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Johnny Cash in a rare 462 CJ-5

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UPDATE:  Jim notes that this CJ-5 is a very rare example of a 462 model CJ-5.  You can see his comment about it below.  I tried to find some pictures online of a closeup of the decal, but couldn’t find any. 

Also, here’s a picture of Johnny Cash from a 1975 Christmas Album.  It looks like it could be the same jeep.

I stumbled upon these neat old pics of Johnny Cash from the johnny– website.


36 Comments on “Johnny Cash in a rare 462 CJ-5

  1. Jim CorwinGM

    Take note. This is a rare 462 model cj5. There were very few produced in 1970. If you look at the decal on the front fender it is clearly a 462 decal. The only other one I ever saw was at our dealership brand new in 1970. Ours had the decal on the rear left and right corners above the reflectors. Marker lights came later.

  2. deilers

    Jim .. nice catch. I was not aware of that decall, so I thought it was just some random decal. I will add a note in the post about this.


    – Dave

  3. Gerald

    Wow, I saw that thing too and was not sure what it was.

    The CJ-5 guys would love to see the details in these pictures.

  4. Robin Priestley

    I know of four 462s. I own one and would love any information or photographs on this rare bird. A collector, who has the other three, told me about the photographs you posted with Johnny Cash’s 462. Thank you so much!

  5. Mark S.

    What does the 462 designate? I am guessing 4WD, V6 engine, 2bbl. carb. ? Interesting pictures, Thanks.

  6. Scramboleer

    It’s a precursor to the Renegade package. That’s the way I understand it – extra trim plus Dauntless V6, rear locker, rollbar, extra gauges, etc. Hopefully a CJ5 expert will chime in. I’m certainly not one.

  7. Bill Norris

    Just an FYI to this story. I tracked down the owner of the site Dave got this from. Turns out is a lady that is a friend of the Cash family. She told me Johnny didn’t own the Jeep very long. His sister took the kids out for a ride in it, hit a puddle of water and rolled it. He thought it was too dangerous and sold it almost immediately. They have no idea what happened to the Jeep afterwards. These pictures were taken at Johnny’s mother’s house.

    I also have a copy of the 462 press release somewhere. I will dig it out and see if it lists what the numbers stand for. I agree with the ‘4’ and the ‘6’, but I think the two meant something else.


  8. paul nelson

    Robin Priestley : Hi! I do have one that has been verified. I am looking to sell it to a collector for a fair price. I am in North Az. and I do have it consigned on a rare collector’s page but can’t recall the name of the site. Let me know if you’re interested. It has about 3,000 original miles. It’s clean. I am in Overgaard Heber , Az. 85933 Paul Nelson

  9. paul nelson

    The site is and I have it listed for $23,000. which is about $7,000 less than what I am told it can easily sell for in it’s condition. This is in Overgaard, Az. 85933 and I am Paul Nelson. I would like to see it go to a collector who will appreciate it. It has around 3000 orig miles and is nearly original through out. I would like a jeep I can go abuse and some cash in trade or just cash. I do not want to take this out and jeep it because I know how rare it is. (928)535-4608 I can be reached…Paul

  10. David Eilers

    Hi Matt,

    First, you’ll want to get a copy of the Dispatcher Magazine Winter 2018/2019 Issue. It’s got what is arguably the most detailed information about that CJ-5 variant. Here’s a snapshot of the article and a link to the Dispatcher Magazine site:

    Second, I would suggest opening a thread on the EarlyCJ5 site as you ought to find a few knowledgable folks who might have the info you need. I hope that helps,

    – Dave

  11. OverEngineer

    Keith Fuller is the most knowledgeable person I know on the 462. He worked with Bill and Jim over the years to collect every detail possible. We even paid a college archivist for cops of certain internal kaiser documents. They were all made in a very short period of time that summer. Mine is an unrestored survivor, I even have the original spare tire. Sorry I have been out of touch and didn’t respond to people of the years.

  12. garner

    it looks like the 462 decal is right where the V-6 emblem is on my 1967 cj-6 v-6 — and it looks like a big V with a 6 in it ? i think the 4 and the 2 stand for 4wd and 2wd — i have been playing johnny cash music since i was a child , what a national treasure .. ” i hear that train a comin .. “

  13. Bingo

    I spy a rear, factory installed seat. The Dispatcher Ad says, road/trail. Could it mean;
    462 = 4wd 6six cyl(v6) double duty/dual use? I’m no expert. Just a braindrizzle

  14. Matthew Krumholz

    Hi All,

    I just picked up the back issue from the Dispatcher and hope that there are some resource references “Thank you David”

    Keith Fuller – could I possibly contact you, or you me, to gain more insight into resources and dash schematics for my 462 project?


  15. paul m nelson

    I sure wish one of you would come here to Az and take this one off my hands soon. I know my ad is still posted and folks see it, but none ever reply. I don’t have a garage to store it in at this house and it snows up here, so it’s just sitting in the elements now, after all that money and work. l Keith Fuller knows this jeep, had me send him all kinds of photos and stuff to verify it. It’s barely got over 3,000 original miles and everything is fully operational like new. I can’t physically drive it and have tried to sell it, but only some local people not aware what it is, have offered next to nothing for it. I politely ignored them and here it sits. Cash money works for me. If I were to consider anything else, it would be a more modern jeep a handicap person like myself might actually be able to drive, but mostly cash return. I’m in the 85928 zip code.

  16. Matthew Krumholz

    Hi Paul, would you pls include link for me to see the Jeep and your ad and contact Thx Matt

  17. David Eilers

    OverEngineer: According to the Dispatcher article by Jim Allen, the “2” stands for 2 passengers, though I don’t know where he got his info. Do you have a reference for the 2 as a second car car?

    – Dave

  18. OverEngineer

    The marketing plan from Kaiser was the concept that the CJ5 would not be the family car, rather, the family’s second car. This is from their marketing literature. The 462 came with innovative safety enhancements and the back seat. Jim is a good guy, however, two seater was not where the “Two” originated. Also, no disrespect to the owner. That beige jeep is not a 462.

  19. David Eilers

    Now that you describe it that way, it sounds more familiar, but not sure why (I must have heard that somewhere before). I appreciate the thoughtful reply and additional info!

    – Dave

  20. OverEngineer

    To be accurate, it would be “every family’s second car”. Remember, at the time, Kaiser was trying to garner buzz and excitement to help the discussions with AMC. There was also, on one of the ads, a line about the CJ5 being the Universal sport vehicle, or sporty Universal vehicle. Playing off the original “universal” Jeep moniker. When I first saw it, I thought, “well, there’s the birth of the SUV”, however, I know the verbiage didn’t match up exactly.

  21. paul m nelson

    So Dave, you are going to say my 462 isn’t a 462, based on your opinion and the color paint on it? Wow! You are wrong. Why don’t you ask Mr. Fuller before you make incorrect statements like this? I get upset when individuals make statements they try to pass as facts even though they are completely inept in their judgement and have no factual basis to make such statements. That’s how our country began falling into what it’s now becoming.
    As stated, this 462 is original (to a fault, the paint was my idea, as was the inner tub liner). To also admit, the fluids are fresh, not the original oil or tires or belts or hoses or other expendable parts.
    I spent 3 years and thousands of dollars getting it right. I just love how you come along, chime in and belittle me and the jeep as if you have any basis to do so. If I sell it for the $23,000. I am selling for less than value. If I accept anything over $13,000. I will make a profit of $100. or more for all my efforts and time vested. That is my right and decision, but for someone who has not seen more than 2 photos and a written ad, to make such critical statements is absurd and rude as all hell. I would appreciate very much if you would step back and take a moment to honestly evaluate what I just pointed out and how unfair your statement really is. I’m not here on this page to argue or play games, nor do I believe others are. Please! Let’s not go in such direction! I would never intentionally act in such way and I would feel ashamed or at least feel embarrassed if I did.
    The bottom line here is I have this extremely rare jeep in near new condition and I want it to go with someone who is going to want it for the fact it is so rare and original. I don’t want my kids to get it and tear it up. I didn’t go through all this process to destroy it. I am an incomplete paraplegic, so my intentions went to waste for driving it. I just want it gone before it sits and wastes away like me.

  22. Matthew Krumholz

    Hi All,

    Thanks for all the help in networking so far and have successfully connected.

  23. OverEngineer

    Your jeep is is a prize. 3000 original miles is a peach and you should be proud. A clean low milage jeep is a treasure, and will command a solid price.

    If your comments to Dave were really directed to me, I intended no disrespect. Mechanically, I recognized your jeep immediately. My comment wasn’t based on paint or the fact that you never provided Keith with the requested information. Although, the third serial number you provided was closer. Feel free to be a proud owner of a jeep with just 3000 original miles. That is a great find. It just isn’t a 462.

  24. russell witkop

    Extremely Rare Find
    Original, 1969 Kaiser, CJ-5, Jeep Special Edition 462 (very rare) garage kept 4000 original miles, all gears pristine and like new.
    Original Buick odd fire 225 with manual 3 speed plus factory overdrive.
    Various internet searches and collectors have valued this at more than $30,000.

    Because of my physical health and the fact that nobody seems to have cash to spend these days; We live in a world of credit cards and debt; I am willing to entertain possible trade, partial cash trade offers. I would consider another Harley Davidson, possibly a trike. I might consider other items smaller in size too.

    I do not have a smart phone, only this laptop and a landline phone, therefore, I request you provide a detailed description of your offer and a telephone number you can be reached, should I find your offer to be one I may consider.

    I only have the photos posted here, so please don’t ask for more, as I don’t have a way to make that happen. I will however make it available for you to come and see this jeep in person if you become so interested and serious about this. After all, this is craigslist and I have had more than my share of nonsense, so I am not expecting too much from this posting. If you are serious, you will make the effort and you will respond appropriately as requested.
    Thank you!

  25. Robert stein

    I have a 1969 CJ5 original Buick odd fire V6 3 speed. Reviewing this thread and seeing what’s on my Jeep, I think I may have a 462. It has the oil pan skid plate, extra gauges, bucket seats, rear back seat, roll bar and it’s painted red. Would the serial number verify if I in fact have a 462? (1305017-35886)Engine serial number (DRH081). The dealer was Johnson – Pontiac Inc, South Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO.

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