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1962 Wrecker Truck Plympton, MA $2500

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Craig forwarded this wrecker/ snow plow combo. I bet this doesn’t last long. No title.

“Original factory made Willys Wrecker with Well-Built body.
Equipped with a Fisher power angling snowplow.
No title.”

1962-truck-wrecker-plympton-ma1 1962-truck-wrecker-plympton-ma2 1962-truck-wrecker-plympton-ma3

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1957 Truck and 1962 Tow Truck Antioch, IL eBay

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This auction is for two trucks. The ’57 is apart, but has a title, while the tow truck doesn’t have a title.

“Auction is for a 1957 Willys Pickup, with clear title, that is in pieces however you will receive at no additional cost a Really cool Willys Pickup/Tow Truck. This is a project that needs some finishing touches however most of the heavy lifting is already done. Pretty solid however the cab has had some repairs that are less than perfect. Serial number for the Tow Truck is 55268 70575. Most of what I did was major mechanical…new timing chain and gears, new electronic distributor, rebuilt carburetor, new clutch and pressure plate with turned flywheel, new speedometer cable.

* used some parts from a 1957 pickup that will also be included in the sale, specifically the T-90 trans and cross member as well as the wiper motor. Truck runs great, clutch is smooth as silk. Needs new front windshield, tail lights and other minor finishing touches. This is as close to original as it gets…she isn’t fast and drives like she’s 50 years old but it is really cool. You will receive clear title for the 1957 and all remaining parts from the, frame, axles, etc. The Ramsey pto isn’t hooked up but is included as well as the drive shaft to the winch. Front pusher bumper and plow included. The plow pump needs an adjustment to the check valve as it doesn’t always stay up. You will also receive a brand new radiator and plastic gas tank however the ones in the truck are fine. Buyer could use the Tow Truck as parts Truck to refurbish the 1957…just a thought.”

View all the information on eBay

1957-truck-two-antioch-il0 1957-truck-two-antioch-il1 1957-truck-two-antioch-il2 1957-truck-two-antioch-il3 1957-truck-two-antioch-il4

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Canfield Wrecker Brochures on eBay

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Autolit has several brochures of each type for sale.

1. Canfield Wrecker Brochure: “original Part Color Folder , 8 x 9 Folded , 11 x 9 Unfolded , Pickup And FC-150 , Canfield Wreckers.” View all the information on eBay . $12.14 + shipping


canfield-tow-brochure22. Canfield Wrecker Postcard: “original Postcard , 8.5 x 5.5 , Canfield Tow Truck Equipment .” view all the information on eBay

canfield-mailer-brochure1 canfield-mailer-brochure2


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Wrecker from Jack Tipple Motors

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UPDATE: Paul Barry shared some photos of the truck shown below. The hamilton toy wrecker is cute.

Paul wrote, I kept asking about the tow truck. I guess the owners got tired of me asking and said if I wanted the tow truck I had to buy all the Willys stuff left over from the dealership. Shucks!

The story behind the truck is it was ordered from Toledo with a Canfield wrecker and was delivered in 1955 along with a new CJ-5. The truck arrived in red primer, as it was to be painted the yellow and blue AAA colors, the business was a AAA station since 1927. The pair of jeeps arrived very late at night and as was the custom the transport just dropped them off in front of the store. When morning came, only the CJ-5 was there, no tow truck to be found. I suppose phone calls were made and the truck was supposed to be right in front. Someone came into the station later that morning and said they saw a tow truck stuck in the riverbed back at the crossroads. So they took the old wrecker and recovered the new one In the Eel River (ed note Ferndale is just south of the Eel River). The local hooligans stole the truck and since it was delivered with only a couple gallons of fuel, ran out of gas while “wheeling” it.

tipple-truck-restored-paul-barry1 Willys America tipple-truck-restored-paul-barry-Willys America


A Ferndale Willys dealer originally used this truck wrecker to tow disabled vehicles. He also used it as a customer demonstration vehicle.



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Charles Finds Some Unusual Photos

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Charles forwarded an interesting collection of photos with rare implements or oddities:





mb%20agri 18_jpg5_.jpg1. forum_0022 441.JPG1.

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Truck and Wagon Scandia, MN **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $5500.

The truck has an unusual tow package.

“Willy’s jeep for sale. – Originally from the state of Wyoming. The wagon has a cover, winch, high lift jack, and like new tires. Ran when parked. Engine turns over.”

truck-wagon-washington-wi1 truck-wagon-washington-wi2

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1963 FC-170 Cannon Falls, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $12,000.

(05/18/2013) This appears to have a push bumper on front.

“I’ve decided to sell my restored 1963 FC170 Jeep Wrecker, the restoration was done in 2009 the replacement cab came from Arizona and the box was completely rebuilt by myself, all of the drive train is in great working order It has a 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission, Dana 44 front and rear differentials the wrecker was built by Jack Heil company out of Chicago Il. Feel free to contact if you need more information.”

1963-fc170-cannonfalls-mn1 1963-fc170-cannonfalls-mn2

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1958 FC-150 With Wrecker Crane Ironwood, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** on eBay for $4200

(07/24/2014) Looks like a good rig that needs a few items finished.

1958 Jeep Forward Control (FC150). Looks good, see pictures. Starts, Runs, Drives, Stops. Has been displayed at Car Shows. A good candidate for full Restoration. Wrecker Crane can be removed as one piece. Have Tailgate. New Battery. Original 4 Cylinder Engine. Driveable as-is, but could use work on following items: Seats, Door Locks, Window Wipers and possibly other items. I am not a mechanic.”

1958-fc150-ironwood-mi1 1958-fc150-ironwood-mi2 1958-fc150-ironwood-mi3 1958-fc150-ironwood-mi4

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1961 Truck Norfolk, VA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $2300. **SOLD**

This is a rare/hard to find willys tow truck. I was going to restore it,but just don’t have the time. The motor is a hurricane 6 cylinder flat head. It did run when I bought it. The battery is long been dead from sitting. The body is in rough shape but everything else seems to be solid. Come bye n take a look, make a offer. Any question you can call me, thanx.”

1961-truck-tow-norfolk-va0 1961-truck-tow-norfolk-va1 1961-truck-tow-norfolk-va2 1961-truck-tow-norfolk-va3


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1952 Truck w/Tow Boom Inland Empire, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD**. Was “Make Offer”.

Needs some restoration, but might be worth a look. Has a push bumper, too.

Willys truck with tow truck bed.Pro built in 1955.Collapsable boom and tow sling,Pto winch,283 Chevrolet motor,granny 3 speed trans,Saginaw steering box,4 by 4.Side bed tool boxes.Needs some restoration.Serious offers only”

1952-tow-truck-inlandempire-ca1 1952-tow-truck-inlandempire-ca2 1952-tow-truck-inlandempire-ca3 1952-tow-truck-inlandempire-ca4

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Canfield Wrecker Rapid River, MI on **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay for $999.

These sure don’t appear for sale often.

canfield-wrecker3 canfield-wrecker2 canfield-wrecker1canfield-wrecker4 canfield-wrecker5

“Vintage slide in wrecker unit. made by canfield. was on a jeep truck.Turn your pickup truck or jeep into a tow truck. Goes in pickup box. Factory made. I know the last two owners. This was purchased used in 1967 or 1968. I don’t know the year of manufacture. This has been on a 3/4 ton jeep, a new 1975 chevy 3/4 ton and a 1996 dodge 3/4 ton.

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1958 FC-170 Lincoln, NE **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1800.

Not running. Check out that push bumper!

“Jeep FC 170 that has a push bumper on front and a wrecker sling. Wasused at a repair shop around Ashland. Has a wild lace paint job. 4wd and uses the same drive line as a flat fender Willys. Looks to be complete although the transmission and transfer case are partially disassembled. This truck has no title. Asking $1,800obo. Not too many around. Parts are easily found online.”

1958-FC170-WRECKER-lincoln-n1 1958-FC170-WRECKER-lincoln-ne2

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March 1945 Photo of Custom Wrecker on eBay

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Here’s a pure utility custom wrecker from WWII.

“1945- U.S. troops sit in the “jeep wrecker” they created and with which they tow in jeeps that have run into trouble  on the Western Front.”

View all the information on eBay

1945-04-06-wrecker1 1945-04-06-wrecker2

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1963 Tow Truck Cedar Lake, IL **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was “make offer”.

Fred spotted this tow truck for sale. It’s got some work left, but looks like it will be a good looking truck when finished.

“I bought this truck to finish it but some other things came up so im gonna see what people will offer me for it it runs it lot drives it needs a windshield and some minor interior done but 1 catch i have no title i talked to a few people they say its easy but i have no clue my cop friend ran it before i bought it and it didnt come up stolen so lets see what people think about what its worth thanks for looking also it has a flat head 6cyl it runs but could use a tune up”

1963-truck-tow-cedarlake-il0 1963-truck-tow-cedarlake-il1 1963-truck-tow-cedarlake-il2 1963-truck-tow-cedarlake-il3 1963-truck-tow-cedarlake-il4

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More Jeep Photos from Europe

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Charles forwarded these great photos taken in Europe.

The first is a ‘pension’ for Dogs and Cats . . . aka animal control.

jeep-with-unique-hardtop2 jeep-with-unique-hardtop1

Here’s a nice looking service jeep created from a MB or GPW.service-station-tow-jeep

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1957 Truck Denham Springs, LA eBay

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How about that setup?

“1957 Willys Long Wheel Base Truck.
Ran 2 years ago
No title
Must pickup in Denham Springs, Louisiana”

View all the information on ebay


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Ramsey’s Heavy Duty Double Winch

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Anyone ever seen one of these in person? I found this in a 1957 Ramsey brochure I bought.

1957-ramsey-heavy-duty-double-winch1 1957-ramsey-heavy-duty-double-winch2

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1953 CJ-3A Arlington, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

Is that a stock winch/tow bar setup? I need to look that up when I get the time.

“This jeep will start and drive – needs some repairs from sitting up for some time. This jeep has original drivetrain (4cyl willy engine transmission and differentials). This also has pto driven winch with an aframe built on it. great deer lease unit or fun in the mud. missing 1removeable seat cushion -others in good condition. ”


1953-cj3a-arlington-tx4 1953-cj3a-arlington-tx3 1953-cj3a-arlington-tx2 1953-cj3a-arlington-tx1

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Year? CJ-3B Roanoke, VA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

It comes with a cool scraper! But, needs body work.




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1959 FC-170 Yakima, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200

(12/13/2013) It doesn’t run, but looks like it has potential.

“Doesn’t Run
289 Motor
Sale or Trade

1959-fc170-yakima-wa3 1959-fc170-yakima-wa2 1959-fc170-yakima-wa1

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Craig’s Pic of the Week: “Need Traction. Ask Red.”

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Craig found this photo from the August 1956 issue of Willys News

1956 August issue Tow Truck

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1955 Koenig Road Service Brochure on eBay

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Here’s a neat brochure that is $3.00 off.

“original Part Color Folder , 8.5 x 11 Folded , 17 x 11 Unfolded , 2 File Holes At Left Edge , Slightly Soiled , “Koenig Wreckers And Road Service Equipment”

View all the information on eBay

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1955 Koenig Wrecker Service Equipment Brochure on eBay

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This is another wrecker-related brochure.

“Original non color folder , 8.5 x 11 folded , 17 x 11 unfolded , three file holes at edge . Shows and describes the Jeep optional accessories . Also included is three typewritten sheets , 8.5 x 11 , which includes prices of the options , one price list sheet is soiled , worn , and torn , one other sheet is torn and ragged at the edges , the folder is in excellent condition.”

View all the information on eBay

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Tow Truck Photo on eBay

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this photo was taken in 1992, so it is possible this truck still exists.

“RGB Original Slide. 1992. Jersey City, NJ. Edward T Gibbs.”

View all the information on eBay

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1950s Watson Towboy Brochure on eBay

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This brochure is at a good price.

“Late 1950’s Watson Towboy sales brochure. Size is 8.5 x 11 opening to 17 x 11. Light wear.”

View all the information on eBay

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