  I can’t say I was much help, but maybe some of you have a suggestion?

Here is what I wrote:

It appears Warrior Products ( is the only company making them still (that I can find).  Most of the links below are the same product sold at different prices.

Here’s some options for side plates: $115 (for cj3a …  cj3b not mentioned)
BEST PRICE:|9288;folder|5701

Here are corner options for corner plates:|9269;folder|5709

Used Jeep Junkyards (maybe they have some): (Wylie, Tx) (Antelope, CA) (Englewood, CO) (Kingston NY)

Working with Diamond Plating:

How to Polish Aluminum Diamond Plating (Something I didn’t know)

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Mail Jeep WW II Replica McDonough, Ga **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

“The “outside photos” shown are before the stenciling was done. Also, most of the undercarriage has been painted OD green to match the rest of the vehicle. I have for sale a 1974 RIGHT HAND DRIVE Jeep DJ5C which has been chopped and transformed into a WWII replica. It is probably 75% complete. The wiring harness has been ripped out and needs replaced. It was running INCREDIBLY strong just three months ago when the wiring was removed….”


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1956 DJ-3A Patterson, Ca $4500


1956_dj3a_pattersonI’d like some better pics of this.  I don’t think the pics do this justice.


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1945 GPW Norwood, Co **SOLD**


**SOLD**  Was listed for $500

“No title, not presently running. Motor turns over with starter. Ran good and 4 wheel drive worked about 8 years ago. Brakes weren’t working at that time. I sold it and it sat around since then. I got it back and tried to start it but was unsuccessful. It no longer has a rear drive line or air cleaner. If you have either of those parts you’d like to sell, let’s talk. Hope to add pictures to ad tomorrow.

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1942 MB Concord, Ca **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $1500. **SOLD**

This is rough.  It does include some early manuals as well.

“must be able to tow. needs quite a bit of work. have all the original papers, and pink slip. doesnt run. wouldn’t take much work to make it run. I’m asking 1,500 obo”


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Lots of jeeps for sale


I’ve posted a number of jeeps tonight.  I still have 12 more to post, but I’m going to bed.  I’ll get them up in the AM.

– Dave

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Willys Jeep Toy Redmond, Wa $45


willys_jeep_toyI never had one of these growing up.

“Antique toy jeep. Approximate age 70 yrs. Original paint. Right tip of front bumper missing/broken off. Pop-up windshield missing. 10.25″ Long X 5.50″ Wide X 3.50″ High.”

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1953 CJ-3B Yakima, WA **SOLD**


1953_cj3b_yakima2UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6900.

This looks like a nice CJ-3B, but the pics aren’t too close up.

“1953 CJ3B High Hood in great shape. Has 302 Ford engine that runs good. Check out the photos and that pretty well shows the condition this rig is in. 3Bs in good condition are getting tough to find.”

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1947 CJ-2A Saskatoon, SK, Canada eBay


Here’s a nice looking CJ-2A for our Canadian Readers.  My webserver says you exist 🙂

“This Jeep runs good. Has PTO and Governor. Call me at 306 241 4608 for more information. Local Pickup.”

View all the pics on eBay


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1946 VEC CJ-2A Buford, Ga $2800


UPDATE: Was $2800. **SOLD**

“1946 Willys Jeep, vin#cj2a5390, One of the first Civilian jeeps produced in 1945, built in willy’s Overland Jeep Plant on Willys Parkway in Toledo Ohio. The production of the CJ-2A for 1946 was71,554. This Jeep has been one owner since 1950. It runs very good, transmission shifts great, 4 wheel drive works great. pictures show body wear, Serious inquires, Willys collectors will be very interested.”


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1942 MB East Bay, Ca $1000


1942_mb_eastbayHere’s a fixer upper.  It looks like it has a roll cage from either a CJ-5 or CJ-3B.

“I have a 1942 Willy’s jeep. The body has no dent, it has rust, and has been sitting for years. It’s a real “fix me upper”.. Everything is attached except it lacks a gas tank. I have the title and pink slip to it as well, along with all the original paper work. I also have the data plates for this vehicle. This would be an excellent project for someone with the time and money to restore it.”

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A buyer looking for a ’42 – ’46 MB – Ohio


Here’s a potential buyer:

“I am looking for a Willys MB 42- 46 mod. It might be a restoration project, or if the price is good an already restored jeep will be considered. Please send me an e-mail, and I will contact you.”

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1947 CJ-2A Grand Coulee, Wa $1000

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1947_cj2a_grandcouleeUPDATE:  Price dropped to $850.  I assume the unusual windshield is due to the hard top.

Here’s a jeep with an unusual top. and it appears to be a lefty, though the tire is mounted pretty high.

“Project i never had time for, nearly complete except for a few parts that were taken by midnight shoppers. starter air cleaner,carb missing.”

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1947 CJ-2A Tomball, Tx $1600


1947_cj2a_tombalaIt may run, but it’s not street legal and need some work.

It is a 1947 Willys Jeep runs no title see pictures, carb rebuilt and gas tank re done all original body parts. Asking $1,600.00 cash e mail me @ ”

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1946 CJ-2A Wilmington, NC eBay


UPDATE:  Back on eBay

I don’t understand why this has a working siren?  The seller seems very excited about this as if it was an original feature?  The seller also includes a long list of the items that have been repaired and replaced.

1946 Willys Jeep CJ-2A – The jeep has ORIGINAL body, except for 12-volt system and Complete 1″ Body Lift —-INCLUDES SIREN INTACT and WORKING!!—– ….”

View all the pics on eBay


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1963 CJ-3B Berkshire County, Ma **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**

Ed sent me the link to his ebay listing and I’m glad he did.  “Woodchuck” is a rare beauty!

“Purchased by Dorothy Owens for her summer camp in Wardsboro, Vermont on June 26, 1963 from Willys Jeep dealer E.J. Roberts & Son, Inc. of Jacksonville, Vermont (see sale receipt image below), this historic 1963 CJ3B is as close to true showroom original stock condition as likely almost any vintage Jeep existing. “Woodchuck”, as the 3B is now affectionately known, has been extensively documented, photographed and published (more on that below). Woodchuck, with only 9400 miles (continuously garaged since new and never driven in winter), is in its original Treebark Brown Poly paint (paint code 231) and original green upholstery (trim code 208) on the seats and tailgate chains.”



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1954 CJ-3B Bayview, Id $2500


1954_cj3b_bayviewIt’s got a fullcage and newly built engine.  It looks like it might be a good price depending on the work that is needed.

“1954 Willy’s jeep,4×4,less then 1000 miles on new 302 ford engine,full roll cage,needs some work, run’s good. $2500 or best offer”

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Builds: Jim is at it again with the CJ-3A

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UPDATE: Here’s the ebay listing.

Here’s another great, efficient makeover by Boswell International (catchy, isn’t it?).  Jim ought to have this on ebay in the next couple of days.


miscstuff 003





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Builds: Dan updates us on his Grandfather’s Jeep

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This is a continuing series on Dan’s efforts to rebuild his Grandfather’s jeep. Here’s the previous post. [Editor’s note – that looks like a steal at $100.  Running and complete!]

Dan writes, “Sometime in the 1960’s my grandfather’s friend purchased a new Jeep and immediately swapped out the little four banger for a V8. My grandfather bought the new (at the time) 134 F head from his friend and installed it in his own 1955 CJ5 replacing the tired original 134. Over the years this second engine was rebuilt three or four times.

V6-2At one point in time my grandfather had a V6 of some kind sitting in the garage that was supposed to go into the Jeep. Unfortunately when he made the move from Colorado to Washington State, the V6 was left behind.

Today I just came home with an engine for the old CJ5. It’s a Kaiser odd-fire Dauntless V6. I found it behind a barn in a Jeepster C101 sporting a Volkswagen Bug body. (It was the ugliest “Jeep” I have ever seen). But the engine was still in tact and was running when parked. I made the guy an offer for $100. He pulled the engine and had it sitting on a pallet for me the next week. I took home everything from the radiator to the bell housing. He wanted the transmission which is fine with me. Someone had painted the valve covers red but you can see the original paint underneath. There was a power steering pump scabbed on which I will remove since I have a manual Saginaw box. It will be nice to breath the life into the CJ5 that my grandfather had wanted.

V6 Valve-Cover-StampingOriginally, I had responded to a Craigslist add for a set of fenders. As it turned out I came home with a set of front fenders, a nice Koenig steel hard top model 550, and a Dauntless V6. He still has a Koenig PTO winch that I’m drooling over, but they don’t fit too well next to a Saginaw box.

I have attached a few pictures of the V6. In one of them you can catch a glimpse of the old CJ5 in the garage.

V6 Intake-Casting


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1950 Wagon-Trailer Craigmont, Id **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE:  Status Unknown. Was $550.

(08/26/09) “Up for sale is a 1950 Willy’s Jeep Station Wagon Trailer. I have used it for a vendor trailer selling auto parts at swap meets in the past and for storage to keep items out of the weather. The interior is open with one large shelf and several drawers underneath for extra storage. The glass has been replaced with plywood which I just applied a fresh coat of paint to. The rear window is the only one remaining on the trailer. The tires are in good shape and it has a spare tire.”


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1942 GPW Ellensburg, Wa **SOLD**


1942_gpw_ellensburgUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4500.

I’ll bet this has seen the Naches trail a few times.

“Dash tag: #117396, Delivered: 5-12-43. Weight: 2,400, 70% original, 85% rust free if not more, Updated T19 transmission. Runs great, everything works, 3,000lb wench, Bikini top and a full top,
Extra set of hubs for the front. Extra set of tires. Converted to generator from alternator. Needs windshield wipers. If interested or have any questions please e-mail”