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Unique set of Hurricane Rims (offer price)

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Matt, who just sold me set of hurricane rims (thanks!) that match what I have, sent me this ad.  I believe these are actually Hurricane Rims rather than Turbine rims as labeled by the seller.   I've emailed the seller to get dimensions, however they appear to be wide enough to be 10x15s.  

"This is a nice pair of 5 lug Turbine wheels they are 5×5.1/2 bolt pattern which fit Ford & Dodge. the bolt holes are not washed out or damaged. This is the end of the line for these wheels if they don't sell they will go in the Scrap and that would be a shame, so if you can use them make me a offer, Priced to move." 

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Desert Dog Tires

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UPDATE: This thread is being kept for discussion and information purposes. See the updated post here.

Oldies but goodies…

“Hey you jeep racers I have 6 dogs 4 with tubes in great shape, and 2 in fair condition, 6 lug chrome spokes, mounted ready to go! only used on the weekends! with only 4 weeks till racing starts you need tires! or if your a jeeper who needs a good set of old school tires please write!”

Formula Desert Dog History

Anyone know the history of Desert Dog tires?  Apparently, according to the CJ3B Page Website (See comment at the bottom of CJ3B Page), “Louie says his Desert Dogs were the first out of the mold, given to him for testing and photographed for advertising in the 1970’s.”.   “Louie” is Louie Larson, aka Gopher 4×4.