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June 14th and 15th: At the Bantam Festival

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Not everyone was happy to see me. Henry claimed I made a comment that it was too bad someone painted his surrey brown. I couldn’t find any evidence that I said that though. His modified surrey is beautiful!! The windshield is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The backside was filled in and the front has been scalloped perfectly.

To our relief (and everyone else’s) the weather for the Bantam Festival turned out to be beautiful!  Friday the crowds were light and only seven people came to my presentation. On Saturday we the weather got hotter and the crowds ballooned. By 10:30am, when we briefly left camp to get a few drinks at the local gas stop, we were shocked to see a lineup of over 2 miles of jeeps!

Here are some pictures from both days. Here are the lines of cars we passed on Saturday morning:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic5 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic3

Here are some photos from the History Barn:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-brc40s 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-history2

2013-06-15-bantam-festival4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-history 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-history3

These pictures were taken at the show ‘n shine:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival7 2013-06-15-bantam-festival6 2013-06-15-bantam-festival5 2013-06-15-bantam-festival4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival3 2013-06-15-bantam-festival2 2013-06-15-bantam-festival1

There were some WW2 Re-enactments as well:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-ww2 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-ww2-jeeps

Kids big and small weren’t left out of the fun either:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-mud 2013-06-15-bantam-festival8

And, no this crowd wasn’t there to listen to me . . .



We’ll be breaking camp on Sunday morning and heading for the Packard Museum. I’m not sure where we are staying. I did learn that my son’s FEMACORE group has been reassigned to help folks in Iowa, so we may have a chance to run across him again.


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  1. Roy

    Thanks a ton for the pictures, the only pics I could find of my Willys from the show, and thanks for listing my Willys on your site. I’m really sorry I didn’t get the chance to me you guys in person. My jeep took 2nd in the class 6M, and is still not sold.

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