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Baier Lighter and Ashtray Gresham, OR $135

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UPDATE: Price has dropped to $135.

Blaine shared this lighter and ashtray from Baier. This one seems to be one of the more common ones, with no map on top. Compare it with these two or this one And here is a list of all the ones I’ve documented:

“Vintage WWII GERMANY GES-GESCH Willys JEEP Petrol Lighter & Ashtray Trailer. Very cool, made of aluminum with rubber tires. Under the top you would have kept your cigarettes. Measures 9 inch in length and stands 3 1/8 tall.”

baier-lighter-oregon5 baier-lighter-oregon6 baier-lighter-oregon7 baier-lighter-oregon8 baier-lighter-oregon9

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Baier Jeep Lighters Sold on eBay

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UPDATE: Long story short, I bought the bottom two jeep lighters. The first winner of the auction didn’t pay, so when I saw them re-acutioned, I made sure to snag them. 

This first one is the jeep lighter/ash tray combo and initially sold for $113.50 (plus $12.70 shipping), but the buyer backed out. My purchase price was a little less:

baier-jeep-lighte01 baier-jeep-lighte0 baier-jeep-lighte1 baier-jeep-lighte2

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German Baier Jeep Lighter Eureka, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $50

Not in perfect condition, but is better priced than others I’ve seen.

“This item is in good vintage condition. Press the handle to make the lighter pop up. Top of the jeep opens to hold cigarettes and the wagon serves as an ashtray.
I have not cleaned it as I don’t want to damage it in any way.
It will need to be fueled up and have a flint installed.”



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Baier Ges-Gesch Lighter with Ashtray

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Here’s a Baier lighter and Ashtray.

“Vintage Baier Germany Ges Gesch 1950’s Lighter Truck Jeep w/ Wagon Ashtray. Length with the wagon attached is 9 1/8″. Height of the truck is 3″. Condition is good. It needs some polishing and cleaning up. The lighter is in the hood of the vehicle and the roof lifts for storing cigarettes. It is marked on the bottom Baier Ges Gesch. Please email me with any questions.”


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1952 Baier Lighter **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $51.

Here’s a pretty good price on a Baier Lighter.

“This is a Vintage aluminum Jeep Willy cigarette lighter incised Baier on the front and Ges Gesch beneath and manufactured in Germany. In heavy cast aluminum, this unique WWII lighter measure 2 3/4″ long, 1 1/2″ high and 1 5/8″ wide. The lighter is in good condition with 4 rubber tread tires that spin and the rubber is appears unused. There are very small/short, shallow cracks radiating from the hubs on the front tires and on the spare.

The aluminum is a heavy guage and is in good condition for its age with some scratching, a few knicks and minimal tarnishing. The lighter does need some cleaning however I’ve left it untouched. The bottom panel slides out to reveal a clean compartment holding cotton material and allowing acces to the wick and filling with fluid.

In the actual lighter cavity on top of the lighter you will find a relatively clean compartment. The flip lid on this compartment operates easily. I have not tested the lighter and cannot speak to its usability.

This lighter was owned by only one gentleman, a WWII vet who acquired it while stationed in Germany.

These lighters were manufactured during WWII. The lighter is a 1948 design by Walter Baier who also patented. These lighters were meant as souvenirs for soldiers stationed primarily in Germany. It was designed to commemorate the Berlin airlift/blockade.”

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A Baier Flatfender Ashtray and Lighter Woods Cross, Ut **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $80.

Brett found this unusual (and perhaps commerative) lighter and ashtray.  I wanted to make sure and post this before it sold.  Note the red FC toy of some kind in the background as well.

“Interesting vintage WWII figural lighter. I believe it is a Willys Jeep pulling a small trailer that is the ashtray. I’m not sure if it’s made from steel or heavy cast aluminum. The tires are rubber and roll. The levers on the side, which look like door handles, make the lighter on the front of the hood pop up. On the top is a large medal that portrays the Berlin Blockade of the allied airlift of 1948-1949. The roof lifts up to reveal a compartment to hold cigarettes .. the short unfiltered type. Inside this compartment is the original paper label from the maker. W Baier ….. Ges. Gesch. The rest is in German, then US D 150078 patent pending. This Jeep is in very good condition, but there is a bit of oxidation on one side. The only piece missing is a small pole that would connect the trailer to the back of the Jeep. This Jeep is just one part of much larger collection. If you would like more information or pictures, feel free to contact me.”

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Newest Jeep Stuff

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A guy in Seattle sold several lots of jeep stuff from his collection on eBay and I was a the fortunate recipient. So, Merry Christmas to me! The items that particularly interested me were the two different Baier lighters and the two wooden jeep pipes.

The Baier lighters were heavier and in better shape than I expected, while the two wooden pipes are both from France, each with engraved differently on the bottom.

The jeep toys range in quality, but I didn’t have any of them, so they were just a fun bonus. 
ebay-toys-1 ebay-toys-2

Here’s a close up of the two Baier lighters. To ignite the lighter on the large jeep with the map on the top, you turn the door handles (either the passenger side and drivers side). Turning the handle releases the hood piece, causing the lighter to spark (no fuel in it currently). The smaller jeep is the same principle, only there’s a single button above the driver’s door and the lighter piece that pops up is in the top, not the hood.


My growing collection of jeep lighters and smoking related jeeps hasn’t been planned, but does seem to be growing….


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Jeep-shaped Lighters

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UPDATE: Mario shared his newest flea market find. It’s a Ford GPA Seep shaped lighter that holds a lighter similar to the small flat fender jeep lighter shown below.

ford-gpa-lighter-seep-mario31 ford-gpa-lighter-seep-mario32 ford-gpa-lighter-seep-mario3

While searching for another example of the above SEEP lighter, I discovered someone made a SEEP ashtray. It may have been a one-off build, but it’s neat none-the-less:

ford-gpa-seep-ashtray1 ford-gpa-seep-ashtray2 ford-gpa-seep-ashtray3 ford-gpa-seep-ashtray4

From the Collectors Weekly website: “This is another more unusual piece of trench art. This model is 6″ long and stands about 1 3/4” tall. The body is of shell brass and the wheels are “42” and “43” dated .50 cal rounds. The headlights are smaller rifle brass cartridges, dated “43”. The center portion lifts out for cleaning.”


Original Post (Feb 2020): I just returned from a quick trip to Seattle, so limited updates today.

While there, I picked up three different sizes of Jeep lighters (thanks to Dan)! I plan to keep one of each and will sell some of the others. I tried to price these on eBay, but none of these are currently on eBay.

The largest one is particularly cool (far right). To ignite it, you collapse the steering wheel; the fire shoots out the hood. I’ll get a video of it tomorrow. The smaller ones are surprisingly heavy.


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