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Eisenhower’s Jeep Horn at his Gettysburg Farm

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No photos with this article, but it’s an odd bit of jeep news about former President Eisenhower. It was published i the December 1955 issue of Willys News.


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Ted Tieder, Long-time Ice Cream Man

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This 1985 article in the Daytona Morning Journal shared the story of Ted Tieder, a man who began selling ice cream in 1937 and was still selling it in 1985.

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Jeep Rustlers by Larry McManus

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I found this story published in the Spokesman-Review December 1, 1945.


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Buy a Bond, Ride in a Jeep

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The St. Petersburg Times published this article in 1942 about the war bond drive. Purchases of bonds got the chance to ride in a jeep.


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FC-150 Newspaper Articles

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The photo below appeared in a 1958 article from the Spokesman-Review. The article below comes from a November 29, 1956 article in the Toledo Blade that announced the FC’s introduction.



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1966 Boy Scout Trip

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The Smoky Mountain Jeep Club’s annual Boy Scout trip was reported on by Jeep News in 1966 through these three photos.


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Dutch Couple Drives from India to Lebanon

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In 1966 the Jeep News Magazine reported on a 14,000 mile trip by Mr. And Mrs. J. Th. van Reijsen of the Netherlands.


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A-Bomb Tests & Willys Vehicles

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This was one of several articles published about atomic tests and Willys vehicles. This article was published in the April 1955 issue of Willys News.


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1963 Article About the Name-Change to Kaiser Willys

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On March 6, 1963, the Toledo Blade shared the news that Willys Overland was changing the name of its jeep division from Willys Motors to Kaiser Jeep.


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1945 Photo of a Jeep at Grand Coulee Dam

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Grand Coulee is just a couple hours up the road from me. This was published November 4, 1945, in the Spokesman Review.




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1955 Jeepcade From Hemet to Borrego Springs

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The April 1955 issue of Willys News featured this report in the April 1955 issue of Willys News.


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Chicken Ranch Jeep

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The April 1955 issue of Willys News included this article and excerpt from the June 1955 issue of American Poultry Journal.

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Tour Jeep in Africa

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This unique tour jeep truck was featured in the April 1955 issue of Willys News.


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New Meyer Cab & Nebraska Ruff Riders

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A 1966 issue of jeep news covered the new Meyer M-III cab and highlighted the Nebraska Ruff Riders car show win.


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1957 Article about the Schreiders

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This article appeared in the June 9, 1957 issue of the Tuscaloosa News. The photo shows Frank and Helen Schreider , their dog Dinah, and their Ford GPA, La Tortuga. The report covers the period after their Pan American trip. Because of the journey, the Shreiders were elected to the Explorers Club. In the article they tease about going to Indonesia, which of course the eventually did.


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Jeffrey Mareck’s Trip of 30,000 Mile Trip in 1966

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The September 28, 1966 issue of the Milwaukee Journal shared Jeffrey Mareck’s 30,000 mile trip through Africa and all the way to England.


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1960 Article Featuring the Maverick Wagon

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It is always funning to hear the f-head described as a high performance power plant. The article was featured in the November 30, 1960, issue of Lakeland Ledger.


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1964 Kaiser Jeep New Vol. 10 No. 5 on eBay

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This and nine other Jeep News magazines are for sale, but they are in Australia. This puts them out of my budget. However, there’s some pics just good enough to see the photos and headlines. For example, in just the two pages below there are variety of examples of DJ-3A dispatchers, FCs, and other jeeps sold. Check out the 22 DJs sold to the Canadian Navy. Good stuff!

View all the information on eBay



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Belleview Winch Ad

In 1959 Belleview Manufacturing introduced an electric winch. The company sold them (6000lb and 8000lb versions) through Warn Industries, since they manufactured other products for Warn also. However, based on the ad below, they may have marketed them to other resellers, since the ad doesn’t mention Warn at all.

The ad below was in the March 9, 1967, issue of the Sundance Times, a Wyoming newspaper. By the time the ad appeared, Warn had already purchased all the Belleview Manufacturing Stock, as the small caption below Thurston Warn’s photo indicates (which is on eBay). The next year, Thurston Warn became President of Warn.


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July 1955 Jeep Jamboree Report

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1) Lining up on the first really flat ground they have seen on the entire caravan, the Jeepers stop at Miller Meadows for their Sunday lunch.

This 1955 article in the 1955 July/August issue of Willys News covered the recently completed Jeep Jamboree. The author reported that as part of an awards ceremony, the award for the oldest passenger went 68 year-old Mike Millard who was a former Rubicon Springs-Lake Tahoe stage coach driver. He must have had some great stories!

On another front, compare photo #5 to an original at the online archive of California. There it is dated 1958. Given this appears in a 1955 Willys News I’d say their date is incorrect.


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The Naming of Jeep Chee

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This 1955 July Willys News article highlights the naming of a Navajo baby named Jeep Chee. My attempts to learn more about Jeep Chee weren’t very successful. I did find this odd movie script. There is a more extensive article about Gwen and Marvin Walter in the July 1958 issue of Desert Magazine.

1955-july-aug-willys-news-jeep-chee1 1955-july-aug-willys-news-jeep-chee2

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1994 Article on Island Cruisers

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I found this interesting article from the St. Petersburg Times in 1994. Island Cruisers was a Clearwater, Florida, company that refurbished old right-hand drive postal jeeps for export to island countries where people drive on the right hand side.

Jan and Robin Stach started the company. By the time this article was written, the company had sold 35 jeeps to the Bahamas, Grenada, Aruba, the Cayman Islands and Cancun. They were generally used for rentals. The company had another 30 jeeps in process. The Stachs feel that demand was huge and they hoped to mature into a company capable of producing 500 jeeps a month.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any additional information on how successful (or not) or for how long the company operated.

Note: Another company started about the same time on the west coast called Safari-Kars

1994-01-01-st.petersburg-times-island-cruisers-dj-fiberglass1 1994-01-01-st.petersburg-times-island-cruisers-dj-fiberglass2


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1945 Article About the End of Joy-Riding in Paris

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Steve shared this funny story about the seizure of jeeps in Paris to put a halt to free rides for pretty French girls. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3316764/posts


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Customers Stage Demo in Plattsburg, NY

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This Willys News article from July 1955 highlights an annual customer jeep demonstration in Plattsburg, New York. That’s the biggest teeter-totter that I’ve ever seen. We used to do something similar back in the 70s as part of payday events.

1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing3 1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing2 1955-july-aug-willys-news-willys-dealers-testing4

article continues below . . .

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Buddy Cowger: CJ-3B Uranium Hunter

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According to this story, Buddy Cowger lost the use of his legs due to cyanide poisoning. That didn’t stop him from driving the backroads of Utah in search of Uranium. He was a friend of Charlie Steen, a famous Uranium hunter out of Moab.

1955-july-aug-willys-news-uranium-hunter-disabled2 1955-july-aug-willys-news-uranium-hunter-disabled-buddy-cowger