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1945 Photo of GIs Fixing Tipped Jeep on eBay

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Another example of rolling a jeep to fix it.

“1945- U.S. soldiers tip vehicle on its side to render “first aid” to an ailing jeep in the Ormoc sector of Leyte.”

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1947 Photo of Wrecked Jeep on eBay

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Marc spotted this interesting photo.

“San Francisco Car wreck photograph / 1947 Willy jeep on it’s side
this photo measures 8 x 10 inches. It is an original not a copy. There is some wear. This photo was used in the newspaper and has writing on the back. Shipping is free in the US”

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Wooden Flatfender Models, Pictures and Website on eBay

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UPDATE:  This is back on eBay.  A couple new pictures were add, too.

When I first noticed this ebay ad, I was confused about it.  It took me some digging to understand that this family out of Entlebuch, Switzerland, once sold jeeps.  Then, some members turned to making toy jeeps.  Apparently, there are about 50 toys left?   They have listed the toys, the website, and photos for sale if I understand correctly.

Here’s the eBay auction

According to the seller, “Shortly after the war (1945) Family Enzmann imported 60 Jeeps to Entlebuch, where they were rebuilt and sold to the farmers as commercial vehicles. At the weekends my father together with his classmates from university, drove the vehicles from Geneva to Schüpfheim. ( Which always turned into a big party afterwards.) My grandfather organised special events on which the Jeeps were presented to all customers.

Besides the garage my grandfather also owned a cinema and a hotel and he liked to advertise his garage and Jeeps in between the films. After a while the Jeeps were also sold with a closed driver’s cabins due to the very hard winters in Entlebuch.

The images below are from the website that is part of the auction:

And a couple images of the toys:

View Rob’s Jeep website here


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Jeeps on their Sides — Australian War Memorial

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Warren alerted me to the Australian War Memorial Online and found these images of jeeps on their sides.

There are more tipped jeeps here and here.

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Rat Patrol and another tipped Jeep

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As part of the ongoing series on jeeps tipped on their sides for repair, a reader named Warren reports that the first episode, season 1, 14:51 minutes into the show of the Rat Patrol features a brief view of one of the characters working on a Jeep on its side.  I don’t have a copy of the video, but here is a snapshot courtesy of Warren.

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Another Tipped Jeep gets some work ….

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A while back, Tom told me his dad has stories from WWII about flipping Jeeps on their side to work on them.  After some digging, he managed to locate this for our viewing pleasure.  Many Thanks Tom!  See some other tipped jeeps here.

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The easiest way to work on the underside of a Jeep is …

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UPDATE 2: See a pic of a tipped jeep from Tom’s Dad’s Time in WWII.

UPDATE: Grant mentioned that Vernco demonstrates how to tip a jeep on its side.  See a pic below and some steps.  Learn more at Vernco.com.

Tip it on its side!  Alex spotted this post from the Miljeep website.  Unfortunately, my french is a little rusty … ok, really really rusty.  I’ve posted two pics here.  You can see the other two at the Miljeep website.

I tried searching for additional jeeps on their side, and though I couldn’t find any more, I found some other cool pics that I’ll feature over the next couple of days.

From Vernco’s Site, 9 prep steps for tilting your rig:

1. Drain the fuel tank and run the engine until the carb is dry.
2. Drain the engine oil, transmission and transfer case lube. (He didn’t drain the radiator, but notes he probably should have. It didn’t leak but caused a problem when he had to remove it later.)
3. Remove or drain the oil bath air cleaner.
4. Remove the battery.
5. Remove the passenger seat since it can pivot free.
6.Remove or restrain anything else that could come free.
7.Inflate the “downhill” tires to max pressure since they must support the vehicle weight on an angle while the tip is in progress.
8. Fit some 2×4′s between the engine block and “downhill” frame rail so the engine mounts wouldn’t shift.
9. Chain the engine to the frame so the mounts wouldn’t let loose.