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1961 DJ-3A Tucson, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

This might have an interesting data tag on the dash.

“Rare Willys Dispatcher jeep, for restoration project or parts. Everything is still original, but vehicle has not run for many years.”

1961-dj3a-tucson-az-0 1961-dj3a-tucson-az-1 1961-dj3a-tucson-az-2 1961-dj3a-tucson-az-3 1961-dj3a-tucson-az-4

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1948 CJ-2A/DJ-3A Davenport, IA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3300.

Looks like a 2A with a DJ-3A body.

“Partially restored CJ2A. Dont have original wheels. Runs great. Sunday driver for us. Body not perfect up close but looks good. Currently a 2wd but have eberything minus the transfer case to switch back over to 4wd. Very simple quick conversion. Upgraded fuel system makes starting etc much easier. Otherwise motor is original as rest of Willys is. Couple options to… wipers and heater.”

1948-cj2a-djea-davenport-ia1 1948-cj2a-djea-davenport-ia2 1948-cj2a-djea-davenport-ia3 1948-cj2a-djea-davenport-ia4

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1962 DJ-3A Magnolia, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE II: **SOLD** Was $3000.

UPDATE: Charles reports that Steve’s 1962 had the same Dispatcher sticker in a different place. My guess is that the sticker could be added to the jeep by the owner.

Doug spotted this one.

“1962 Willys 4 X 2 Jeep Dispatcher (DJ3) Right now the right fender and grill has been removed due to an altercation with a fence post!! Fender can be repaired but the grill was not repairable. I have a new old grill not a a reproduction for it. This jeep is all original with 21,000 original miles! It runs great but it needs some love!!! I’m asking $3,000 OBO!!'”





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1959 DJ-3A Gala/Surry? San Luis Obispo, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8000.

(03/01/2016) No pics provided.

“59 Gala Surrey 2wd Willys Jeep limited editionDJ-3A
a little over 1000 Surrey Gala Packages were produced, until 1965, 3 SPEED
has 24,000 original miles
has been stored for over 10years indoors and will need 160.00 gas tank and fresh fluids to get running properly
The willys has custom tan safari exterior and interior, have all soft window covers and soft panels.”

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1959 DJ/CJ Kern, CA $10,995


Can anyone tell what’s painted on the hood? It’s listed as a 1959, but I don’t see anything DJ here.

“we are located at 3621 stockdale HWY Bakersfield CA 93309 Stockdale Auto Sale for more information call us at 6612828821”

1959-dj:cj-kern-ca1 1959-dj:cj-kern-ca2 1959-dj:cj-kern-ca3 1959-dj:cj-kern-ca4


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1955? DJ-3A Brochure **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

“Here I have a
4-Page Brochure / Flier
Jeep Dispatcher
Form number WX 241-6”




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1956 DJ-3A Elmo, MT $2000


Looks like a DJ on a 4WD Chassis.

“1956 DJ-3A willys jeep 4WD
4 cylinder, F4-134 engine ,2 barrel carburetor. In Great Condition! It was parked at the end of last summer. Needs a new battery. Clear title”

1956-dj3a-elmo-mt4 1956-dj3a-elmo-mt3 1956-dj3a-elmo-mt2 1956-dj3a-elmo-mt1

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1962 DJ-3A Surrey Fort Lauderdale, FL**SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay. $14,999.

Most of the pics are more of these ‘models’ rather than jeep.

“This showroom-fresh Willy’s Beach Car was the center piece of Johnson Jeep & Willy’s in Riverside, California, for many years. The speedometer shows 200 miles since it has been restored.

From the looks of the restoration, it was done by the Jeep Company many years ago, probably in the seventies.
It needed a new parking break cable when I bought it. I’ve installed “Quick Steer” that has made this a joy to drive with 1 finger.

These DJ 3A Willy’s are impossible to find in this condition. From the paperwork, this vehicle looks to have been a Las Brisas hotel Willy’s (Acapulco). I believe that Elvis Presley once owned a Willy’s just like this one, in coral and pink. He certainly drove one in a few of his movies I have seen.

The jeep is missing the top, but I have a re-manufactured original top-style frame for it. And I have located the material and fringe for the Surrey top. This will be the new steward’s job.

The Willy’s stops, starts and rides as it should.
Books and records from the seventies are yours if you are the buyer.
It definitely has some scratches and patina on it. Come see it if you’d like.”

1962-dj3a-surrey-fortlauderdale-fl2 1962-dj3a-surrey-fortlauderdale-fl3 1962-dj3a-surrey-fortlauderdale-fl4

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1948 CJ-2A De Soto, MO $2000


This might have a DJ body.

“I have a 1948 willys jeep for sale it has been repowered with a dauntless odd fire v6 (it was done by the previous owner but it looks like it was done correctly ) it has the original 3 speed Transmission and 2 stick transfer case. The body is pretty solid. I have not had it running yet the previous owner said he had not used it in 4 yr but that it run really well when he parked it so it probably won’t take to much to get it started I have just changed my plans for it and am selling it to fund other projects I am asking $2000.00 obo for it and I have the title in hand any questions please call or text ”

1948-cj2a-desoto-mo1 1948-cj2a-desoto-mo2 1948-cj2a-desoto-mo3

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Year? DJ-3A Albuquerque, NM $1000


It look like the body is a DJ body. It’s listed as a 1946.

“I had visions of doing a frame off restoration and giving this to my dad…..sadly, I will NEVER get to it, so it seems. As it sits, I have removed the tub. it is solid with little to no rust. motor and tranny are pulled as well. both spin freely but presumably need a rebuild. have some spare parts, including 2 windshield frames, 2 grills, 2 steering boxes etc. it’s a solid base to start your Willy’s project.”


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1960 DJ-3A Leonard, TX $1000


It might not run, but there may be value here.

“1960 Jeep Willys, 2 Wheel Drive, Not running. ”

1960-dj3a-leonard-tx1 1960-dj3a-leonard-tx2 1960-dj3a-leonard-tx4

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Year? DJ-3A Surrey Chico, CA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Was $10,000. **Status Unknown**

(11/29/2015) Listed as a 1956, this very well could have been a Surrey, but not in 1956. For example, note the footman loops on the fenders.

“eep is a one of 1100 made it is called a surrey gala willys jeep dj-3a 2wd 3speed it is a 1959 we just got it running after being stored indoors for 13years the jeep is a safari color with the canopy and seats to match the engine does run well just some clean up new fluids and here and theres that are being done unless I sell at moment you can research these jeeps upon the name and the rarity of the 2wd it was shipped from Hawaii from the resorts they were used on vacations for people to drive as rentals or transport clients”


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1958 DJ-3A Austin, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2100.

Has a Toyota 20R engine.

“My father-in-law and I recently bought a 1958 Willys with the intent to fix up or sale. We agreed that we would post it for sale before we tore into it too much, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. We bought it at an estate sale in Fredericksburg from a young man who said the Willys belonged to his great grandpa, but we have NO TITLE on it. Usually this would have been a red flag for me but after a quick search I found that it wasn’t that rare of an occasion to not have a title on one this age. The serial number tag is still intact on the firewall.

We put a decent set of used tires on it so we could roll it and pull it. I pulled it from Fredericksburg to Round Rock and it was just fine. There is rust all over but most of the body rust seems surface deep. There is some rust in spots on the frame, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. I can’t tell you everything that is wrong, I’ve only had it for a little over a week.

It has a Toyota R20 motor and the standard transmission shifts into gear. I have keys for it but haven’t tried to start it yet because the young man said it had been sitting for years.

You are more than welcome to come check it out if you want to see something that isn’t pictured. Again, there is NO TITLE and I am only posting this before I start digging into it myself.”

1958-dj3a-austin-tx31 1958-dj3a-austin-tx32 1958-dj3a-austin-tx3 1958-dj3a-austin-tx4

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1961? DJ-3A Surrey Angels Camp, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500.

Looks like this is missing the front bumper and the front frame rails have twisted slightly. Based on the serial number I’d say this is a 1960 (56337 17492)  if I am not mistaken.

“1961 surrey jeep original paint #s matching 1100 made I have original rims runs great and drives good . currently non op no rust have clear title there is not vary many of this left. ”

1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca00 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca0 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca1 1961-dj3a-surrey-angelscamp-ca2

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DJ-3A Used as Pick up & Delivery Vehicle

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This March 1956 article from Willys News explains how some dealerships were using the DJ-3A as a drop off vehicle. A driver from the dealership would drive the jeep to a vehicle owner’s house, pickup the car, hook the jeep’s hitch to the customer’s car, and then drive the car to the dealership for maintenance. After servicing it, a driver would bring the car back to the customer’s house, jeep in tow, and return in the jeep.


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1960 Surrey DJ-3A Phoenix, AZ eBay


Nice looking surrey.

“1960 Willy’s Surrey Gala Jeep, a frame off restoration with photo documentation of a California Jeep. No expense spared, using only NOS parts where possible. One of only 1,100 made, believed to have only 29,000 original miles, the best one we have ever seen! $44,900; for any further information or to schedule an appointment call Jerry at 602-253-8081. If you are in Phoenix for the auctions call or come by our showroom Monday thru Friday 8 A.M. till 5 P.M.”

View all the issues here on eBay





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1959 Photo of Sommer’s Pharmacy DJ-3As

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This picture was scanned a few months ago by the University of Texas at  San Antonio. It shows a series of Dj-3As ready to deliver Sommers Drugs goods in the San Antonio area.

1959-sanantonio-dj3a-sommers-pharmacy-0 1959-sanantonio-dj3a-sommers-pharmacy-1

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1964 DJ-3A Hayward, CA $4750


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/18/2016) It’s listed as a 1964, but this DJ body doesn’t have the passenger breather, so it might be the chassis that is a ’64. Seller also has some engines for sale.

“Started life as a 2WD DJ3A. It has been converted to 4WD using a Dana 41 full floating rear axle and a Dana 27 front axle, both with 11 inch brakes. T-90 3 speed trans, Dana/Spicer 18 transfer case and PTO unit to power front mounted Ramsey PTO winch.
Good running L-134 4 cylinder engine with Solex carb.
Heavy duty 12 volt alternator.
2 gas tanks. Rear original and added Jeep under seat tank.
Gauge works only with under seat tank. Problem with drawing fuel from rear tank.
4 good 7.00X16 non directional tires. Spare tire is flat.
All gauges work, except rear fuel gauge.
All lights work.
Even the horn works”

1964-dj3a-eastbay-ca1 1964-dj3a-eastbay-ca2 1964-dj3a-eastbay-ca3 1964-dj3a-eastbay-ca4

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1948 CJ/DJ-3A Kilgore, TX $3500


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500. 

This appears to have a DJ-3A body that’s been put on a CJ chassis.

“1964 willys jeep YES THIS THING RUNS! Would make an awesome project I just don’t have the time to mess with it.”



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1964 DJ-3A Fairfield, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3000.

This good looking DJ-3A had been repowered with a Volvo engine. The wheels are a stock size.

“1964 Jeep surrey DJ3A in perfect condition, kept inside, original paint , last year and month made for this model one of the last 10 special order from the factory as a pizza delivery Jeep, the bed “inside” the back is 2 inches wider inside than a stock 3A but the rest is the same as the 4×4, has special order tag, very rare , 12 volt , everything works, original CA plates, new brakes , 4 new mud and snow LT tires, this DJ can go 65 on the freeway, has tow bar and it has a 1.6 liter B16 Volvo duel carburetor sports car motor and Volvo 4 speed transmission professionally installed , clear title, no smog required ever, call with questions”

1964-dj3a-fairfield-ca1 1964-dj3a-fairfield-ca2 1964-dj3a-fairfield-ca3 1964-dj3a-fairfield-ca4

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1961 DJ-3A Hot Springs, AR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600. Former airline baggage jeep.

Seller still has the 13″ rims. It used to be an airport jeep. Frame number matches the serial number plate.

“”This is a rare 2wd model of Willys Jeep. Its sometimes called the “Dispatcher” model. The manufacturing info for all DJ3A’s made in 1961 was only 1542 units. This particular vehicle was in use at the Denver Stapleton Airport. It has the correct flat-head 4-cylinder engine which will turn over, so its not seized up. This Willys needs someone looking to do a restoration job or someone just wanting a “toy” to fix up. I do not have a title since the person I bought it from bought it at an airport auction, since the Jeep was only driven at the airport, there was never any need for titles, registrations, or inspections. I had performed by the Vehicle Theft Task Force in Smith County showing that the vehicle ID/VIN came back clear. Jeep has brand new 2 month old cooper tires and American racing wheels. originals come with purchase”

1961-dj3a-eastmountain-tx1 1961-dj3a-eastmountain-tx2 1961-dj3a-eastmountain-tx3 1961-dj3a-eastmountain-tx4


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Year? DJ-3A Antelope Valley, CA $700


Not sure how much value is here.

“last registered in the 70’s as is where it is with no paperwork”

year-dj3a-antelopevalley-ca1 year-dj3a-antelopevalley-ca2 year-dj3a-antelopevalley-ca3

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Rare DJ-5 Yellow Surrey

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UPDATE: Originally published 12/13/2011

Bruce provided this research on Surreys and found a picture of this very rare Surrey. Of the DJ-5 Surrey he writes, Only 30 were built on what looks like the dj platform.  It looks to be 2wd using the full ‘JEEP’ wheel cover, rear spare, steps, 60/40 seats up front & rear seat, daffodil yellow & white interior & candy striped yellow & white top w/fringe.

According to the Saskkatoon Star Phoenix June 17 1968: “For many years a familiar  sight south of the border particularly at southern hotels & resorts, the ‘Jeep’ Surrey has been introduced to Canada, Kaiser Jeep of Canada Limited, Windsor, Ont has produced 30 for a special program.  Painted daffodil yellow & white interior, its chief characteristic is a  yellow & white candy striped fringe top.  It can also be outfitted w/fully-enclosing convertible top for winter motoring.”

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Year? Flattie Golden, MO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

May be a mix of DJ and CJ parts.

“Willys jeep Dj body ( I think it’s a mid 60sbody made by kaiser ) mounted on 4×4 frame (not sure what year frame is never looked for #s) hei 3.8 Buick engine,lock out hubs, has not ran in years , been stored inside until this year, I don’t have any other pics right now I live in rogers and jeep is in mo. I have owned over 20 years ,Bill of sale Brad”


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1965 DJ-3A Rio Rancho, NM $3000


It’s a rolling chassis.

“I have a rare 2wd 1965 Jeep/Willys DJ3. Last one off the assembly line! The very last of the flat fenders! Its a rolling chassis with some parts. Trans, Drive shaft and small parts. Does not have the engine, seats or gas tank! Make a cool rat rod or restore. ”

1965-dj3a-alb-nm1 1965-dj3a-alb-nm2