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Year? Model? Batesville, IN Auction June 19th


The jeep is mostly disassembled, but there is a pic of the chassis with the drive train and steering wheel. Not sure how much value is here, but there appears to be some. It looks like it has a PTO as well.


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1948 CJ-2A Jasper County, IN Auction June 19th


This 1948 CJ-2A with a side patch and a 3A windshield was owned by Jasper County, Indiana. It’s up for auction on Saturday, June 19th.


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Model F-23 Kelly Hardtop for CJ-3A St. Charles, MO $500


Seems in good shape. You can see what the F-23 looks like in this brochure post:

f23-kelly-all-steel-hardtop-stcharles-mo1 f23-kelly-all-steel-hardtop-stcharles-mo2

“Complete Kelly full steel cab fits Willys CJ3A.
Basically consists of 6 large pieces.
2 lockable doors with frames that attach to the windshield. The door windows roll up.
2 side panels with large windows.
1 solid piece roof.
1 lift gate with large window.
Had very limited usage and only has minor surface rust from setting outside a couple of years.”

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L-head Engine & Other Jeep Parts Roscommon, MI Auction June 20th


This engine looks in good shape and is probably from a CJ-3A or DJ-3A.There’s also supposed to be a jeep chassis and other parts for auction.

“Willys Jeep Chassis, Willys Jeep Motors, Willys Jeep Parts”


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FC-150 Bed West Point, NE **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $399.

(06/03/2021) No pics provided.

“I bought this FC bed out in western Nebraska with the intent of using it behind a cj10 cab.
That project changed hands and directions several times, and now I have an FC bed with no home for it.

I do consider chopping it to make it a different size for some other Jeep based pickup project.

But if someone needs it for an actual FC, that would be best.

It’s not pristine, so modifying it wouldn’t be a huge sin. But it’s solid enough that a real enthusiast might want or need it. Not many folks can say they’ve ever owned any forward control Jeep parts at all, so maybe you want it for bragging rights or to build a trailer for your flatfender.

I paid 500 several years ago, so I guess we can start there. Just my luck it’ll be worth 3000 and I still let it go for 500…”

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CJ-3A or CJ-3B Koenig Hardtop Scottsbluff, NE $475


Seller is unsure of the model, but given the date provided, I’d say it was a 1953 CJ-3A or CJ-3B. I don’t see pics of the flaps that mount the doors to the body.


koenigh-hardtop-scottsbluff-ne1“willys jeep koenig full metal top cj2a cj 3a cj3b cj5 ???? not sure what model it came off they said they thought it was from a 53 ??? but not sure of that came from a dry eastern wyoming so rust is not a issue has the brass koening tag hard to take good pic of it but doesnt say what model it was …. i have no of the door hinges not 100% what model this is for the doors say early but the front top addition says ? may for a ??? it can stay for a few months but if a tornado high winds hail etc destroy it ITS STILL YOURS NO REFUNDS BY NOT PICKING IT TIMELY MANNER YOU AGREE TO THAT TOP IS LOC NEAR SCOTTSBLUFF NEBRASKA”

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1946 CJ-2A Lancaster, WI $15,500


UPDATE: Still Available.

Looks solid.

1946-cj2a-lancaster-wi1 1946-cj2a-lancaster-wi2 1946-cj2a-lancaster-wi3 1946-cj2a-lancaster-wi4

“1946 Willys cj2a with MB grill. 134 ci flathead 4 cyl. New: tires, springs, shocks, steering wheel, steering shaft.
Rebuilt steering box. New seat cushions and covers. New brake master cylinder. New brake lines, much, much more.
Colorado ranch vehicle, no rust. Most everything has been gone through, but not engine because it runs very well. Asking $15,500.”

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L-heads, F-heads College Station, TX


UPDATE: Some engines still available: Willys M38 M38A1 CJ-2A CJ-3 CJ-5. They also have a variety of older jeep parts, including radiators, grilles, windshields, seats, and more.

(04/29/2020) Not sure what all is here, but in the pics I can see some L-head and F-head engines.

“Rebuildable Jeep engines flat head and F head with many accessories and some new parts available.

75+ engines currently in stock.
Contact for more information.

engines-tx2 engines-tx1

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1954 M-170 Hellertown, PA $8000


Craig shared this one. It looks like a good restoration candidate.

“Military 1954 M170 medical ambulance. Good condition with all the rails and hanger. Has 24v heater and new batteries. Engine is in excellent condition with correct parts. original data plates with Willy’s as manufacture. Needs canvas but bows are included.”

1954-m170-allentown-pa1 1954-m170-allentown-pa2 1954-m170-allentown-pa3 1954-m170-allentown-pa4

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2021 Epic Willys Adventure — August 13th-28th

• CATEGORIES: Features

The 2021 Epic Willys Adventure will be hitting the road .. or better put … the Oregon Trail, starting August 13th. Their goal is to follow the Oregon Trail, if I’m not mistaken, from Missouri to Oregon.

Word on the street is that the intrepid crew may seek some refuge near the end of their journey at the new World Headquarters of eWillys for a night. Let’s hope they make it!

More on this adventure as it unfolds. If you are interested in sponsoring the journey, feel free to contact them through the website:


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New (Old) Drill Press

• CATEGORIES: Features

I’ve been spending the last couple weeks stalking Craigslist, trying to find a good price on a drill press. A couple days ago I found a Jet in great condition for $250, but I called to late on that one. After searching some more, I finally found a 16 speed drill press for only $100. So, I drove up to Ellensburg (about an hour and a half north) and picked it up today.

drill-press-1 drill-press-3

It turned out the seller was a long time farmer who used to own a machine shop (along with a 3000 acre farm) outside of Hermiston, but he downsized to a hundred acre place in Ellensburg. Because of that, he didn’t need the drill press. He said it worked great, but sometimes one of the chuck teeth would stick when changing drill bits. One thing that made the deal worthwhile to me was that he included the drill press vice and a notcher, two tools that together, when new, are about the value what I paid for the whole package.

Add into that, $50 for a never-used 40″ John Deere Aerator (Piece at $489 and Home Depot) and I’d say I had a good day shopping!

The funny thing about the visit was that the guy had grown up in Prosser (where we now live) and owned several Willys Jeeps (a 1956 CJ-5 was his high school vehicle). Small world.

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Joe Brown’s 1944 Book w/ Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

UPDATE II: I received this small booklet. There are thirteen pages (with lots of pics) written by Joe Brown and eleven pages about donuts, including a quiz and recipes (as in, you can use donuts in a variety of ways). So, if you want jeeps, don’t buy this booklet; but, if you like donuts, then this might be a winner. Below are a few sample pages …

1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts1 1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts2 1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts3 1944-joebrown-you-said-a-mouthful-donuts4


UPDATE: Curiously, after I purchased a copy on Amazon, the price went up a dollar.

In early 1944, Actor and Comedian Joe E. Brown published “You Said A Mouthful”, a book about his adventures entertain troops. The cover includes an illustration on the cover of him on a jeep. If interested, here are various copies for sale on eBay.

“A rip roaring; Illustrated; funny story of Joe E. Brown’s adventures in entertaining millions of doughboys all over the world.”


PHOTO CREDIT: University of South Carolina …

The book was published by the Doughnut Corporation of American and Bond Bread. Thus, this explains why he’s holding a donut. An advertisement for Bond Bread is included on the back of the book:

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1944 MB Dubois, WY $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(09/17/2020) Looks solid. Has a 3A windshield.

“1944 willys jeep in very good condition. It has warn hubs, auxillary transmission, pto, hi & lo range 4×4, canvas top, 4 cylinder, and new tires. Have original steering wheel”

1944-mb-dubois-wy0 1944-mb-dubois-wy1 1944-mb-dubois-wy2 1944-mb-dubois-wy3 1944-mb-dubois-wy4

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1944 GPW Hutchinson, KS **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $14,000.

Not perfect, but looks to be a solid GPW.

“This is a Parade ready 1944 Ford GPW Jeep. It has a rebuilt transmission, a new water pump, and new rear brakes. It has also been changed over to 12 volt with an alternator. It has a Kansas Title in my name, and starts and drives great. The Jeeps Vin # is 173577.”

1944-gpw-hutchinson-ks0 1944-gpw-hutchinson-ks1 1944-gpw-hutchinson-ks2 1944-gpw-hutchinson-ks3 1944-gpw-hutchinson-ks4

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1962 FC-170 Santa Fe, NM $15,000

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Runs and drives.

“962 jeep willys fc170 for sale. Very rare and sought after vehicle. All original except for new wire harness, electronic ignition, new Tires, front and rear brake shoes and drums. Complete weather stripping and clutch kit not yet installed. Runs and drives good. Minor rust on bed. Might consider interesting trades plus cash.”

1962-fc170-santafe-nm1 1962-fc170-santafe-nm2 1962-fc170-santafe-nm3 1962-fc170-santafe-nm4

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1954 CJ-3B La Mesa, CA $5000


Seems to have potential.

1954-cj3b-lamesa-ca1 1954-cj3b-lamesa-ca2 1954-cj3b-lamesa-ca3 1954-cj3b-lamesa-ca4

“1954 Willys Jeep
Strong running 4 cyl overhead valve original engine.
3 speed manual transmission, no smog required.
New Muffler & tail pipe. Good tires & 2 spares.
12 Volt electric, tow bar & new cover.
Recent rebuild of gearbox, transfer case, & clutch.
Nevada registration good until July 2022.
Shop manual & parts catalog included.”

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Several CJ-5s, CJ-2A, And Wagon Elizabeth, CO

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ5, Willys Wagons

Seller has a variety of jeeps that must go.

“1957 Willys CJ5 Jeep. All original 4 cyl . I used on the ranch for years. still runs but needs a tune up. . I also a 1955 cj5 and 1963 cj5 that have not been running in a few years, all original with 4cyl motors. And a 1952 willys wagon. All have good Colo titles. CJ 2A, badmotor no title. I am having to sell all due to health.”

jeeps-elizabeth-co1 jeeps-elizabeth-co2 jeeps-elizabeth-co3 jeeps-elizabeth-co4 jeeps-elizabeth-co5

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1951 CJ-3A Englewood, CO $7500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/22/2021) This appears solid. IT has a turbo V6.

“51 willys cj3a 225v6 turbo 350 auto 2 stick transfer case disc brakes”

1951-cj3a-englewood-co6 1951-cj3a-englewood-co7 1951-cj3a-englewood-co8 1951-cj3a-englewood-co9

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1951 CJ-3A El Cajon, CA $8000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(05/29/2021) This has a government plate; it may have been a Navy CJ-3A. The tailgate has been replaced.

“Willys 1951 CJ3A Jeep Nice Original Jeep in Running Condition complete with Title and current Non-Op. The Jeep runs well and the lights work as well as the locking hubs. Upgraded to 11″ brakes & brakes pull to the left Note: I believe this was a Navy base vehicle. Minimal rust & the Data Plates are still there. Low ball offers will be ignored.”

1951-cj3a-elcajon-sd0 1951-cj3a-elcajon-sd1 1951-cj3a-elcajon-sd2 1951-cj3a-elcajon-sd3 1951-cj3a-elcajon-sd4

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1959 CJ-5 Silver Plume, CO $4500


It’s got some rear quarter panel damage at the spare tire location, but other wise might be a solid early CJ-5 with a PTO winch.

“I have a 1959 Jeep CJ5 runs and drives and needs somebody work I have the doors in the top contact me with questions 4500 or best offer”

1959-cj5-silverplume-co0 1959-cj5-silverplume-co1 1959-cj5-silverplume-co2 1959-cj5-silverplume-co3 1959-cj5-silverplume-co4

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1951 M-38 Camp Verde, AZ $5895


Doesn’t run at the moment.

“This listing is for this M38 Jeep posted in the pictures, along with MANY extra parts. Does not run at this time, but, was running when it went into storage.”

1951-m38-campverde-az1 1951-m38-campverde-az2 1951-m38-campverde-az3 1951-m38-campverde-az4 1951-m38-campverde-az5

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1947 CJ-2A Paso Robles, CA $6000


Has updates.

1947-cj2a-pasorobles-ca1 1947-cj2a-pasorobles-ca2 1947-cj2a-pasorobles-ca3 1947-cj2a-pasorobles-ca4

“1947 Willys Jeep CJ2A.
Currently registered till 2022 clean title and pink slip in hand. No smog required for this vehicle in California.
4×4 works perfect
Hi and Low range as well as in and out of 4×4 including neutral working order.
Front axle hubs lock and open correctly.
It has a 1971 Chevy 350ci motor in place of the original. Runs and drives great.
Advance Adapters plate connect the v8 to the 3 speed manual. (Common engine swap)
T-90 3 speed transmission
Dana 18 transfer case
Dana 25 front axle
Dana 41 rear axle
Newer radiator and electric fan
Saginaw steering box
31×10.50 R15 wheels and tires
8,000 lbs winch with synthetic rope
Smittybilt 5,000 lbs tow bar for flat towing the Jeep. Easy to use!
Roll bar and soft top”

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1948 CJ-2A Big Fork, MT $4500


No pics provided.

“1948 CJ-2A Willy’s-Overland Jeep with rear PTO, Original “Go-Devil” engine, new front seat frames, older tires with good tread & spare tire & wheel, Repair manuals. Original except for new windshield & tires. This is in the process of being refurbished and is not currently running, needs electrical work. This would be a good project for rebuild / restoration. Can be seen by appointment, located in the Bigfork area.”

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1945 MB(?) Kingman, AZ For Trade


Listed as a 1945, it’s unclear whether it has any ’45 parts.

“1945 willys , runs and has orig 4 sticks on the floor. 37s with a hard top and soft top. Looking to trade for a split window rounded nose old truck.”

1945-mb-mohavecounty-ca1 1945-mb-mohavecounty-ca2 1945-mb-mohavecounty-ca3

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1942 GPW Gilbert, AZ $13,900


UPDATE: This is back up for sale.

(05/24/2021) This looks like it’s in good shape with only a few mods.

1942-gpw-gilbert-az51 1942-gpw-gilbert-az52 1942-gpw-gilbert-az53 1942-gpw-gilbert-az54 1942-gpw-gilbert-az5

“Absolutely rust free Jeep Ford GPW in excellent-running and driving condition. Recent front axle and front end rebuild. Period correct MB WILLYS engine ( original GPW ENGINE block is available as conveys) . T 84 original transmission toFord. F marked parts and bolts all around. Air cooler is not correct . Have original and will sell separately. Correct combat wheels and tires”