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Memorial Day Weekend: Karson, NYC and Debella Jeep Parts


Peter Debella and I at Peter Debella Jeep Parts in Riverhead, Long Island.

On Saturday, we got cultured with Karson. First, we joined the rest of Manhattan and half of Connecticut when we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has been almost exactly thirty years since I’d last seen the museum at age 17. I’m pretty sure in the past thirty years the museum has doubled in size. Well, that or my 47 year old legs are a little more tired than they should be. I guess that’s the downside of spending the last three months either traveling or writing. I look forward to getting back into shape when we return to Pasco.


This was my wife’s idea. That’s all I”m saying.


After the museum, we braved the cold and rain as Karson led us to his favorite noodle shop in Chinatown near the Manhattan bridge. The place was a hole-in-the wall with barely enough for the three of us, let alone the twenty three people who squeezed into the tiny lobby to escape the rain. I handed Karson a twenty dollar bill and told him to order enough dumplings for us. I was surprised to see him return with twenty dumplings and beef pancake, along with fifteen dollars in change. The food was awesome! We quickly gobbled through it, so I ordered more. $6.50 later we had more dumplings and another beef pancake. Who would have thought that we’d roll out of the tiny lobby stuffed with great tasting food for under twelve dollars! Well done Karson!

2013-05-25-karson-nyc1 2013-05-25-karson-nyc2

On Monday we dropped off Karson at his ‘home’ (an Extended Stay Inn), exchanged good byes, and headed to meet with Peter Debella. Peter runs Peter Debella Jeep Parts. He invited Ann and I out to see some of the jeeps and parts he has.


This unlucky parts jeep got hit by a falling tree during a storm.

2013-05-27-peter9 2013-05-27-peter8 2013-05-27-peter6

Wow, does he have parts!

2013-05-27-peter5 2013-05-27-peter1 2013-05-27-peter2

Peter began collecting jeeps as a teenager. His first jeep was MB that he restored. Over the years he collected more jeeps, some he bought and some that he was given. As he collected jeeps, he collected parts. So, he began selling parts as a hobby. That hobby kept his busier and busier until he one day he had a chance to buy a large inventory of jeep parts. It was big decision and a giant risk, but he got a loan and plunged into the business full time. He’s never looked back. Over the years he’s learned the importance of using good quality parts, something he told us he focuses on providing his customers.

After all these years he still enjoys talking jeeps, selling parts, and driving them. If you call his shop, he’s the one that will mostly likely answer. If you tell him what you need, he can tell you if he has it or not (there’s not much he doesn’t have).


Here’s the sign in front of his place in Riverhead.

So, thanks to Peter for giving us memorable tour of his 25,000 square feet of parts space(s) and to both he and his wife for a wonderful backyard lunch barbecue. We look forward to seeing you both again!


4 Comments on “Memorial Day Weekend: Karson, NYC and Debella Jeep Parts

  1. Justin

    What a great story about Peter and his shop! I hope to follow his career path someday. Is he hiring! 😉

  2. Bill

    I can’t say what part I bought from Peter…. it was NOS and he only has 3 (?) left. I might want another one some day soon. 🙂


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