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Women’s AMC Digital Watch on eBay

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If you are old enough like me (I can now get the over-55 discounts … wahoo!) to have worn an LED watch, you may appreciate this compelling rise-and-fall article of the US LED watch industry during the 1970s. (Around 2000 I stopped wearing watches … I have found that I really dislike wearing any jewelry/watches/etc and now even only wear my wedding ring when I’m out and about).

Well, even AMC got on board this short-tracked train digital watch trend by issuing AMC digital watches as dealer promotion items. A woman’s version of the watch is for sale on eBay. Unclear if it works or not, but it certainly is an unusual item. One of the pictures shows compares the man’s watch to the woman’s watch, but the man’s is not for sale.

View all the information on eBay

“Women’s AMC/Jeep Digital Watch. Dealer promotional item. Condition is “Used”. Has not been tested to see if it works. Was used for display only. It is gold in color. The larger men’s watch is NOT for sale and only used for a size comparison”




Men’s watch compared to the woman’s watch:


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1963 CJ-5 w/ Tux Park Package Moriarty, NM $8000


This appears to have a Tux Park Package (III?). The seller claims to know what he has, but never mentions it has a Tux Park package.

1963-cj5-tuxpark-alb-nm5 1963-cj5-tuxpark-alb-nm6 1963-cj5-tuxpark-alb-nm7 1963-cj5-tuxpark-alb-nm8 1963-cj5-tuxpark-alb-nm9

“I have a 1963 willys cj 5 Kaiser all original complete..

I know full history of the jeep im second owner 3rd by technicalities..

I got it from a dear friend she is original owner other than her dad whom bought it for her couple yrs before she got her driver license..
She drove it to school and back.. had it over the years drove it as a weeken cruiser
Up till 1997..
She said it started smoking after a tune up and said she parked it to fix it her mechanic said it needed rebuilt…
I got it i started cleaning fuel system and jeep as whole..
I went to start it and popped the origonal oil bath air filter and it was over full wich explained the smoke 23 yrs ago…
Everything tune up wise still like brand new tires where brand new in 97.
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1983 CJ-7 Hartford, CT $3000


Bill spotted this running CJ-7.

“258 I6 Engine, 4 speed manual trans
Tub has some rust spots and holes
Frame and undercarriage is decent
New battery, fuel pump, alternator, temp sensor, fuel sending unit, and gas tank.
Starts right up and drives up and down the street. For parts or restoration. $3000 OBO. Make an offer.”

1983-cj7-hartford-ct1 1983-cj7-hartford-ct2 1983-cj7-hartford-ct3 1983-cj7-hartford-ct4

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1963 CJ-5 Powell, TN $6500


James has spent quite a bit of time going through the mechanicals on this former Forest Service CJ-5 (no gov plate to confirm this). He’s a got some good history on it and out has a rare Koenig 520 barn door hard top. The 520 model marks it as a “CJ-5 Jiffy Cab”, according to an August 1957 brochure. The “Vertical Rear Doors” were an option that fit all the Koenig full cab models (Super, Standard, and Jiffy models … more on Koenig hardtops here).

1963-cj5-powell-tn1 1963-cj5-powell-tn2 1963-cj5-powell-tn3 1963-cj5-powell-tn4

“1963 Kaiser Willys CJ5 Jeep Universal
Must come to Powell, TN for pick up.
$6500 cash only. CASH, nothing else. No trades either.
Clean Tennessee title in my name.

If you are out of state, I will work with you, but I will arrange nothing. You must do all the leg work.

Ok, that’s out of the way. I bought this CJ5 in August of this year. Since the 5th, I have put about 450 hours into it. That’s one benefit of working from home, haha. It is not a restoration. More of a project to make it safe and fun to drive without worrying about it being a trailer queen.
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1972 FJ-55 Toyota Land Cruiser West Babylon, NY $18,500

• CATEGORIES: Other 4x4s

Bill shared this rare FJ-55 Landcruiser. I can’t speak to the rareness, but I do think the 50-year-old design has held up pretty well.

“These are very rare, you see all the rest of the Toyotas advertised for sale but rarely an FJ55! 1972 Toyota FJ55 has the original F1 inline 6 motor and original 3 speed transmission and is running and driving well. (these don’t drive the greatest anyway! LOL) Nice older original colors paint job with hardly a nick or scratch in the entire truck if any! Has pretty good shine too, looks original. It was stored mostly after it was painted and the gentleman was working on it.

Odometer reads 22k mi so probably 122k. Pretty original interior in pretty good shape. Original tags are pictured clearly. Truck has most of it’s original parts if not all. The lights work, even the reverse lights. Gauges do not work and I can’t get the back window to work so that will need repair, the back panel comes off with 6 screws or so and everything is right there to repair it. Very little rust underneath but there is a couple of small spots.”

1972-fj55-westbabylon-ny1 1972-fj55-westbabylon-ny2 1972-fj55-westbabylon-ny3 1972-fj55-westbabylon-ny4

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1966 CJ-6 Brighton, CO $19,000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/19/2020) This nice looking CJ-6 is owned by the original owner. It has been repainted and there are a few minor mods. The rear bumper is something I don’t remember seeing on a jeep.

“Jeep 1966 CJ-6 V6. One owner 59,558 original documented miles. Purchased new in Boulder Colorado and lived a pampered life in Boulder. The owner ordered it very well loaded including the Dauntless Oddfire Buick V6, 2 barrel carburetor, 3 speed standered transmission, Warren Overdrive, Warren lockout hubs, full metal hardtop (removable) with hard doors (removable) with roll up windows, headliner, and back lift gate, electric wipers, heater, AM radio, flashers, roll bar, tow hitch. Plus owner added tow bar, fog light, backup light, trailer wires,

1966-cj6-brighton-co2 1966-cj6-brighton-co3 1966-cj6-brighton-co5 1966-cj6-brighton-co9

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Year? CJ-2A Melbourne, IA $3000


Body and brakes will need work at the very least.


“I am selling my 1940s Willys CJ-2A. It starts, runs, drives, and stops. I recently put new wheel cylinders on but the brakes are still weak. It is 12 volt and has the modern gear reduction starter.
Was a off-road unit at one point and has the mud tires for it.
The body is in rough shape but everything else is in decent condition.
Comes with an extra front axle and some other misc. parts as well as the title.

This would be a good off-road candidate or for restoration. I am selling because I do not have time for it.

$3000.00 firm cash or check.”

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L6-161 Engine Palisade, CO $650


This should interest someone.

“Kaiser Supersonic/Hurricane L6-161 6 Cylinder Engine. Free moving. I don’t know the condition of the interior but is free and feels right.
Asking $650.00 obo.
On a pallet in my shop.”

l6-161-engine-gf-co2 l6-161-engine-gf-co

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CJ-2A Half-Cab Missoula, MT $280


No pics provided.

“Koenig metal half cab for cj2a jeep. its in fair condition.”

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1951 CJ-3A Missoula, MT $15,000


Drain holes have been filled, so likely has had body work.

“very nice restored willys jeep call fore detail”

1951-cj3a-missoula-mon2 1951-cj3a-missoula-mon3 1951-cj3a-missoula-mon4

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1947? CJ-2A Phoenix, AZ $3900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/22/2020) This jeep includes a rear bed extension and a Sears David Bradley Trailer (I think).

“47 jeep willys needs complete restoration comes with trailer clean title $3900 can send pics. the jeep is in phx. az”

1947-cj2a-phx-az1 1947-cj2a-phx-az2

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Year? CJ-2A Broomfield, CO $700


Project or parts.

“1948 or 49 cj 2a jeep, axles, body fenders. No title . Perfect flatrod start or original project $ 700.00”

year-cj2a-denver-colo7 year-cj2a-denver-colo8 year-cj2a-denver-colo9

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1974 CJ-6 Brownsville, TX $1650


Not sure how much value is here.

“jeep con motor i trasmision
Tanque de gas de aluminio
No titulo”

1974-cj6-brownsville-tx1 1974-cj6-brownsville-tx2 1974-cj6-brownsville-tx3 1974-cj6-brownsville-tx4

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1951 CJ-3A Missoula, MT $1500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/14/2020) Doesn’t run.

“1951 jeep willys all original. Needs some work doesn’t currently run. Clean Montana title all new ignition parts New carburetor just needs finished up. New 6 volt battery. Good litttle jeeo just not enough time to finish it up.”


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1963 CJ-6 Right-Hand Colorado Springs, CO $1800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1800 for tub.

This jeep has some mods. The seller has some buying options and includes lots of details in the ad. The data plate suggests this may have been an export CJ-6 that somehow was imported into the US. It is a right handed CJ-6.






“This is a project Jeep. This sale is for the body OR body & frame, axles, etc.

I have a right hand drive CJ-6, one of the rarest CJ-6s in the country. This one is the oldest, from what I could tell. I have multiple options for buying. Once sold, that’s it! Feel free to ask me any questions. I can provide pictures of any parts you’d like to see. The OEM Speedometer only comes with Option 2 & 3.


Option 1: $2200 – (Tub Only Option) -Colorado Title, VIN, CJ6 tub, and the rare Export Plates (original & remade)

Option 2: $3500 – (Body Only Option) – Colorado Title, VIN, tub, hood, grill, fenders, tailgate, windshield frame, OEM Speedometer, Rare Export Plate (original & remade), New Floor Pans & Hat Channels, and the Original Transmission & Transfer Case (if wanted).

Option 3: $4500 – (Body, Frame, Wheels Option) – Colorado Title, VIN, tub, hood, grill, fenders, tailgate, windshield frame, OEM Speedometer, Rare Export Plate (original & remade), New Floor Pans & Hat Channels, Original Transmission & Transfer Case, Dana 44 Axles, PS Full Width Kit, YJ Leaf Springs, Frame, Black Rims & Tires, Wagoneer Wheels, Power Steering Box, Steering Column with Steering Wheel, Shackles, Spring Hangers, and anything else I missed that is currently on the Jeep.



VIN: Goes with the tub. Not sold separately.
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1948 CJ-2A “Lefty” Trencher Scottsbluff, NE **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3200.

A rare combination of a Lefty and a Trencher. If you go to see it, don’t forget to visit Carhenge, a place I’ve yet to visit.

“may be a 1948 ???? no title willys cj2a with the jeep a treach as you can see it is off of it seems complete it will run i reringed with new pistons also it due to # 4 piston being stuck . the engine at one time was rebuilt the piston were 0.30 over rod bearing were 0.40 over had it running needs a carb kit points fuel pump , fuel tank . its still on 6 volt system has a little brakes , tires hold air cracks in tires not road worthy , the front bumper counter weight and the dual wheel adapters HAS no title guy i got it from didnt get one when he bought it over 5 years ago 3200.00”

1948-cj2a-trencher-scottsbluff-ne1 1948-cj2a-trencher-scottsbluff-ne2 1948-cj2a-trencher-scottsbluff-ne3 1948-cj2a-trencher-scottsbluff-ne4

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July 1945 “Jeep Has a Rendezvous With …”

This article was published in the July 15, 1945, issue of the Journal Herald out of Dayton, Ohio. The title of the article is “Jeep Has a Rendezvous With America’s Postwar Era”. It proceed the official press release kit by a few days, so neither photo came from that first press kit.


The jeep shown on the right is a Willys MA. Back in 2013, a full press photo was sold on eBay. Curiously, the headlight on the driver’s side was missing.


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1945 Jeep for Junior Ads

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Artists/Drawings, Features

Did all the Kool Kids get Jeep For Juniors for Christmas in 1945? Well, more likely Kool Boys as the Kool Girls were offered a tea party set. Hopefully, the aspiring Jeep Girls asked (and received) the jeep, too.

Clipping from Arizona Republic -

November 08, 1945, Arizona Republic.

Clipping from Arizona Republic -

November 10, 1945, Arizona Republic.

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1945? Jeep Planning Brochure on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

Listed as a 1945 brochure, my guess is that this was produced in the Fall of 1944. See photos of all the pages of this brochure here.

View all the information on eBay

“ITEM:::: This Listing is for a 1945 Willys Jeep “UNIVERSAL JEEP–FARM TRACTOR-POWER UNIT-TRUCK-CAR” Tractor Truck Car Dealer Showroom Sales Brochure………

DIMENSIONS:::: About 10 1/2 by 8 1/4 inches and there are 24 pages with covers…….

CONDITION:::: The Condition is generally as follows:::: Inside pages are Very Good….. Covers are Good with moderate general evidence of age & handling (Please refer to pictures & e-mail for details)……….”


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WANTED: Looking for Jeep near West Point, CA

• CATEGORIES: M-38A1, wanted

This person is hoping to locate an M-38A1 his grandparents owned in the Gold Country area of California. It had black plates # MBG-426. No pics provided.

“My grandparents had an M38A1 Jeep on their land on Bald Mountain Road outside West Point and Bummerville. When they passed away, the Jeep was sold off at some point by a relative before the estate could be settled or the vehicle title found.

It’s a 1956 model (rounded front fenders), completely brown and white rusted paint, with an expired CA plate MBG-426.

The last I saw of this Jeep, it was on a neighbor’s tract of land also on Bald Mountain Road (east of where the road loses the centerline and fog stripes, but before Hunter Creek and where the asphalt ends).

While the Jeep was in rough, barely driveable shape at the time it was disposed of, I’ve been interested in finding it for a restoration project. It was the 4×4 my grandparents used to teach me how to drive, and has some sentimental value.

What I’d like is for anyone who knows about this Jeep, and can open a dialogue with the current possessor, to get in touch with me by email. If it makes financial sense to purchase the vehicle back given it’s condition and missing title, I’d be willing to offer a small finder’s fee.

If it’s not worth the trouble to buy back, I’d at least like to know it’s found a good home.”

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1951 M-38 Wrightwood, CA $8000


Appears worth a look. Has a variety of updates.×4/7221914416.html

1951-m38-wrightwood-ca2 1951-m38-wrightwood-ca3 1951-m38-wrightwood-ca4

“M38 is the military version of the cj3a flatfender. It came from the factory with a stronger boxed frame. and some other minor changes than the civilian model. Look up 1951 specs for cj3a and m38 to see all the differences.

This jeep was converted to 66 corvette 327 v-8 and th350 auto transmission. Has T-18 transfer case . Power steering 12 volt electrical. Manual locking hubs all 4 wheels (easy towing) Ramsey 8000 lb winch. Swing out rear tire and 2 can carrier. Drawtight hitch with drop down ball. 33×12.5×15 tires. Aluminum wheels. 11 inch drum brake conversion. Dana 44 rear axle,Dana 27 front axle. Old style light bar with desert lights ( 4 ) Seats have been changed out to adjustable. Driver side has had wheel well cut and reworked professionally done to make seat adjust 4 more inches rearward. I got it running but needs holly carb rebuilt have kit. Very little rust, floor is rust free. I have title from previous owner it is out of state and has never been in the california sytem. you can register it or make it an off road only vehicle like I planned. $8,000 o.b.o No I wont sale it for $1000 if that’s all you have.”

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1942 MB Mission Bay, CA $6600


Only the one pic provided.



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1952 M-38 Pittsburgh, PA $21,500

• CATEGORIES: M-38 • TAGS: , .

A friend of the seller’s accidentally put in the wrong price on the FB post and now it won’t let him change it, so ignore the “$2150” price. Contact P# is in the text.

“Facebook wont let me add the correct price, so thats wrong. READ THE POST FIRST BEFORE RESPONDING ! Im posting for a buddy, call or text him directly, you wont reach him thru this messenger, if u do ill just delete your message.1952 willys m38, title mc35123. Frame off resto. 24 volt system with 12 volt distributer. 24 volt dist included to put back on. Locking hubs, rifle rack and more. Bob, 412 five seven six three three two five. Located near pittsburgh pa. $21,500”

1952-m38-pittsburgh-pa0 1952-m38-pittsburgh-pa1 1952-m38-pittsburgh-pa2 1952-m38-pittsburgh-pa3 1952-m38-pittsburgh-pa4

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1947 CJ-2A Missoula, MT $5500


Unclear what the rust situation is.

1947-cj2a-missoula-mont-4 1947-cj2a-missoula-mont-5 1947-cj2a-missoula-mont-6 1947-cj2a-missoula-mont-8 1947-cj2a-missoula-mont-9

Runs and Drives
New Battery
Carburetor Kit
New Break Shoes
New Break Lines
New Master Cylinder
New Shocks
New Leaf Spring
Fuel Tank Flushed
New Exhaust”


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1952 Truck Pendleton, OR $8500

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

Looks like a nice ride.

“New interior, manual transmission, straight six Chevy motor. Good body, starts up and drives, nice wheels and tires. 3-speed with over-drive transmission, twin stick 4wd. $8,500
Pendleton, Oregon”

1952-truck-pendleton-or1 1952-truck-pendleton-or2 1952-truck-pendleton-or3 1952-truck-pendleton-or4