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Year? CJ-3B Longville, MN $1975


Looks to have some value.

“Runs drives stops!!! Overhauled over head valve 4 cylinder! Good tires no weather checking has brand new seats that come with it new fuel line good restoration or project mud truck trail runner or drive”

year-cj3b-longville-mn0 year-cj3b-longville-mn1 year-cj3b-longville-mn2 year-cj3b-longville-mn3 year-cj3b-longville-mn4

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Day 10 Aug 11: North Atlantic Cowboy

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<–  Day 9 Aug 10: Primitive Camping | Day 11 Aug 12: All Good Things Come to an End –>


Beach camping at Gander.

The crew spent the day doing some more exploring of Newfoundland. They began the morning on the beach at Gander Lake. It ended at Gros Morne National Park.


Another short driving day, with a wet drive from Gander to Gros Mourne National Park.

Gander Lake proved to be a beautiful place to begin the day.



While the beach is a romantic spot to camp, it’s not all that flat. So, Joe and Bill had to get creative with their equipment in order to have their beds passably level.


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Photos of Navy DJ-5s


Gayland shared these pics from an auction he won. They demonstrate that AM General targeted the Navy for DJ-5s, too.

Navy DJ5 drivers side Navy DJ5 dash Navy DJ5 engine Navy DJ5 rear drivers side Navy DJ5 rear passenger side

Navy DJ5 back cargo area

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1953 CJ-3B Rimrock, AZ **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Price was $4750.

Could be worth a look.

“All original, 4 cylinder, winch, Willys has new radiator, needs some other work but not much. One seat needs upholstering. Has all canvas top and sides with it. Been in Arizona all its life. Brand new spare tire to match others which also have no road wear.”





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1957 Wagon Chassis and Other Parts Idaho

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

Frank’s got a chassis and some wagon parts for sale.

“Have 57 Willy’s wagon frame for sale – includes 4 tires and wheels, Dana 25 and Dana 44 axles, master cylinder with new brake lines and steering gear with steering wheel. $400 for all.  Also have many parts removed from Willy’s including spot light, heater and many others.  For information please call 208 – 309 – 3449 – as for Frank or email: fhalverson @ (remove spaces around the @)”

wagon-parts-id2 wagon-parts-id3 wagon-parts-id4 wagon-parts-id5

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1979 DJ-5 JeepRod Auburn, WA $3500

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Jeep Rods

Dan spotted this modified DJ-5.

“79 mail jeep rat rod runs drives all lights work no blinkers or gauges hooked up or trade for motorcycle. 318 v8 mopar”

dj5-jeeprod-7 dj5-jeeprod-8 dj5-jeeprod-9 dj5-jeeprod-10

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Day 9 Aug 10: Primitive Camping

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<–  Day 8 Aug 9th: Collecting Penneys | Day 10 Aug 11: North Atlantic Cowboy –>


The crew’s campsite for Saturday night.

On Saturday, the Newfoundland crew left their comfortable environs at Pippy Park for lands unknown (to them) for some primitive camping.  Below, the sun shone a little more than the day before as they left the campground:


Both on Friday and on Saturday the crew met members of the Overland Newfoundland group, a “group for outdoor loving people who seek adventure by overlanding” the province of Newfoundland Labrador.


One of the numerous members of the Overland Newfoundland group that the crew met along their travels on Saturday.

Along their way to their remote campground, the crew stopped at the North Atlantic Aviation Museum in Gander, NL. They took some pics for us there:

naam0 naam1

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1957 CJ-5 (14k miles) Storrs, CT **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9500.

“For sale is a very nice example of an unmolested early Willys Jeep CJ5. Its a 1957 with just over 14,000 original miles.. Starts, runs, drives, and stops as it should. This would be an incredible piece to do a full restoration on or just enjoy the originality and patina of it and hop in and go just like it is. That was my original intention on this one, just to address a few of the minor rust spots and enjoy it just like it is and was meant to be.”

1957-cj5-storrs-ct0 1957-cj5-storrs-ct1 1957-cj5-storrs-ct2 1957-cj5-storrs-ct3 1957-cj5-storrs-ct4

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1966 CJ-5 Tux Park Quebec, Canada $24,000 CDN


UPDATE: Jeremy has included some additional pics.

Apparently, this was author John Irving’s jeep at one point. Note that it appears to have later model fenders. Contact Jeremy at jeremi.ferron @ (remove spaces around the “@”) for more info.


1966-cj6-tux-park-qb14 1966-cj6-tux-park-qb15 1966-cj6-tux-park-qb16

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1943 Bantam Trailer Butler, PA $5000

• CATEGORIES: trailer

Henry’s got this nice looking trailer for sale.


1943-bantam-trailer-butler-pa3 1943-bantam-trailer-butler-pa2 1943-bantam-trailer-butler-pa4

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Day 8 Aug 9th: Collecting Penneys

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<–  Day 7 Aug 8th: Visiting St. John’s For The Halibut | Day 9 Aug 10: Primitive Camping –>


Bill, Kevin, Eric Penney, Cowboy, and Jim. We met Eric’s son Todd Penney in Fort Nelson in 2017.

Our intrepid Newfoundland crew spent the day meeting more folks and taking in the sights.

They started the morning at the break of dawn, hoping to see the first rays of sun to hit the North American continent. So, they drove to Cape Spear (A National Historic Site), the most eastern edge of Canada. However, Mother Nature fooled them, hiding the sun behind some clouds ….





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DJ-5 Military Photos

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Features, Old Images

Gayland won these images at an auction. Like yesterday’s brochure, these show what at least some of the Army’s DJ-5s looked like. He’s got some naval photo images he plans to share later.

Army DJ5 driver side
Army DJ5 driver side rear
Army DJ5 Rear

Army DJ5 Rear tire carrier open

Army DJ5 Rear cargo

Army DJ5 passenger side rear

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Fixing Up a Walnut Tree

• CATEGORIES: Features

Bernd was busy with his CJ-5 again, this time straightening up his brother’s walnut tree. He wrote, “Yesterday the Jeep helped us setting upright my brother’s walnut tree, which was bent by the wind. I applied the force carefully und manually with a wire rope hoist. The Jeep served as an anchor.”

20190809_144316_low 20190809_144239_low

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Day 7 Aug 8th: Visiting St. John’s For The Halibut

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<–  Day 6 Aug 7th: New Found Land Ho! | Day 8 Aug 9th: Collecting Penneys –>


A photo of the highway from Argentia to Pippy Park, NL

After a 16-hour ferry ride (I finally received information on the correct length of the journey) Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the crew reached their destination: Newfoundland. It was a little wetter than expected.


When the Newfoundland crew awoke and strolled out onto the ferry deck on Thursday morning, it was a bit cloudy, but the views were still gorgeous.  Here are some photos:

2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-cj2a-ferry 2019-08-08-newfoundland-day1-cj2a-jim-boat2

Here’s a great shot of Kathy Jo, Joe, Jim and Kevin, on the ferry:


The crew landed and disembarked; the first indication that they’d landed in the right place was this huge welcome sign:
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1961 Parkway Wagon Surrey, BC, Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons

Johnny is selling this late model Parkway Conversion wagon project.

1961-wagon-parkway-surrey-bc2 1961-wagon-parkway-surrey-bc

“1961 Willys Wagon Utyility Delivery 4X4. Has rear swing doors and a parkway conversion. This is a project. All parts are there, most in boxes. However a body restoration process has already begun. The new rear quarter panels need to be attached and floors need some new metal. Comes with new quarter panels. Original driver/passenger doors have very little or no rust. Spare… hood, grill, and left/right front fenders, each are very good and straight. Spare driver/passenger doors, in average condition. I have had it stored in my heated garage since 1986. Open to offers.”

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1948 CJ-2A Orangevale, CA $11,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $11,000.

(08/07/2018) Entry sides have been altered.

“1948 Willys CJ2a, total restoration (frame off). Every mechanical and electric system is new or rebuilt: steering, suspension, brakes, fuel, cooling and drive train. It has not been registered and used since the restoration was completed. The only conversion from original equipment is a dual reservoir master cylinder and dry element air filter. Please call with questions, but do not make an offer without looking at it. Clean title in hand. ”

1948-cj2a-orangevale-ca45 1948-cj2a-orangevale-ca41 1948-cj2a-orangevale-ca42 1948-cj2a-orangevale-ca43 1948-cj2a-orangevale-ca4


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Updates Over the Next Few Days


I’m spending the latter part of this week and weekend with Ann’s family as part of Stongfest (their annual reunion). So, I won’t be doing many updates other than she ones I’ll be doing for the Newfoundland crew (as well as Facebook updates).

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Day 6 Aug 7th: New Found Land Ho!

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<–  Day 5 Aug 6th: Scooting Across to Nova Scotia | Day 7 Aug 8th: Visiting St. John’s For The Halibut –>


Bill’s CJ-5 is loaded and ready for the ferry ride to Newfoundland. Bill, nice work on that photo!

UPDATE: It turns out the ferry takes 16 hours to reach Newfoundland from Nova Scotia, so they traveled over night on the ferry.

On Wednesday the group had a short drive from Linwood to Sydney, Nova Scotia, where they caught a ferry to Newfoundland. The ferry ride is around 16 hours (or so I was told), so they don’t arrive until Thursday morning.


You can see the crew drove for less than 2 hours (lower left), so after several longs days, the start to their day has been pleasantly short.

The Newfoundland 2019 (or Rust) crew enjoyed a nice group breakfast to start their morning yesterday. That’s a pretty nice view!


On the left side of the table, front to back, we have Donna Ogle, Kathy Jo Ingrum, Scott Ingrum, Jim Fowler. On the right side, front to back, we have Tom “Cowboy” Ogle, Kevin “Smith”, Bill Reiss, and Joe Bee (his FB name … aka the mechanical genius).

After breakfast, the crew hit the road. At some point, Joe Bee’s alternator protested it’s working conditions and decided to strike, causing Joe’s battery to falter. Joe countered by borrowing a battery from Cowboy and Donna’s trailer. Then, they hunted down a new alternator.


The view below is not an uncommon site on our trips. He’s usually arm’s deep helping fix his own or someone else’s jeep.

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Brochure Showing DJ-5s Were Marketed to Military

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features

UPDATE: I’ve added the missing page (it’s the one with the 6 Dispatchers in a circle).

Gayland scored this rare brochure that demonstrates that DJ-5s were marketed to the military by AM General.

DJ-5-Military-Brochure---cover-lores DJ-5-Military-Brochure--1-lores

DJ-5-Military-Brochure--2-lores DJ-5-Military-Brochure---brochure-interior-lores

This brochure was inside the above brochure. Given it shows a DJ-5G, the DJ above may also have been that model.DJ-5-Military-Brochure--DJ-5G-lores


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1972 CJ-6 Lacey, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: This has been relisted at BAT (not sure if it is by the original or new owner). Thanks to Chad for spotting it.

“This 1972 Jeep CJ6 was reportedly purchased new from Sanford Motors in Tacoma, Washington and is said to have later remained in storage for 31 years with its second owner. Power comes from a 304ci V8 paired with a three-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case, and the body is finished in President Red with a white soft top over a black interior. The seller acquired the Jeep five months ago, and service in that time is said to have included a new brake light switch, an oil change, and a clutch adjustment. This CJ6 shows approximately 46k miles and is offered with a custom auxiliary fuel tank, a spare set of tires, removed parts, a service manual, and a clean Washington State title in the seller’s name.

1972-cj6-lacey-wa0 1972-cj6-lacey-wa1 1972-cj6-lacey-wa2 1972-cj6-lacey-wa3 1972-cj6-lacey-wa4

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1953 CJ-3B Hopewell Junction, NY Free


Ryan spotted this free stuff.

“Old willys jeep cj3. Frame is extended and on dodge ram axles (additional rear axle included). Needs a lot of work but could either be a project or just to scrap. Missing grill and hood. No wheels so it would have to be flat bedded out on dollys. I can offer minimal assistance getting it off jack stands and removing from garage. Completely free”

1953-cj3b-fishkill0 1953-cj3b-fishkill1 1953-cj3b-fishkill2

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Day 5 Aug 6th: Scooting Across to Nova Scotia

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<– Day 4 Aug 5th: Lobster Tales and Other Stories | The NF Trip 2019

UPDATE: It seems I landed flat on my face. It turns out that there is a Saint John, New Brunswick, and a St. John’s, Newfoundland, (thank you Ian). It’s all very hard to see that accurately from where I am on the West Coast. So my apologies! 

On Tuesday the crew drove from Saint John, NB, to Linwood, Nova Scotia, a distance of just under 300 miles.


Yesterday the Newfoundland 2019 (or Rust) crew woke to a beautiful morning near the bustling city of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Here is a beautiful pic of St. John, NB:


I learned Tuesday that the crew had been in Canada almost 24 hours, yet still hadn’t been to a Tim Horton’s, the second greatest thing Canada has ever produced; the greatest thing the country has produced, of course, are stand-in movie locations: Vancouver as Portland (I’m looking at you Grimm) or the Drumheller Valley in place of the US West (Unforgiven).

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Roberto’s Latest Works For Sale

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Robert has added these works to his list of items for sale. Email him at robflores @ (remove spaces around the @) if there’s something you’d like (or to have a custom illustration done).





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Idaho Truck w/ Service Bed

• CATEGORIES: Willys Trucks

TJ was in Idaho the last couple of days visiting a friend. While there, he and his friend helped out a neighbor who uses a truck with a service bed to pull a baler, pictured below. Cool truck!





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1978 Brian Chuchua Coloring book

• CATEGORIES: Books, Features

UPDATE: I originally wrote this post prior to the end of the auction, as I new I’d be busy all night. I should have known that someone would sweep in and snap this up for more than the $10 I was willing to pay. So, I actually missed out on this one.

I could imagine there are few, if any, left. I’ve considered doing a coloring book, but have no way to gauge the interest on something like that.

brian-chuchua-coloring-book3 brian-chuchua-coloring-book4 brian-chuchua-coloring-book5

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