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Willys Colombia

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Sebastian forwarded me the Willys Colombia website.  I realized I couldn’t find it because I was spelling Colombia wrong (my spelling:  Columbia).  I have now corrected all the other posts as well.  Ooops.

Anyway, there’s lots of great pics.  One section includes the official Guinness Book of Records Photos from the parade are there too.  However, one thing I haven’t determined is exactly how many jeeps were there.  I have seen the figures of approximately 300 jeeps and of approximately 370.  I tried to search Guinness, but had no luck.  Here’s a few of the pics.


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Builds: Boomer’s 1942 Slat Grille

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If  you weren’t following it, Boomer, James and I were have a short conversation about Slat Grilles and how there are only a few Slat Grilles buit with a Glove Box.  Apparently, early MBs (1941 dated slat grill) did not come with a glove box (maybe I was the only person who didn’t know that …). Glove boxes were not added till ser# 120680 (early to mid Feb. 1942).  It made realize how little I actually know about Slat Grilles beyond the slat grille itself.

Boomer mentioned that he has a MB with the serial# 122723 born  February 26, 1942.   Glove boxes were added about a week before his was built.  Of course, at that point I said ‘tell me more & send me pics’!  Thanks for sharing!

Boomer not only sent some pics, but provided some nice history.  My slat came from the original owner, who bought it 1946. It was originally bought from an Army Air station in Maine.

Total slat grill production was approximately 25,000 units or  approximately 3  percent of total WW2 jeep production. Of those, only about 10 to 15 percent were equipped with a glove box. My research suggest there are barely 150 running/restored slat grills left in existance world wide.

Regarding the trailer, it was saved by me from a local farm. It was being used as a horse trough. Date of delivery was June 1943.  It was made by Willys, otherwise known as MBT.

This is how I found it;

Nearly finished,

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1948 CJ-2A Steamboat Springs, Co $3000


UPDATE:  Price now $3000

It looks like an even better deal at $3000.

“Strong runner, a real head turner, almost no rust. Near original, must see. Loves to plow snow, true piece of american history. repley for picts. serious inq, please. Call 970-846-4489”


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1946 CJ-2A Chester, Ca $3000


Some paint would really help this.



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1949 CJ-3A Brainerd, Mn **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This includes some additional parts.  This might be a good price.

“brought back from Oregon. body off restoration. cannot complete because of my health. engine 134 cu.inch over head valve 1957 hurricane engine (no hole in hood for aircleaner)”


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1948 CJ-2A Marysville, WA **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_marysville2UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $8000

(09/07/2009) This looks fine, but I doubt it will fetch $8000.

“This vehicle runs great, looks just as good and has plenty of power, authentic winch, spare tire mounted on the passenger side and new tires. Three speed manual transmission 4WD w/ worn hubs. Its been covered its entire life and the engine doesn’t have over a thousand miles on it, I don’t have any use for it and thought someone else might find a better use for it.”

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Stainless Steel Flattie Winston, OR **SOLD**

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stainless_flattie_winstonUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000

(08/21/09) It appears the suspension is customized as well.

“Stainless Steel Body (Body cost 6000.00) 350/350hp 4 bolt with 350 trans with extra clutches. Assembled with Advanced Adapters parts. Less than 1000 miles on engine and trans. Aluminum custom built radiator. Over 17,000.00 invested.”


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The “Jeep Coat” aka The Mackinaw Jacket

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While doing some research, I wandered through and happened upon a “jeep coat”. Having never heard of one of these, I did a quick search and landed on the site.  The Olive-drab reports “the heavy ‘Coat, Mackinaw, OD’ was issued initially in 1938, intended for cold weather use by troops who did not engage in much movement, such as drivers.”  You can learn more about the different versions of coat at the olive drab website.

The coat at is for sale, priced at $135.  The description of the coat, issued in 1944, is as follows:  This is final pattern Mackinaw field jacket commonly called a jeep coat. Jacket is in overall used condition and is stained to back and front, sleeves. Lightly frayed at cuffs, but there is no overall holes are damages. Perfect for the reinactor. All buttons present to front. We could not locate spec tag, but size tag states size 38 to collar.

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5 CJ-2As Columbus, NC $1650


$330 a jeep .. yeah, not too bad of a price..  It’s gonna take a big trailer to pick all of these up.

“5 Willys Jeeps CJ-2Bs 1946 models 3 have engines and transmissions 2 have transmissions, they all will need some work and maybe a few parts to get them going, Asking 1650.00 for all 5 for more info. call 828-899-2919 or email”


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1946 CJ-2A Downtown Seattle, Wa $1700


UPDATE: This is back.  And is probably already sold, but just in case … see the Ad for a long description of why it has been relisted.

(sept 6) This might be a DJ-3A body.

“Email for details… Runs Well… V6 Engine… (lots of torque!) Husband is leaving for the military and I can’t store it 🙁 our loss your gain. Photos below.”


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1943 GPW Sarasota, Fl $400


Given the crossmember on this jeep, it looks like it’s an MB.  I’m not sure what’s salvageable from this jeep.

“1943 Willys Jeep that would make a great project. Needs work. No motor. $400 as is. (941) 780 6316”


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Dennis’ Hand Crank Heater 796-A by Stewart Warner


UPDATE:  Dennis has added a picture of the original Heater Hose

Dennis reports this is a picture of his “heater muffler flex hose (looks the same as in ad).  The handle is from an old gas can and a tea kettle.  The holders are from Satellite dishes from the dump (I also salvage the stainless steel nuts and bolts). ”  Now, that’s some creativity!


More links: (Dennis’ night image) & (Original post on the handcrank heater)

This post has pictures of the Hand Crank 796-A Stewart Warner Heater from Dennis and Brent.

Dennis pics:






Here’s an idea of the size:


Brent’s Images:


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Builds — James 1947 Rebuild

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UPDATE:  James wrote me tonight saying he’s made additional progress. Check out the paint job: beautiful!   You can check it out at his website.

(Aug 11, 2009) I ran across this website today where James is thoroughly documenting the rebuild of a 1947 that was parked by his wife’s grandfather 40 years ago in a barn and left there.  One observer voiced some concern that it was the jeep holding up the barn and if they moved it, the barn might just give up and topple over.

According to the blog, James has been working on this about 2 years now.  In the picture below, MetalRehab had just finished cleaning all the body parts.  Recently, the parts were dropped off at Everman Paint and Body to get some body work done and paint (I think I’m right about the paint part).

And below is the engine running after a great deal of work cleaning all the parts.

James, obviously a man of high taste (I can tell this as I found a link back to ewillys on his site 🙂 ), would make a grandpa proud with this rebuild.

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Don’t Be a Joe Dope …

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Here’s a Joe Dope poster advocating for soldiers to take it easy on the jeeps.

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More Great Willys from Colombia

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The eWillys Bogota-Col0mbia/Butler-Pennsylvania reporting bureau has contributed another great batch of pictures from Colombia.   When’s the last time you were out with so many nearly stock flatties? Clearly, Colombia will have to be a must-stop location on my trip around the world. Thanks for sharing Sebastian!

Sebastian writes:  I was able to put together some pictures of Willys near Bogota. As you can see, these pictures are very different from those that I shared with eWillys readers previously. Most of the Willys in Colombia are located near the coffee plantations, which is lower in elevation compared to Bogota (4500′ msl vs. 7500′ msl). In Bogota you don’t really see highly loaded jeeps; plus, since it is colder and rains constantly, every one has a soft top. These pictures are from a Willys ride last month. My father took my CJ-3B at the end of August for a nice ride with the “Willys Country Club” of Colombia. This is the club that we belong down there; Dad usually rides with them on his CJ-3A [editor’s note:  that’s the pic in the upper right].

The “Willys Country Club” of Colombia is a remarkable group (established in 1995). As you can see below, their Willys are in excellent shape. Even though I have ridden with them on many occasions, my 3B is not officially one of the club jeeps since they only allow low hoods. That is the reason why my father usually takes his CJ-3A.

I am attaching a map that hopefully will help you to understand Colombia better.








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1948 Jeepster Sand Lakem, Mi $6500

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This is a great looking stock Jeepster.

“48 Willy’s Jeepster 4cyl. overdrive. Car is in great shape. too many new parts too list. Won’t last long. Call (616)636-5918”


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1962 FC-170 Dually San Antonio, TX**SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $7500.

I am selling my dream restoration. My rare ’62 Willys Jeep FC 170 dually for only $7500 OBO. All original, new tires on front, new brakes, flathead 6 with a 3 speed. Has no bed but ready to have a custom flatbed, tilt bed or dump installed. 4 wheel drive works good. Engine smokes and needs attention. Just try and find another fc dually–good luck for one at anywhere near this price!”


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1964 FC-170 Arvada, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

The body looks pretty good in the pics.

“1964 Jeep FC170.  project jeep has:  Dana 44 front axle, Dana 60 rear axle, 350 Chevy, turbo 400 tranny, custom front and rear bumpers.  Contact by email.  Joe L”

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1949 CJ-3A & ’52 M38-A1 Tacoma, Wa $2500


This appears to be a package deal.  It looks like this ’49 has a CJ-2A windshield.

“hello my name is bruce and i have 2 jeeps for sale….one is a 1949 willys flatfender body is in great condition for a fix er upper wheelin rig… the other is a 1952 willys(same as a cjs) the 52 is a complete rig with a full roller chev 350 small block !!!!! call any time from 10 am to 10 pm cell is 253 722 6039”


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1952 M-38 Warrenton, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2950.

Some paint will really make a difference with this jeep.

“This jeep is in running condition and is a driver. It is missing the front bumper and has no top. Restoration ready. Also includes many extra parts. California car so there is no rust. This car is located on the Oregon coast close to Seaside. Note it is a flat fender..I will list as many pics as I can. Please call for more information and details. ”


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1950 CJ-3A Knuckletown, Pa $21,500


It looks great, but these big prices just aren’t holding up at all in this economy.

Total off frame restoration, every thing new, rebuilt motor, clean title $ 21,500.00 OBO More pics available. Many years , a lot of work, and a lot of money in this vehicle”

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1952 CJ-3A Natural Bridge, NY **SOLD**


1953_cj3a_naturalbridgeUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

“new chevy 350 motor , 350 trans, 10×15 cragar ss rims brand new,mickey thompson I tires n50-15, 3.5 lowering blocks, all chevy drive train”

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1950 CJ-3A West Seattle, Wa $1100


1950_cj3a_westseattleUPDATE:  Still Available

“This is a great project vehicle that I just don’t have time to work on. It has been parked for many years in hopes of restoring it. The last time we tried to start it up, the engine (a big block chevy engine) started fairly easily so it is my hope that it would run with a tune-up. The body is in pretty good shape with some surface rust. If you are looking for a Willy’s to restore to original, this isn’t the one for you as some modifications (diamond plating, different engine, seats) have been made. I have quite a few parts and accessories – tune-up parts, new (gently used) tires, a new hood and tail gate, etc. call Ian at 206-853-1392”

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1951 CJ-3A Santee, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

Between the PTO Winch, the rims, the windshield – glass -wipers, there appears to be plenty of value here.

“1951 CJ3A Willys Jeep, 6 cylinder,PTO winch, Aluminum rims, Needs lots of work.”


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1941 Slat Grille MB Yuba City, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

“first production run, original running gear, runs and drives great, $3500.00 obo or possible trade for boat or 4×4 truck”