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October 1952 Motor Trend Cover and Article

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As I was packing, I pulled this issue of Motor Trend aside. When I leafed through it, I realized there was a jeep-related article I missed. So, here the “Unique Cars for Sportsmen” by Jim Earp. All the vehicles herein are interesting. The first page has a pic at the bottom of Vic Hickey’s famous jeep.







6 Comments on “October 1952 Motor Trend Cover and Article

  1. David Eilers Post author


    It is a neat image. Now that you comment on it, I forgot to see who illustrated it.
    As for posters, I doubt I’ll be making any more. I thought there would be more interest in my last round of posters, but there wasn’t any interest (sold zero). So, I’ll either give them away and/or use them for wrapping paper.


    – Dave

  2. Clem

    When I first looked at this I noticed the dual rear wheels right away, now I see duals on the front also. Artistic license ? curious

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