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Mon. June 17th: Three Museums & Steve

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<– Day 44 – Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville | Trip Overview | Day 46 – Tues. June 18th: Shabu Shabu and Pipes –>


Steve and I outside Schoops for lunch in Warsaw, Indiana

On Monday June 17th, we decided to attempt three car museums in Indian within a single day. I’m happy to report that my wife was receptive to the idea and our adventure did not end in divorce!


On Monday June 17th we drove from Auburn, Indiana, to Chicago, Illinois.

The first two museums, the National Automobile and Truck Museum of the United States, also known as NATMUS, and the Auburn, Cord, Deusenberg Museum, were started by the same person in Auburn, Indiana.

Given they are essentially on the same campus, at least it seemed that way to me, you might think the two would offer a joint ticket package or jointly advertise. Instead, each barely mentioned the other on their respective websites. In fact, we only discovered the NATMUS after arriving to see the Auburn Cord museum on Sunday evening (but we arrived too late to get in).


The NATMUS building is in the distance, while the ACD museum is to the right.

Having mapped out our strategy, on Monday morning we began with the NATMUS, because it opens at 9am (the Auburn, Cord doesn’t open until 10am). Active Military get in free, which saved us some dollars.

The collection can be roughly divided into three sections. The first area is filled with toys of different sizes. While they were neat, we’d certainly seen more at the Antique toy and Fire Truck Museum.


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Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville

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<– Day 43 – Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm | Trip Overview | Day 45 – Mon. June 17th: Three Museums & Steve –>


Me and Mr. Packard @ the Packard Museum.

On Saturday night, June 16th, we drove to Niles Ohio to spend the night. On Sunday we’d eventually reach Auburn, Indiana.


On Saturday night we drove from Cooper’s Lake, Pennsylvania, to Niles, Ohio. Sunday we drove from Niles to Auburn, Indiana.

We began with a leisurely morning, as the National Packard Museum in Warren, Ohio, didn’t open until 1pm on Sundays. Once ready to go, it was a short drive to the museum. It’s located in Warren because that’s where the first Packards were produced. In 1903, the company moved to Detroit.

Upon our arrival, one of the docents at the museum explained its history. The museum was started by a man (who’s name slipped into and right out of my memory) in Warren who couldn’t fit his Packard into a place he owned in Warren. He was a friend of the mayor, who managed to find a run-down building for the man in 1990 and arranged to have it leased to the man for $1 for 40 years. That’s not a bad price!

The man was able to fix up the place on the cheap, but it was more of a storage space than a museum space. Then, in 1999, the Packard Automobile Club descended upon the space to celebrate the 100th year of the Packard. A great party took place for a week. By the time the revelers left, 5 more Packards filled the building. Afterwards, steps were taken to turn the space into a formal museum.

Here are some pictures from the museum:


The outside of the Packard Museum.



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Southern Indiana Antique & Machinery Club Show

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Mark has liked jeeps ever since he was a kid. When he was 16 a local widow would let him drive her late ’57 CJ-5 to run errands. In 1992 he purchased his current jeep. He adds, “It had a lot of work accomplished but it had a lot to go, Since then, I’ve repainted, reupholstered, built and installed the outboard components (tire carrier, tow bar & jerry can rack), rebuilt the brake system, and rebuilt the engine. I don’t believe it’s perfect because learning and doing it yourself an important part of the Jeep experience. My wife & I enjoy our Jeep as a weekender. Currently it just keeps going with regular maintenance and repairs as needed. However, I have some projects (a hard top restoration) to enhance her.”


The reason Mark wrote was that last week he attended the Southern Indiana Antique & Machinery Club (aka SIAM) annual show held in Evansville, In. The show features antique farm machinery, Gas & steam engines, swap meet, flea market, food and bluegrass music. While walking through the garden tractor displays, he noticed a fabricated flat fender body on a garden tractor frame. The owner was away at the time, so he couldn’t ask about it.


Later, he came across a 1967 Tuxedo Park owned by another visitor (see attachments).

P1010021 P1010022Here are a couple other photos:

P1010012 P1010005

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Photos of a MT-Tug 6×6

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These photos were taken at a military show by Joe. He notes, “I photographed this TUG at the Gilbert, PA military vehicle rally some years ago.  This model is especially significant to me since I first experienced a TUG first-hand at a Boy Scout Camp in the 1950’s when tasked with a work detail to ‘Spring Clean’ the area around and under the camp Mess Hall.  Unbeknownst to us, the oversized crawl space under the building also happened to be the designated storage area for the camp jeep…..  you guessed it, a Willys 6×6 known as an MT-TUG.  It was complete with serial numbers, stars, data plates and other markings. As mere kids, we were fascinated with the 6-wheel jeep and spent the time pretending to drive the beast instead of actually cleaning the space as assigned.  Lucky for us the 6 volt battery was dead.  And, so began, at an early age, a life-long interest in jeeps, especially the olive-drab kind.  It was also common knowledge within the camp that this jeep was experimental and one of only 15 built. (This fact was verified in books and articles on the MT-TUG published some 50 years later.) Anyway, the camp leaders also knew they had a rare vehicle on their hands and the scuttlebutt was that the jeep was going back to the manufacturer in even trade for a NEW Willys CJ5.  I moved on from scouting after that and still don’t know if that deal ever came to fruition.”






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Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm

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<– Day 42 – Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival | Trip Overview | Day 44 – Sun. June 16th: Escaping the Rain to Packard-ville –>


Sebastian forwarded this photo of Gerald, Augusto, Sebastian, and myself. That’s Sebastian’s CJ-3B to the right.

On the morning of Saturday June 15th, I fixed some breakfast and enjoyed a leisurely start to the day.2013-06-15-bantam-festival-breakfast

At 10:30am, we left camp to stock up on some drinks at the local store. As we exited the one road into the campground and festival we were surprised to see a lineup of folks entering the festival that was at least 2 miles long!

Here are the lines of cars we passed on Saturday morning:

2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic5 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic4 2013-06-15-bantam-festival-traffic3

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Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival

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<– Day 41- Thurs. June 13th: Heinz History Museum | Trip Overview | Day 43 – Sat. June 15th: The Crowds Arrive; As Does a Storm –>


Not everyone was happy to see me. Henry claimed I made a comment that it was too bad someone painted his surrey brown. I couldn’t find any evidence that I said that though. His modified surrey is beautiful!! The windshield is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen. The backside was filled in and the front has been scalloped perfectly.

On Friday morning we had a quick one-hour drive to the Bantam Festival at Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania.


Friday’s drive from Canton, Ohio, to Coopers Lake, Pennsylvania.

Our first task was to set up camp. Much of that duty fell on Ann, as I needed to find out where I’d be giving Friday’s presentation. It was her idea to add the sign marking out encampment. Thankfully, the rains that had fallen all week stopped in time for the festive and we were able to find a dry patch of grass to call home.



Soon, it was time for me to give my presentation. The crowd was light everywhere on Friday and only seven people attended my presentation.


After the presentation, I met folks and handed out some free posters.

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Thurs. June 13th: Heinz History Museum

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<– Day 40 – Wed. June 12th: A Collection Worthy of a Kaiser | Trip Overview | Day 42 – Fri. June 14th: At the Bantam Festival –>


Ann thought this was a good idea. Gotta humor her sometimes.

On Thursday June 13th we drove to Pittsburgh, then on to Canton, Ohio, for the night.


On June 13th we drove from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, to Canton, Ohio.

On Thursday, our main goal was to visit the Senator John Heinz History Center in downtown Pittsburgh. But, of course, our drive wouldn’t have been complete without a run-in with my iPhone’s SIRI. At a critical juncture, SIRI highlighted two competing exits. Unsure which one to take, we guessed wrong and had to drive an extra fifteen minutes. That SIRI is one tricky ‘helper’!

When we finally arrived we couldn’t find any parking. Fortunately, my wife is broken, so we have a handicap pass. Otherwise, we’d have driven away.


The museum specializes in Western Pennsylvania history. Gerald had recommended we visit and mentioned there was a jeep. So, I wasn’t surprised when we walked into the lobby and spotted a jeep right away on a first floor display. It turned out to be #1007 BRC-60. That means it was likely the 8th jeep ever built. It was donated to the museum in 1944 and looks in great shape.

2013-06-14-heinz-museum-brc60 2013-06-14-heinz-museum-brc-60-sign

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Wed. June 12th: A Collection Worthy of a Kaiser

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<– Day 39 – Tues. June 11th: Checking Out Butler | Trip Overview | Day 41- Thurs. June 13th: Heinz History Museum –>


A beautiful Kaiser Darrin. Arrived knowing little about Kaiser Frazer cars, but left far more knowledgable thanks to Dave.

On Wednesday June 12th we drove from Monroeville to Somerset and back.


On Wednesday the 12th we drove from Monroeville to Somerset, Pennsylvania.

We awoke Wednesday morning in Monroeville’s Extended Stay Motel. With access to our first kitchen since we’d hit the road, I made my lovely bride some breakfast in bed. It is always good to keep one’s wife happy while jeep hunting.


After breakfast, our big stop of the day was a visit with Dave Antram. He invited Ann and I over to check out some of the barns on his family’s 150 acre farm in Pennsylvania.


Dave said to look for this sign. That way we’d know we were at the right place.

His family’s been in the area a couple generations. Over time they’ve enjoyed building several different types of collections, including jeeps. As Dave welcomed us and we began our walk he noted there was a lot to show us. He even thought about contacting American Pickers to come visit. But, then he admitted it would be hard for him to sell anything at ‘picker’ prices.

One of the early vehicles they started collection were tractors. One unusual tractor in their collection employs an aftermarket kit from Sears and Roebuck to transform a 1920’s model A into a tractor. The parts painted red are the aftermarket pieces. The ones painted black are the Ford Model T parts.


Model T with a tractor kit from Sears and Roebuck attached.

Above the tractor collection is a model T that was purchased by the family brand new. It was in bad shape for decades until Dave’s father fulfilled a goal to restore it during the 1990s. These days they use it in parades.


Dave’s father next to the Model T he restored.


I don’t know the finer points of a stock Model T, but the quality of the restoration looked good.

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South African Jeep Site

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Marc spotted this website. It looks like it was just launched last year. It might interest others in South Africa. http://www.cj2.co.za


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UPDATE: This opportunity is closed. Thanks to everyone for their participation!full-cover-1-without-guides2

I’ve decided to sell a pre-release version of my newest book, and my first historical novel, the Amber Panels of Konigsberg for $30. I will only sell 30 copies. What I’m hoping to do is to give people a chance to help me catch some errors and/or add some input so I can complete the book by the end of July.

What $30 gets you:
1. Advance signed copy of book. You will encounter some errors, but that’s the point and the nature of this process. I am hoping next time I will be able to publish with a professional organization. I will describe how to submit errors when you purchase.
2. A complimentary copy of the final book when published. It should reach you sometime in August.
3. A credit in the final copy that includes your name in the book.
4. An opportunity to participate in the final writing process.
5. The satisfaction that you’ve helped out my writing career.
6. Maybe it will be a collector’s item someday!?!

I will be offering the same deal to people after my presentations on Friday and Saturday at the Bantam Fest.

Reviews so far:
Only one person, Bill Foshay, has read the book in it’s current form. Here’s what he had to say about it:

Amber panels……..never would have picked up such a book in a bookstore…..skimmed thru it backwards and said…this is going to be boring. Not my cup of tea.

Then.. I got bored and needed to read something…so I started in. Holy historical novel, batman, you have a HIT. Could NOT put it down. Another home run. Better than your last, which was great. I loved how you got jeeps involved.


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Tues. June 11th: Checking Out Butler

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<– Day 38 – Mon. June 10th: Trains and Planes | Trip Overview | Day 40 – Wed. June 12th: A Collection Worthy of a Kaiser –>


My partner-in-crime had a migraine in the morning, so I had to photograph myself. I came, I saw, I photographed!

On Tuesday we did a short tour of Butler then drove to Monroeville, Pennsylvania.


Tuesday June 11th’s drive from Butler to Monroeville, Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday morning, we woke up at the crack of 9am and were out the door by 10. Our breakfast stop was the CHOP SHOP. If you are in Butler, I can highly recommend the place (check out the menu). My prime rib wrap was great. Ann’s Lamb wrap (very thinly sliced lamb with feta and more) was especially good, but couldn’t eat it all, so she shared half her wrap with me … yum!


2013-06-11-chop-shop-bulter-pa1After breakfast, Ann came down with a migraine, so I took her back to the motel room to rest. Meanwhile, I took care of a personal task:  locate and photograph the Bantam Factory Marker, one of those holy jeep grail items I can now tick off my list. The marker is at 662 Hansen Ave, Butler, PA and you can see the sign using Google’s street view.

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Mon. June 10th: Trains and Planes

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<– Day 37 – Sun. June 9th: Defecting to Canada | Trip Overview | Day 39 – Tues. June 11th: Checking Out Butler –>


So many cool things in this one-of-a-kind toy store!

After our failure to defect in Canada on Sunday, we decided to head south on Monday toward the jeep-mecca-that-is-Bantam: Butler, Pennsylvania.


On Monday June 10th we drove from Niagara Falls, New York, to Butler, Pennsylvania.

Though we’d spurned Canada, the country seemed to haunt us. I guess we were there long enough to look Canadian. For example, when we stopped by a Niagara Starbucks Monday morning, we were told by a cashier that we could go online and get Starbucks Cash (or points or something) for completing a survey. He then announced the cash (or points) were good in Canada, too. Ann and I looked at each other wondering why he thought we were Canadian. Then I realized I was wearing a “Canada” shirt.

From Buffalo, New York, we drove south through rain until we got bored of the Interstate. I spotted a town called North East, PA. Thinking that was an odd name, especially since it was in northwestern Pennsylvania, we decided to explore it. It was a strange town. For example, they grow plants over their parking meters.


After lunch at Lacasa De Pizza in downtown North East, we tried to visit their nearby railroad museum, but no one was home. There weren’t any hours posted on the door either. They did have lots of trains and a train station as well.


I never did learn why the town was called ‘North East’

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Willys Truck Warehouse in Rodeo, CA

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There have been several Craigslist Ads for this California parts dealer. Maybe they have something you need?



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1942 Monsanto Ad with Jeep on eBay

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The text of the ad highlights Santoloid “S” and Santolubes.

“Ad is about 7.75 x 11 inches”

View all the information on ebay


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1942 French Canadian Article Showing Ford GP

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At least I think that’s a Ford GP. I’m having trouble telling given the photo’s angle. The page is 14×11 inches.

View all the information on ebay


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Tentative Road Home

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All good things must come to and end . . .This is our tentative road map for heading West following the Butler Festival:

Sunday 16th: Leave around noon, drive to the Packard Museum in Ohio, then stay somewhere.
Monday 17th: Head west, visit the Studebaker Museum in Fort Wayne, stay near Chicago
Tuesday 18th: Visit Jeff Weilers Theatre Organ restoration shop in downtown Chicago: visit volo museum in afternoon: drive to Madison, WI and spend the night.
Wednesday 19th: Visit the House on the Rock near Dodgeville, WI, Drive to Iowa (final destination undecided.
Thursday 20th: Visit Ann’s friends in Omaha.
Friday 21: Drive to Dinosaur National Monument.
Saturday 22: Drop into Salt Lake to get two of my kids
Sunday 23: Drive to Pasco (or stop at City of the Gods for overnight . . .TBD)

Here’s the rough map:


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Sun. June 9th: Defecting to Canada

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<– Day 36 – Sat. June 8th: Escape to the Movies | Trip Overview | Day 38 – Mon. June 10th: Trains and Planes –>

On Sunday we drove from Buffalo to Niagara Falls.


We are standing on the Rainbow Bridge. The trek to our new country wore on us, but we continued marching!


On Tuesday June 09 we drove from Buffalo to Niagara Falls,

For our entire stay in Buffalo, the weather has been wet in varying degrees. So, on Sunday June 9th we decided to defect to Canada.

As if Ulysses-like Sirens were wooing us, the closer we got to Canada, the better the weather became. We took it as a sure sign we were doing the right thing. Once Ann and I located a parking spot (free even!) on the American side of the border, we abandoned our car and our American lives to embark on a future as Canadians.

It turns out it’s easy to leave the US on foot. We just passed through a simple turnstile and we were home free! Like a couple of refugees, we packed light, carrying only the bare essentials (cameras and cash) on our forced march across Rainbow Bridge (we couldn’t bring the jeep across — it was too new and the bank that holds the loan wouldn’t give us permission).


Look at that great view!


Behind us is a Canadian playground awaiting our arrival. We left behind the sunny the rainy skies of Buffalo for the beautiful blue of Canada.

By the time we were halfway across the bridge, the sun was shining bright. The mist from the falls saluted our decision, welcoming us in a very friendly manner into the Canadian fold.

OH CANADA” we bellowed as we approached the passport office. Behind the desk at the office was a pretty blond who greeted us (Canada was looking pretty good by that point!) — No wonder Canadian Dave loves his country so much!


The Canadian’s appear to be very neat and tidy. I wonder if all their lawns look like this?

After sizing up Canada’s two newest citizens, the immigration official let us in. We couldn’t wait to breathe the Canadian air, eat the best of Canadian food, and see the world through their eyes.

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Sat. June 8th: Escape to the Movies

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<– Day 35 – Fri. June 7th: An Old Building and New Cars  | Trip Overview | Day 37 – Sun. June 9th: Defecting to Canada –>

No pics for today …

On Saturday Ann and I were asked to be special hosts at the Farny Wurlitzer house as part of a local house-tour event (multiple houses in multiple locations) to raise money for a local organization. Joining us at the Wurlitzer house was our new friend Jeff, who we’d gotten to know over the past couple of days (he was visiting North Tonawanda from Chicago).

A long story short, after about a half hour of greeting a few people, the three of us realized that nobody cared who we were or why we were there. Visitors just wanted to look at the house. Unfortunately for Jeff, he had no access to transportation, so was stuck there. It didn’t take use long to decide that we were totally wasting our time, so we all agreed it was time to bail this event (none of us had made specific promises as to how long we would be there — frankly, the event was poorly organized).

After a quick discussion, we decided to get some lunch and go watch a movie, as Jeff’s return flight didn’t take off until late Saturday night.

Our lunch stop was a highly rated Polish plate called K Sisters: Authenic Pierogi. It was delicious!

After lunch, we found a nearby theatre showing Star Trek Into Darkness. Jeff, a very busy guy, seemed to greatly appreciate the break. He said it had been quite a while since he’d seen a movie in a theatre. We equally enjoyed the time to decompress.


After the movie, we dropped Jeff off at his hotel. We hit it off so well that he offered to show us around his Wurlitzer restoration facility in Chicago on our way back home. We readily accepted the offer.

Tomorrow, we hit the road once again, bound to cross the border and interact with our Canadian brethren.

 <– Day 35 – Fri. June 7th: An Old Building and New Cars  | Trip Overview | Day 37 – Sun. June 9th: Defecting to Canada –>

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A CJ-2A Won on a Bet

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Ryan shared this great photo of his father’s CJ-2A. The story of how his father obtained it is funny. Read the story at the bottom of this page.


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Fri. June 7th: An Old Building and New Cars

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<– Day 34 – Thurs. June 6th: Carousels and Awards | Trip Overview | Day 36 – Sat. June 8th: Escape to the Movies –>

wurlitzer-plaque-donation-loresForrest Gump was right: Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. When I began this trip I never expected to be on the front page of a town’s newspaper. As I mentioned yesterday, I feel fortunate it was a slow news day! I did note there were a few quotes attributed to me worded in a way that I’d never do, but that’s the good/bad of being interviewed.

On Friday morning Ann and I were scheduled to visit the Wurlitzer Building in North Tonawanda and enjoy a brief tour by the president of the company that owns and operates it. The building is huge (I can’t remember the exact size), but at one point it employed over 3000 people. You can read a fuller history of the Wurlitzer Company in North Tonawanda from 1892 to 1942 here.

While many square feet have been turned into office space that’s leased to companies, thousands of square feet remain empty, awaiting a reason to transform back into something leasable.

Below are a few photos:


This is only part 1/5 (?) of the Wurlitzer building in North Tonawanda, NY. It’s the entrance.


Here is organ restoration specialist Jeff Weiler and I in front of the entrance. Ann and I plan to meet up with Jeff and see his restoration shop in Chicago during our trip back home.


This is President of The Wurlitzer Building Tom Austen, who showed us around a portion of the building.


This is one wing of the 3rd floor that is empty (except for some file storage).

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D-Day Re-Enactment from France

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Alex forwarded a couple photos from a friend of his in France that showed some of the D-Day celebrations in Normandy.

D day 2013 Normandie

D day 2013 Normandie2Alex also sent this funny ad from 1944:

for ewillys

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1944 Press Photo of Jeeps and Crowd

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Marc spotted this photo.

“This is an original press photo. Credit – NEA & ACMEPhoto measures 9.25 x 7inches. Photo is dated 01-18-1944.”

View all the information on ebay



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Thurs. June 6th: Carousels and Awards

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<– Day 32 & 33 – Tues. June 4th & Wed. June 5th: Rudeness at the Parkside Diner!  | Trip Overview | Day 35 – Fri. June 7th: An Old Building and New Cars –>


My presentation of the Wurlitzer Plaque to the North Tonawanda History Museum Trustees.

I’d like to share with you all the wonderful things I did on my birthday — of parties, food, and lavish gifts — but the present I truly longed for was sleep. So, that’s pretty much all we did. We slept. A lot.

By Thursday June 6th we were ready for a busy day. Our first stop was at my great uncle Farny Wurlitzer’s former house in North Tonawanda, New York. It was a beautiful place that was recently purchased by new owners. I won’t bore you with the pictures, but it was fun for us.

After the house visit, as official representatives of the Rudolph Wurlitzer family (I’m his great great grandson), Ann and I were invited on guided tour of the Herschel Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda.


The front of the Herschel Museum (on a very wet day).


Doug, Jeff and I are examining a Wurlitzer Carousel Organ that plays while the carousel rotates.


Who doesn’t feel like a kid riding a carousel??


Of course, we even found a jeep-like ride at the museum!

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Tues. June 4th & Wed. June 5th: Rudeness at the Parkside Diner

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<– Day 31 – Mon. June 3rd: Through Russia With Love | Trip Overview | Day 34 – Thurs. June 6th: Carousels and Awards –>


No, the sign isn’t referencing the Beatles; it’s explaining an earlier invasion by Brits playing musical muskets.

On Tuesday June 4th: we drove from Pulaski, New York, to Buffalo, New York.


On Tuesday June 4th we drove from Pulaski, New York, to Buffalo, New York.

Last night I got a “really good deal” on a motel room in Pulaski, New York. Strangely, no one else showed up at the motel. We had the entire place to ourselves. To make it odder, the supposed two-star place was only of one-star quality. The whole place had an odd vibe. We had no desire to stay any longer than need-be, so we departed early in the morning.

Our first stop today was the beach at Oswego, NY, near Fort Ontario. There, we looked out onto the fourth Great Lake of our trip: Lake Ontario. The warm temperatures of the past few days turned to a bone chilling 67 degrees …  Brrr. We almost had to put on jackets!


Henry taking a well deserved rest at Lake Ontario.

From there we drove to the State University of New York at Oswego. We met with a reference librarian in the hope she could find more information on Dorothy Rogers, the author of Jeopardy and a Jeep and Highways Across the Horizons. The librarian provided some reference material that led to additional biographical information, but it didn’t prove useful.

After our library trip, our next stop was in Seabreeze, NY, where we found a diner near a park called, not surprisingly, the Parkside Diner. Our food was very good.


Somehow we didn’t get a picture of this place. So, here’s one from Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kewing/7778492628/in/set-72157624608428385

The strange part about our experience was that as we waited for the check, Ann and I started to hear some strange sounds from the booth in back of us. It sounded like a little kids TV show that seemed, intellectually, one step above Teletubbies. The sounds were loud enough that the grating voice would have disturbed us if we were still eating.

Fortunately, moments later our bill arrived. We dropped the money on the table. I stood and turned to see what was making the racket. I discovered a couple behind us had placed a phone on a table so they could watch a television show. They seemed completely unaware (or uncaring) that the obnoxious show might disturb anyone else. Ann exited the restaurant asking, “Really? Who does that? Who plays a TV loud enough to disturb other people in a restaurant??”

Just before we left, I took a picture of the offending couple. If you see these two ‘kids’, beware that they have no awareness for others around them. The red colored phone is propped up against the white container of sugar.


We arrived in Northeast Buffalo soon after our lunch. We napped, then I worked. Wednesday June 5th is my birthday, so there won’t be any updates and we have no plans, other than to rest and find some good food. We’ll be here through Saturday.

Wednesday June 5th: Day off 🙂

On Thursday, we have a variety of plans in North Tonawanda, New York.

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DD Living History Farm in Roxbury, CT

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Marc spotted a photo on Flickr of a modified flat fender. After a little searching, I discovered that the jeep is part of a collection of farm tractors at the DD Living History Farm (Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have too many pictures) in Roxbury, CT. It claims to be one of the largest collections east of the Mississippi. Had we known, we might have tried to get there while in Connecticut. Oh well, we’ll save that for next time!

Here’s the Flickr picture


Here are a few more: