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Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival

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Not everyone was happy to see me. Henry claimed I made a comment that it was too bad someone painted his surrey brown. I couldn’t find any evidence that I said that though. His modified surrey is beautiful!! The windshield is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The backside was filled in and the front has been scalloped perfectly.

On Friday morning we had a quick one-hour drive to the Bantam Festival at Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania.


Friday’s drive from Canton, Ohio, to Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania.

Our first task was to set up camp. Much of that duty fell on Ann, as I needed to find out where I’d be giving Friday’s presentation. It was her idea to add the sign marking out encampment. Thankfully, the rains that had fallen all week stopped in time for the festive and we were able to find a dry patch of grass to call home.



Soon, it was time for me to give my presentation. The crowd was light everywhere on Friday and only seven people attended my presentation.


After the presentation, I met folks and handed out some free posters.

Afterwards, Ann and I had plenty of time to take photos and meet folks. For example at our first stop, the history barn, we ran into Roy, who’s a daily reader of eWillys. He found this 1952 M-38 on eWillys and spent the past year fixing various issues. He assures me it purrs. It sure does look great!


Well done Roy!

He explained it’s a former Seabee jeep. The seller explained to Roy that this shade of green is the proper color it. If you get a chance to talk to Roy, he can explain the reasoning in depth.

Here are some additional photos from the history barn. Here’s Roy and Clint and I talking.


2013-06-15-bantam-festival-history4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-history52013-06-15-bantam-festival-brc40s

2013-06-15-bantam-festival4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-history


There was a WWII re-enactment as well:




After walking in the sun for a while, we returned to camp for an earned nap. Later, a delicious dinner buffet was provided and we mingled with some folks.

On Saturday, I have another presentation and we’ll be meeting more folks!

<– Day 41- Thurs. June 13th: Heinz History Museum | Trip Overview | Day 43 – Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm –>


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  1. Roy

    Thanks a ton for the pictures, the only pics I could find of my Willys from the show, and thanks for listing my Willys on your site. I’m really sorry I didn’t get the chance to me you guys in person. My jeep took 2nd in the class 6M, and is still not sold.

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