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1955 Service Truck Body Borchure

Here’s a neat brochure.  I can not remember running across one of these installed on a truck for sale.

View all the info on eBay


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Wedding Cake

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Speaking of weddings, Keith thought we’d appreciate his daughter’s wedding cake.  She got married last weekend.  Congrats to the bride and groom and a nod to their taste in cakes!

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Year? CJ-5 w/ Post Hole Front Royal, VA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Thanks Sonny for this great find. It is a screaming deal that shouldn’t last long.  That’s a really rare setup.

“This is the coolest little Jeep post hole digger.
Needs a started
tires need to be filled.”

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Rich’s Family CJ-2A

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Bought new by his grandfather, Rich’s CJ-2A is still serves the family.

Rich writes, “The 48 CJ2A was bought new by grandfather.   My dad got it in 1956  and I got it in 73.  Someday my son will be the owner.  Here are a few old pic’s from back in the  50’s . Me  and my sister are in a few shots.”

Thanks for sharing Rich!

And the Jeep today:

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Steve’s ‘Just Married’ Photo

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Given the wedding theme of the last week, Steve shared the following photo.

Steve writes, “Jumping on the bandwagon of the “Just Married” photo theme, the attached photo is of my honeymoon car that toured Central Oregon in September 1995.  I took this today showing how my Jeepster looked the week following my wedding day.”

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4th Annual FC Get-Together Aug 3-5, 2012

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Don’t forget the FC Get-Together this weekend in Tacoma, WA.

2012 NW FC Roundup Details

NW FC lovers mark your calendars.  Aug 3, 4 and 5 are the dates we are gathering in Tacoma, WA.  The address and directions of how to get here are on the enclosed link.

The times are:   Fri, Aug 3 rd, 3 pm till 7 ish;
Sat, Aug 4 th, 9 am till 7 ish;
and Sun Aug 5 th, 9 am till 1 ish.

We will have hot coffee, tea, and choc with fruit and rolls Sat and Sun am.
Fri eve, those interested can take in a local restaurant.
Sat noonish, we will have a barbecue lunch, probably turkey/pineapple burgers and beef burgers, fresh salad and potato
salad (donations for the food is appreciated).
Sat eve, for those interested, we will go to another local restaurant.

Please drive, haul, or bring photos of your FC’s and FJ Fleet Vans. If you have parts for trade, sale or donation to the raffle, please bring them.  You can arrive any time and day that’s convenient.  Your significant other is encouraged to join in.

The event will be in a company parking lot.  The lot has a tall security fence with a lockable gate.  A locked warehouse is available if anyone desires.  A covered area will provide relief from sun or rain.

If there are any questions, please email or call me at
gaylordmingo@gmail.com, 253 759 5932.

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1958 DJ-3A Photograph on eBay

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This was some type of Eastern Airlines DJ-3A.

View all the information on eBay

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December 1947 Unity Magazine Cover

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Colin forwarded this wonderful cover from the December 1947 issue of Unity Magazine, a Willys Overland Magazine.

Coling writes, “The cover shows a small girl, actually the daughter of the magazine editor, holding an Al-Toy Jeep truck and just below it, the box it came in.  The Jeep truck was to the best of our knowledge, the Christmas toy for the Willys VIPs and high volume dealers for 1947.”


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1958 TWA Photograph on eBay

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Here’s a staged photo fo a Trans World Airlines CJ-3B.

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1958 Airline Water Truck on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles, Old Images

Here’s an unusual truck used by United Air Lines.

Learn more about this photograph on eBay

Here’s a version of this truck from a different angle

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Picture of a couple in their MB/GPW

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Here’s a neat picture of a couple posted in their MB or GPW at 2LIFE+


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Ann and Kasia Team Up

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I know I’m not supposed to be posting today, but Ann and Kasia, my daughter, were running errands when they spotted this CJ-5.   So, they gave chase and flagged him down.  I wonder if the guy thought he’d get jeep-jacked?  On the other hand, maybe it isn’t two often two beautiful women flag him down? Either way, they cornered their prey and shot the picture.   No wonder my beautiful bride is a permanent part of the eWillys Team!  🙂

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1959 Jeep Gala (Not Surrey) Booklet

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Bruce wanted to share this “Form H1-3-59 Jeep Gala advertising booklet”.

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New York – Patagonie OU 35.000 Kilometres en Jeep

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For those readers, whose French is better than mine, is this 1952 book about a pair of French men, Daniel Barbey and Henri Boucher, who go to New York in 1947, purchase a brand new 1947 CJ-2A ,and take it on an adventure through the US, Central and South America.  The book was publish in 1950.  It would be a good reason to learn French.

The only copies I’ve run across are here:




and here:



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Jeep Carnival Ride @ Eagle Fun Days (In Idaho)

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At last year’s ‘Eagle Fun Days’, which is held in Eagle, ID, where I used to live.  In 2011 one of the carnival rides had had old flat fender jeeps in it.  Here is a shot of one young man enjoying himself.  His grandfather has less pleasant things to say about the event, which you can read in this blog post.

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Warn Selective Drive Hubs Brochure on eBay

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One of the selling points is that there are no buttons to press!

View all the information on eBay

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1968 Kelly Cabs Brochure **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Here are a few pages from this brochure from Kelly All Steel Cabs.

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Airline Crew Wagon Photo on eBay

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Some photos looked staged, others look really staged.  I’d say this is the latter.

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“THE JEEP” in Life Magazine July 20, 1942

Kurtis spotted this article from the July 20th, 1942, issue of Life Magazine.  Some of the pictures are familiar, but this is the first time I’ve seen this entire article.  The article extends 7 pages and can be viewed in its entirety online.


Here are the first and last pages:

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1942 Kids Book – PLANE TANK SHIP JEEP on eBay

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I’m not sure just how many jeeps are in this. I’m guessing not many.

“Here is a Saalfield Co.WWll era paste book,”PLANE TANK SHIP JEEP” great graphics,USED condition,There are 4 pages 8 sides in ths book,I have shown pics of six,the last is an uncolored pic of a beach assault by the Army this last pic is not a paste on it is for coloring or painting. One page of paste parts is still intact (see pic) these will never come off they are stuck,this was paste on in its infancy.Book is 12″ X 10″ published around 1942 .The covers front and back are spectacular and in good shape.High bid pays 4.00 media thanks Mike”

View all the information on eBay

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Willys Truck in Jackson Hole, Wy

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Rob was waiting for family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, while on vacation when he spotted this nice looking truck.

He writes, “I went out into the parking lot to see if I could find some old Jeeps and there it was in the parking lot , nice looking truck. Did not find the owner. Hope the pictures turned out. Rob.”

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Jeep Replacement Parts from American Auto Parts on eBay

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Here’s a catalog that advertises Ford, Willys & Jeep parts as late as 1967 for sale on eBay

View all the information on eBay

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Willys Overland Order Forms

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Bruce was wondering if anyone collected these?  He received them with something else and has no use for them.  Just comment down below and I’ll hook you up with him.

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Just Married . . .

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It is 6pm Pacific Standard Time, which means Ann and I should be married by now.  As dedicated as I am, I’m not running to my computer to upload pictures of our brief ceremony.  So, these couple of shots will have to do.

Here’s a Willys MA all decked out:


Here’s a couple in the back of a WW2 jeep from Flickr:

And thanks to John for sending this picture 🙂

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1940s Kid’s Coloring Book on eBay

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Here’s an odd cover for a kid’s coloring book.  Those cats(?) look rather evil.

“You are bidding on a vintage Jeepers coloring book from the 1940s. Features a Willys Jeep on the front and back color. Some pages are colored. In good shape, considering. Would look cool framed! It’s a Jeep thing…”

View the information on eBay