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1958? Economy Delivery Brochure and Press Photos

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Over the past couple of days I’ve turn my attention to the disaster that is the ‘jeep’ office. My library of non jeep books and jeep books and jeep toys and other jeep stuff has remained mostly stored for the past two years in this tiny office that’s part of the shop. This is one room that has undergone almost no remodeling … and it shows.


I’ve made some progress (just putting up the books and binders in bookcases has made a difference. One of the side benefits of doing this is finding stuff that I have yet to post, such as the pics and Boyertown Economy Delivery brochure below …

One of the jeep photos appears to have a plate dated 1958, so that’s how I am dating this package.

economy-delivery-van-brochure-press-photos1 economy-delivery-van-brochure-press-photos2 economy-delivery-van-brochure-press-photos3 economy-delivery-van-brochure-press-photos4

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Photo of Norman’s Garage With Jeeps

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This photo of Norman’s Amoco gas station and garage in Akron, Ohio, includes three CJ-2As with modified bumpers. However, note the “Norman’s” sign. I think that is a neon sign and I’m wondering if that jeep lit up at night. If so, that would a pretty awesome sign!


Here’s a closeup of the sign:


Here’s a closeup of the middle jeep:


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1954 KW Truck Brochure SD-203-4

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UPDATE: I’ve updated this post with a higher quality scan of this brochure.

This is the early 1954 version of truck brochure with the KW stamp, form SD-203-4. It’s the only example I’ve been able to find. The subsequent version, form W-203-5, with a green theme is more commonly found online.

1954-form-sd-203-4-truck-brochure-kw1 1954-form-sd-203-4-truck-brochure-kw2 1954-form-sd-203-4-truck-brochure-kw3


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1956 Station Wagon Sales Kit

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Matt was kind enough to share this rare Station Wagon Sales Kit he procured. You can see all the pics here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2382510764/permalink/10159709375710765

1956-station-wagon-sales-kit-03 1956-station-wagon-sales-kit-04 1956-station-wagon-sales-kit-05 1956-station-wagon-sales-kit-06

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1960 Slide of Surrey/Gala in Hawaii **SOLD**

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This slide just sold on eBay for $9.25 (+$4 shipping). It’s a great pic of s Surrey parked in front of the ocean. Someone more familiar with Oahu may recognize that location.



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Testing Out the Complete Race Jeep

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“Leftovers” with the mocked up name. I don’t like the angled bracket I made at the step. I may just got with two bolts and two washer to keep the body in place rather than the bracket.

Yesterday, I attached the remaining netting, roof, and body parts to the race jeep, only to discover I needed to cut a couple small parts from the floor that were too wide for the body (nothing a quick sawz-it-all couldn’t fix).

The hood requires four bolts to attach it, as I need to make sure it stays secure. Five additional bumpers help keep the hood in place.

It’s hard to test the speed on these short jaunts. I really don’t want to tear up the grass too much. In addition, I don’t have it in four wheel drive, again so I don’t tear up the grass too much. The next time I test it, I will wear ear plugs, because when you hit the gas, it gets loud in the cockpit!

Now it’s time for some helmet shopping!

Some additional pics:

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1951 3-Door Wagon Little Rock, AR $7500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $7500.

(07/01/2023) While it has three doors, according to the seller it does not appear to be a hyrail or Fairmont build. So, the history of it isn’t clear.


“Very rare 1951 Willys wagon with the third door passenger side. It’s not a railroad. Or Fairmont built There are no holes in the floor for the towers.  so if you know anybody or any company who needs a Sema build that was my plans”

1951-wagon-fairmount-hyrail-littlerock-ar7 1951-wagon-fairmount-hyrail-littlerock-ar8


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Ann says, “I like it!”

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I installed the new master cylinder for the clutch. The pedal is a bit more stiff due to the larger bore, but it does the job. I wanted Ann to test it to make sure she could operate the clutch, so she took it for a cruise (and kept the speed down to keep the grass intact).

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John Bean FireTruck Ad FC-150

UPDATE: Here’s a better image of a Bean Model 200F from a November 1958 ad on eBay



This post was from August 22, 2012: I show two ads below.  John Bean appears to have built both a FC-150 Model 200-F Fire Jeep, and a FC-150 Model-FJ.  I don’t know what the difference between the two is.

1. This blown up portion of the ad shows the ad for the Model 200-F from a 1960 Ad

2. This ad is from 1959.  I can’t tell what model is shown.  These are two of 12 pages in the brochure.

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Pete’s Searching For a 1948 Wagon

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Pete writes, “Im searching for a 1948 Willys Wagon 4-63. It was originally a family friends Wagon and was in the Hughson, CA area.” If you want to contact him, email him at doubleup144 @ hotmail.com (remove spaces around the @ before emailing).

The wagon’s serial number is 83086 and the engine number is R3523104 … it looks like the jeep got a rebuilt engine at some point.


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Tires Installed on the Racer

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I think this tire setup should work just fine for now. There are skinny wranglers on the front and some classic desert dogs on the back.

I decided to upgrade to a 1″ bore master cylinder from Wilwood for the clutch. Honestly, it kind of feels light and cheap. Unfortunately, the new MC did not include an adapter (A FEMALE(3/8-24 INVERTED) with a MALE(1/8-27 NPTF) to connect the flair tipped line to the MC and our local auto stores didn’t have the correct adapter either. Ugh  … This should reduce the clutch stroke without making it too difficult to use (my first jeep had a really stiff clutch, but I never minded it). Hopefully, I’ll have all hooked up by later today.


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Three Scenic Jeep Tour Slides

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I bought these three Scenic Jeep Tour slides off of eBay, supposedly from 1964. The pic with the FC *might* be ours. I am waiting for the slide to take a better pic.

With the racer near done and the nice weather, I plan on tackling a couple outside projects, then begin work on the FC Tour jeep.

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours3

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours2

1964-tour-jeeps-scenic tours1

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June 1960 Ad and Merch Highlights Wagon

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This June 20, 1960, Advertising and Merchandising Bulletin included a wall poster showing new styling changes in the ‘Jeep’ vehicle line. I wish I knew which poster that was.

There is also reference to an ad in the April 25th, 1960, issue of Life Magazine. But, it wasn’t a ‘Jeep’, but rather a Goodyear tire ad that includes a jeep.



Here is the Life Magazine:

1960-04-25-life-magazine-jeep-ad1 1960-04-25-life-magazine-jeep-ad2

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Random Slides of Jeeps on eBay

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I was going through eBay and found these jeeps on slides for sale.

  1. DJ-3A Gala on St. Thomas:
  2. Circus CJ-5 Jeep with half-cab helping unload a circus wagon
  3. Truck with canopy pulling trailer parked at campsite among beach dunes
  4. Red GPW with suicide wood(?) door and soft top with boy seated in driver’s seat
  5. CJ-6 Fire Jeep from Shenango Township, which I think is in Pennsylvania
  6. DJ-3A Galas with tall roof and a DJ-5 Gala at Las Brisas Resort
  7. M-38A1 Fire Jeep from Delaware pulling boat. This has been available since 2020.
  8. CJ-2A with snowplow sporting a Worman Jeecab hardtop
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1942 Ad for Carborundum with Jeep on eBay

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This is an ad I’ve never seen. What’s more surprising is that the seller has four of them!

View all the information on eBay

Willys Jeep Ad
1942 Original ad.
It takes a lot of parts to make a Jeep”


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Unusual Hub

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David shared this unusual hub with me. It’s not one I recognize. I *think* it is some form of a summer hub, perhaps adapted from a locking hub. Note the welds on two sides of the six-sided metal plate atop the hub.


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2024 Holy Toledo Calendars are Ready

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Bill Norris let me know that the new Holy Toledo calendars for 2024 are ready to sell. Go here to learn more: https://www.dispatchermagazine.com/calendars


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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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UPDATE: Solved the oil spillage issue. The oil was coming from the back of the engine where the oil gauge line attaches to the engine. I had made the hose a little too long, so it didn’t tighten down correctly. Trimming the line fixed the issue. So, I got to drive around the property yesterday instead of doing updates for today ….



Gassing up the racer.

The good news: I rolled the racer out of the garage, put in some gas, and tried to start it. Naturally, it didn’t start straight away. After fiddling with it, finally figured out that the manual choke needed to be opened (the choke was never hooked up on the old racer, so I never thought about it). Once I adjusted the choke, the jeep started right up! So, I will be adding a choke cable.

Unfortunately, while looking for the starting problem, I ran my forehead into the tall air cleaner bolt. It was only a large scratch and some blood, so not that big of deal. I was more made than anything. This highlights the problem with the bubble in the eye; sometimes it screws with the depth perception.


Starting the racer.

The bad news:  Once it started, it sounded as great as it did last year. However, for some reason the fuel pump didn’t stop pumping prior to starting the engine (that’s how I remember it working). This suggests to me that maybe something isn’t sealed correctly, so it’s not building the pressure needed to shut off the pump? I will have to research the pump to double check this. I’m sure the fix will be fairly simple.


Discovering the rear main seal likely needs to be changed.

The ugly news: The worst issue was underneath the jeep; I discovered that a significant amount of oil was leaking out the back of the engine. My guess is the rear main oil seal needs replacing. Ugh! It was fine when I parked it last summer (and this highlights the risk of “ran-when-parked” jeeps!). I’ll let it sit for a day or two and see if things magically right themselves.

That pretty much ended my garage time yesterday.

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3 Dogs, 3 Rims and a Bonus

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I have been wanting a set of 5 lug aluminum rims that match the six lug aluminum rims for the racer. Yesterday, while fuming about the oil leak, I went on FB Marketplace and did some searching for local motorhomes (pondering the idea of getting a gently used, older motorhome to take to races). After looking through ads, on a lark, I entered a search for Desert Dogs. Lo and Behold, these three popped up for sale for only $400! Check out all that barely used tread!


Even better, the dogs were mounted on the style of rims I had been seeking!  I made arrangements to get them, which meant driving to Boise today.

It turns out they had been an extra part of a Suzuki Samarai purchase.As a bonus, they threw in another desert dog, though it doesn’t have much life left.



This rim has a little cosmetic discoloring and the tread is slightly different, but no bid deal. On the left you can see the other rims. The COOP tires on the green rims will be transferred to the other matching six lug aluminum rims that I have.

This is the worn tire. It has enough tread for racing.

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Demo or Counter Display Hubs For Dealers

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UPDATE: This post originally highlighted Paul’s Warn hub counter display model. Now, this post will highlight several different demo or display hubs with sections removed for dealers. Anyone seen images of other examples?

1. Cutlas Selective Hub: You can see a brochure for this early Cutlas hub here.  This was on eBay (last priced around $450), but sold away from eBay. See more pics of this here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/175866727203
cutlas-selective-drive-display-model6 cutlas-selective-drive-display-model7 cutlas-selective-drive-display-model8 cutlas-selective-drive-display-model9

2. Dualmatic 2-lever Watson-style Display Hub: This hub has a Dualmatic sticker, but is the type sold under the Watson brand (Watson-branded hubs & Dualmatic hub lever variations). This display hub was also on eBay, though I don’t remember the price. It probably sold off ebay as a package with the Cutlas hub above. See more pics here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/175866718846


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Dana Spicer Hub/Lok Hubs

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UPDATE: This Hub Lok hub was designed for early Ford Broncos. It is listed for $149 on the Bronco Graveyard website.




Originally posted on June 8, 2023: Thanks to David for spotting this set of hubs for sale on eBay (still available as of (9/10/2023 for $499).  The seller of these hubs is selling the hubs with the original installation and operation instructions! The manual accompanying the hubs confirms that the Hub Lok hubs were sold by Dana and/or Spicer, which is what we thought, but lacked physical evidence as proof. So, it’s a great find!

View all the information on eBay 


An original dash sticker? Probably not another one of these around!hub-lock-dana-spicer-hubs11


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Wood Top on Rescued Jeep

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Jordi bought this CJ-2A with an interesting hardtop (the plates indicate this is a jeep outside the US) and posted pics to Facebook. To me, this top looks most like a Station Wagons, Inc, body.  The suicide doors and certain elements are extremely close (especially in the Pop Mech ad), but not exact.

jordy-cj2a-wood-hardtop5 jordy-cj2a-wood-hardtop6 jordy-cj2a-wood-hardtop jordy-cj2a-wood-hardtop8 jordy-cj2a-wood-hardtop9

Popular Mechanics Ad from the January 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics, pg 266.  This ad appeared in the February 1948 issue as well.


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Fiberglass Jeep-looking Body for VW Chassis

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Jason posted these pics of a jeep-looking fiberglass body with some unique aspects to Facebook. The hood is lower than usual vis-a-vis the fenders, the rear fender wells have a flare modeling into it, the rear mid-section looks slightly longer, it has a step with a runner along the entire side, and the rear has a unique flare on the back. Also, it is interesting that the top edge around the back is about as thick as a Bobcat or Parkette body.

According the discussion on Facebook, “I was told by the owner there was a local guy he in nh that was big into fiberglass I guess he also built cobra body’s and he made a few of these.” I suspect there aren’t many of these around.

veep-fiberglass-vw-body1 veep-fiberglass-vw-body2 veep-fiberglass-vw-body3


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Al-Toy 1-seat Jeep Seattle, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $50.

Some idiot put the wrong link in this post … fire him!

This is missing the windshield.


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Jeep CJ-5 Camper 1/43 Scale Model 109€ (Euros)

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Blaine spotted this really neat model of a Jeep CJ-5 Camper setup. It’s pretty neat model and unique model that I believe is about 3″ long. It is shipped from Mannheim, Germany. In the post below this one, there’s some history about the camper inventor.


ac09017-autocult-jeep-cj5-universal-camper-1969-usa_6_1280x1280 ac09017-autocult-jeep-cj5-universal-camper-1969-usa_1_1280x1280 ac09017-autocult-jeep-cj5-universal-camper-1969-usa_0_1280x1280