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1947 Drag Jeep Enumclaw, WA **SOLD**

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1947_dragjeep_enumclawUPDATE: Was $1500. **SOLD**

If the paddle tires are in good shape, this could be a good deal.

“willys, has small block currently full of water,moter may or may not be good i beleive its a stroker motor , sat outside for a year after i lost my storage 2wd s10 frame 4 linked kinda cool paid 5g for this 5 yrs ago has paddles roll cage powerglide line lock stall conv. tach dash is tinned w all toy need 1500 firm come get it.”

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1943 MB Bakersfield, Ca **SOLD**


1943_mb_bakersfieldUPDATE:  SOLD

$900 for a ’43 MB that turns over? This shouldn’t last long at all. I’m assuming it’s an MB, as it could be a GPW.

“1943 willys jeep. Motor turns over, it ran a few years ago when it was parked but I havnt tired to start it. It is an original military jeep that was used in a few movies in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It is out of the DMV system so a title wouldnt be a problem.

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1951 M-38 Elburn, IL $5200


1951_m38_elburnIt’s got a few dings and plenty of dust, but it appears sound, complete and stock.

“1951 M38 Jeep Willys. Korean war model. Runs good, many extra parts. As the pitcures shows does have the original accessories for the military. Very fun vehicle to drive and reliable. Call Dave at 630-333-2477”

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Working Jeeps from Offroad Adventures

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offroad_adventures_workingjeepsI’m not familiar with the “Offroad Adventures” publication.  Instead, as usual, I stumbled upon it while looking for something else.  It’s a compact 2 pages article with a variety of pics of cjs accompanied by different hydraulic implements.  I’m not a big fan of the myvirtualpaper’s interface, but the pics are still cool.

See the working jeeps article

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Reader’s Builds — Jeff’s Jewel’s Flat Fender

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After seeing all the interest in stainless on the website, Jeff has kindly provided us with a couple of looks at his all Jewels Flattie.  It’s not just the stainless that makes this look nice, but also the accents, such as the execution of the rear bumper design. With a full cage on the inside and a winch, this jeep is quite capable of playing in the sand, the trail or wherever he wants to take it.

Jeff notes below:

“This is my Semi stainless / galvanized jewels body kit mounted on a 1952 cj3a chassis. Currently powered by a chev 153 4cyl. I also own another complete kit that I have been collecting for the last 15 years. It appears there is a lot of interest in these stainless jeeps these days.”



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1948 CJ-2A Boulder, MT **SOLD**


1948_cj2a_boulderUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2848.

That’s a big winch on the front of the jeep.  I’m not familiar with it.

“1948 Willys Jeep was a ground-up build about 7 years ago. Has a 302 Ford engine-runs very well,but could use a tuneup as I have changed oil-air filter every summer, but havent done anything else (didnt have to) all Jeep other than engine I have had this jeep about 5 years and have never had anything go wrong with it. This is one tight vehicle. no rattles tight tight..I have put less than 1000 miles on this in the last 3 years. I drive it around town in the summer. Has never been abused. Has been garaged. No rust. No dents. Pto wench worked when I got it 5 yrs ago,but have never used it. Tires are fare.50%.(they were new 7 years ago) fun rig.”

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1949 CJ-2A Vancouver, Wa $2500


UPDATE:  Price has dropped to $2500 which I think is a great price for this jeep.

It looks to be in pretty good shape.  There were only 2,182 CJ-2As built in 1949, so this might be a rare CJ-2A.

“1949 Jeep Willy CJ2A, RUNS WELL, flat head 4cyl, 3spd, Hi/Lo range, 4×4 with locking hubs,front tow bar, new top, tires are in nice shape, has been switch to a 12volt system, unsure on the gear ratio. been stored for two years – somewhat negotiable on price. Call 360-518-1567”

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MB restoration from Fowler Automotive

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1945_mb_fowlerautomotiveFowler Automotive appears to perform high quality restorations of mostly older vehicles.  As a side project the owner(?) did an MB restoration.  I don’t know anything about Fowler Automotive, other than I believe they are in the bay area (based on the telephone numbers).

Here’s a snippet from the webpage:

“A few years ago my son and I traded into a bunch of WWII jeeps and partial chassis. We kept the best three. He needed a summer project so I turned him loose with his buddys to build one jeep from all the available parts. That went pretty well and he ended up with this ’45 Ford GPW which we have taken on many trips over the last five years.”

Click here to see the entire story


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1944 MB Chatsworth, CA **SOLD**


1944_mb_chatsworthUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3400.  Additional pics.

Overall, this looks in pretty good condition.

“I have a 44 MB 90% origial tons of extra parts engine, transmission parts,fuel tanks, arctic top, 1950’s jeep cans, extra set of wheels, carburetors, lights, gauges, NOS distributors, spark plugs,gasket sets. All or part Wife lost job so its gonna go.”


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1948 CJ-2A Lakewood, Wa $4000


1948_cj2a_lakewood3UPDATE: The price has dropped to $4000

Lots of upgrades on this CJ-2A.  The ‘bad’ items don’t sound all that bad.

“1948 willy cj2a, 302 V-8, three speed, twin stick transfer case, rear dana 44 locked, front dana 27 locked, extra front and rear axles complete, new red paint, new front seats, brand new painless wiring, 33×11.50 super swampers, ready to go. The Bad: Needs new gauges soon and a new front right shock. $4000 O.B.O. Call Berry 253-861-1161 for questions ”

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1955 CJ-3B Portland, Or $34,900


UPDATE:  The price has, inexplicably, gone up $2000 to $34,900 over the past month.

A reader reminded me that this is only 2 wheel drive and that it’s been for sale for a few years.  But, it’s a nice looking CJ-3B, so I thought it was worth posting.


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Jeeps in Tahiti


Sometimes, you just gotta love the internet.  While searching for an MB dashboard image relating to an earlier post, I ran across a brief history of jeeps in Tahiti , which was mostly historical photos such as the one below, along with some images of a restored 1944 MB in Tahiti, shown at the bottom of the post.



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1946 CJ-2A Paradise Valley, Az eBay


1946_cj2a_arizona18It’s 1:53pm my time and the auction for this CJ-2A ends in about 4 hours.  The price has climbed to $14,600, pushed high by two bidders, though this high price seems a bit fishy to me.

“This particular CJ is finished in Harvard Red, which was a 1946 only color and was replaced for 1947. The Body, Serial, and Frame numbers all match and this was the 73,437 CJ2A produced and was built late in the ’46 model run which ended at S/N 83379. This Jeep is said to lived its whole life in Arizona and Colorado and is believed to have only 56,166 original miles on the body.”

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1946 CJ-2A Joshua Tree, CA **SOLD**


1946_cj2a_joshuatreeUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

It appears that a good amount of core work has been finished.

“1946 Willys CJ-2A. Rebuilt F-head engine, trans., and transfer case. New springs, brakes, shocks, carburetor and gas tank. Rebuilt 12V alternator, water pump and radiator. Chassis is complete except for steering, pedals and master cylinder. Engine is all hooked up and you can hear it run. Body needs new front section floors. Body is sitting on rolling chassis for transport. No title, bill of sale only. $1,500 obo. Please contact for additional info or photos.”

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1947 CJ-2A Soquel, CA **SOLD**


1947_cj2a_soquelUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5800.

I can’t tell if the paint on this is unusual or has been altered as part of the photo compression process.

“1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A Frame up restoration, many new parts. Stock Engine, 12 Volt System, Overdrive, Stainless fastners, Epoxy Primer 31 Inch Wheels, Rifle Rack Leather Seats. 1000 Miles Since Restoration.”

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1946 CJ-2A Woodland, Ca **Sold**


UPDATE:  A reader reports this has been sold.

This appears to be a very nice rig and I think it’s a very good value given it’s got a stainless steel chrome windshield. I’m pretty sure the seller means sm420 tranny.  Interestingly, the very top pic on the bulletin board shows an external fan attached to the outside of the grille.   I don’t know if that’s a new feature or an old one, but it would suggest there might be cooling problems.

“Thinking about selling the wifes rig. She never drives it and Im tired of seeing it sit. $4000 obo.  200 miles on new chevy 350, hyper pistons, small cam, 1.6:1 roller rockers, 4bb quadrajet carb. 31″ tires, 95% tread. GM power steering. best top high back seats. Fishmouth fab 6 point cage. soft top. sm240 4 speed. d18 transfercase with 200 miles on it since rebuild. on board air.  5.38 gears. dana 44 rear. dana 25 front. fenderwell headers with 2 chamber flowmasters. griffen aluminum radiator …”


You can view a variety of pics at this bulletin board (some pics at the top and some you have to scroll down about midway)


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1951 CJ-3A Sultan, Wa $4000


1951_cj3a_sultanI’m not much of a fan of the roll bar, but otherwise this looks like a good CJ-3A with a few extra features.

“V8, No rust, always garaged and never 4*4 $4000.00 OBO”

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Year? CJ-3A Hayward, CA **SOLD**


cj3a_haywardUPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

I thought this might be a DJ-3A.  Instead, I think someone just hacked the sides of the body out on both the passenger and driver’s side.



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1961 CJ-3B Reeders, Pa **SOLD**


1961_cj3b_readersHere’s a good looking CJ-3B that comes with a few new parts.  The starting bid is $2599.00.  This could be a navy jeep.

“Built in April of 1961. Engine was rebuilt several years ago and runs better than when new. Transmission and transfer case are in great shape and the 4×4 is fully functioning. The body goes like this: Windshield frame is rusty but I have a replacement that goes with the deal.  Hood is good, rightside fender is good, left side fender has some rust but I also have a nice replacement fender that goes with the deal. All the steering and suspension is good and road worthy….”

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Browning 2 speed Overdrive


rangeroverdrive_300While searching ads this morning I ran across a 1958 CJ-5 with a Browning 2 speed. I’ve never heard of that, so I looked into it, but couldn’t find out much about them.  Anyone ever use one of these?  Are they tough enough?  Apparently, they look similar to the Ranger Intermediate Overdrive that I show to the right.

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1952 CJ-3A Depoe Bay, Or $5000


1952_m38_depoebayThe seller of this calls the jeep a 1952 Military Jeep, but I don’t see the batter cover nor the glove box.  So, I suspect this is a CJ-3A.

“this jeep has been a project of mine for past three years. just painted candy apple red. tuff coated under carriage and in side to avoid rust. all orignal parts. four cyl eng runs. just rebuilt tran’s.needs part for transfer case and rear drive line. over 10,000 invested.also needs some front end work.1952 willys army jeep. contact butch @ 530-863-0010 will consider trade”

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Zombies invade Austin, Tx … sort of


zombiesOk, so this has nothing to do with jeeps and it wasn’t really zombies, but I thought it was funny, soooo ….. hackers had their way this morning with commuters in Austin, Texas.  An electronic road sign that normally reads “Construction Area Ahead” was updated by some hackers to read “ZOMBIES IN AREA!  RUN”.

While drivers interviewed were amused, a City of Austin Spokesman was less amused, saying “Even though this may seem amusing to a lot of people, this is really serious, and it is a crime and you can be indicted for it, and we want to make sure our traffic on the roadways stays safe.”

I suspect this won’t be the last electronic road sign we see hacked.  Read more here ….

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1961 CJ-3B Dolan Springs, Az **SOLD** Was a great deal …


1961_cj3b_body_dolanspringsUPDATE: The price on this was $800, which just goes to show that there are some great deals if you look hard enough ….

Here’s a CJ-3B parts jeep with a never-mounted replacement body.  This is definitely worth a look.

“1961 willys Jeep CJ3B for parts or restore.No motor.No Title,sold as parts with bill of sale only.AS-IS.The chasis is all together,with trans and transfer case,frt and rear axles and driveshafts and steering.Will roll.Body is a steel replacement with fenders,grille,hood and windshield (no glass)all new,never mounted on chasis.Body has surface rust due to poor storage,but will still clean up nicely.Also I have the old body,which is shot,but has a lot of hardware on it to use on the new body.I have the original frt fenders,hood,windshield and tailgate,all repairable also.The steel body kit is over $3000 by itself.Call with any questions 928-767-4670 home or 928-230-6090 cell. THANKS”


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2 1950 CJ-3As Sunnyside, Wa $5000


1950_cj3a_sunnysideI’m not sure how I missed this ad, but it’s been available since January 4th.  Plenty of pics in the Ad.  2 1950 CJ-3A jeeps for sale.

“I have up for sale two 1950 CJ3A’s. one is gray with best top soft top, with a 134F engine, t90 transmission, t18 transfer case, 2 inch lift, converted to 12 volt and runs and drives great. the other one is blue is a project jeep, with a 350 chevy small block engine, converted to 12 volt, needs finished. For full asking price also comes with Mile Marker 9000 winch and a full best top soft top for the blue jeep as well. Call 509-728-2718 and ask for Mike or e-mail through craigslist.”

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1951 CJ-3A Westminster, MD **SOLD**


1951_cj3a_baltimoreUPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $4600.

This sounds like a good jeeping drivetrain.

“1951 Willys CJ3a (Clear title).  225 v6 w/headers, T90 3-speed, dana/spicer 18 transfercase, dana 44 front disc brakes detroit locker w/4.88 gears, dana 44 rear detroit locker w/4.88 gears, spring over conversion w/shackle reversal, power steering, 33 inch pro-comp x-terrains on simulated beadlocks, winch, full size spare, less than 10,000 miles on drivetrain (rebuilt in early 80’s). New seats, tires, wheels, gas tank, fuel pump, battery, and high amp alternator. Too many toys, no reasonable offer refused.”