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Shore Patrol Jeeps

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I was quite surprised yesterday, as I noted in my post related to the Waikiki VJ Day Video, that I spotted a mustard yellow MB with the words “SHORE PATROL” emblazoned across the windshield frame.  Also interesting is the top on this jeep.  See how it appears to go up before it heads back.  I’m wondering if that’s a hard top of some kind?

That lead me on a trek to find any other shore patrol jeep with a color scheme that was NOT a light blue color.  A quick google search of the term “Shore Patrol Jeeps” reveals an endless slew of light blue Jeeps evoking, in my mind, a Navy theme. However, despite my searches, I couldn’t locate anything other than Navy themed or Army Green Shore Patrol Jeeps.

So, to the upper right is the best snapshot I could get of the Waikiki Shore Patrol Jeep, followed by some other Shore Patrols I found around the web.

Here’s the closest example I found to the yellow one. This one has the unusual top:

From Brian’s WWII site we have this one (google says it should be at this link, but I couldn’t find it):

Here’s one from Flickr

Here’s a different angle of the same one from Fotki:

Here’s one from the CJ-3B Page — this time a complete M-38:

Here’s a ‘Shore Patrol’ jeep that’s likely a M-38 with some other parts  (unsure if this was ever a shore patrol jeep):

Here’s another ‘mutt’ of a Shore Jeep:

Here’s a nicely restored MB Shore Patrol vehicle from Argentina that I featured a while ago:

Here’s a shore patrol motor cycle from the G503 page:

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1947 CJ-2A West Bath, Me $3500

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(04/17/2010) There are front and rear PTOs on this CJ-2A.  What is the piece of equipment hooked to the rear PTO?  Is that a rear winch?  It looks like there might be some interesting history with this as well.

“To view more photos of this vehicle visit us at or call 207-443-1442 and ask Tony to schedule a test drive. RUNS, DRIVES…NOT ROAD WORTHY……PLOW WORKS ……WINCH WORKS……CHAINS FOR THE TIRES. AMAZING PIECE OF AMERICAN HISTORY”

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Year? CJ-2A Jamul, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $600. **SOLD**

“Willys Jeep. 49-51 Willys Jeep CJ-l. Customer fiberglass cab. Local San Diego Truc, 4cly, 4SP, P.T.O- 4WD. All there, Black plates, Not running. Project, lots of potential. Former Glass Truck. RARE- No paperwork. $600 OBO.”

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Plattsburgh Fire Dept’s M-38A1

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I wouldn’t mind getting some more shots of this 1958 Civil Defense M-38A1  from the South Plattsburgh Fire Department out of Plattsburgh, NY.  This unit serves as their brush truck and currently carries 80 gallons of water, chain saw, hand tools and a booster reel supplied by a 30 gpm pump belt driven off the prime mover engine.

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M-38 FireJeep @ Mississippi State University

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A student from Mississippi State University named Cliff contacted me yesterday.  He’s in the Aerospace program and also employed at the Raspet Flight Research Lab.  The lab owns and operates the M-38 Fire Jeep shown below. They have a problem with their jeep and need some help.

According to Cliff, the M-38 had developed a knock (after being loaned out temporarily), so Cliff and another co-worker tore the engine apart during some down time recently.

Cliff writes, “Here comes the bad news, once we got the motor on the stand and pulled the rod caps we find that the rod bearings on the 3rd and 4th cylinders have ground in to nothing, which was thought to be the case when a ton of metal shavings were found in the oil pan. The motor is not original to the jeep, it had been replaced in ’88 with an F-head and a hole cut in the hood to accommodate it, and seems to be a rebuilt engine because the crank has already been turned once. So here is the dilemma. The lab is low on money and is not wanting to pay a lot for repairs but many of us here would like to save the jeep from the scrap yard and return it to its duties as our fire truck. So I am here to ask for your help in saving this Jeep, we are in need of a new crank and badly need a new wiring harness and am asking for donations on these parts but am also willing to trade the entire F-head motor(which other then needing a new crank is in great shape) for a L-head motor.

I responded to Cliff to see if I can get a little more information about this project and what else they might need (for example, bearings, seals, etc) to get this running again.

Unless someone wants to contact Cliff themselves (I’ll be happy to forward an addy) and provide assistance (maybe you live close or graduated from the Mississippi State or for some other reason), I will be happy to organize some help for Cliff and his project.

Here are some pics of the jeep before disassembly:

View more pics by clicking the link below —

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1953 CJ-3A Tucson, Az $6595

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Apparently, this is a Navy CJ-3A.  It appears there is a data plate above the standard data plate on the dash that could very well document this.  That said, it seems like it should be painted navy colors rather than in a cammo pattern.

“Fully reconditioned 1953 Willys Jeep. Originally assigned to the Navy. Restoration includes rebuilt motor, transmission, rewiring, steering and suspension. Non-directional military tires, tow hitch, and roll bar. Runs great, super fun to drive!

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The Saugus EMV CJ-3A

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Somewhere around 1950 the Emergency Management Folks in Saugus, Massachusetts, bought a CJ-3A as an all-around emergency vehicle.  As you can see by the emergency boat (being towed by the Jeep in the 2nd pic below), this isn’t a high budget operation, but then this town of 26,000 probably didn’t need much more (though they did invest in a DUKW in the late ’50s).

Sixty years later, Saugus still has the CJ-3A (at least it looks the same with minor additions).  Sporting the code name ‘Unit 41’, it seems this EMV handles emergency parades more than anything these days.

You can see more of the early Saugus EMVs here, including the original Seagrave Pumper from 1919.

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1958 FC-170 Fire Engine Dinuba, Ca eBay

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UPDATE:  Steve reports that this sold for $5600 with only two bids.

Jean-Sebastien spotted this unusual find.

“This is a Jeep FC 170 four wheel drive flat bed truck that has been made into a fire engine. This vehicle was originally used by the US forest service around Yosemite and later sold to a church camp just outside of the park. The vehicle was garaged and used by the church camp for insurance purposes. The vehicle is in extreemly good original condition. All equipment is stock except the windshield wiper motor which was changed to an electric model instead of the vacuum type. The vehcile runs strong and starts up promptly everytime. It has the 6 cylinder motor with a 3 speed manual transmission. Warren “free wheeling” hub caps to secure four wheel drive. The interior is in very good condition, as you can see by the pictures. The odometer shows 30,000 miles, but the speedometer cable broke so I can’t say what the actual mileage is. I would say not more than about 50,000 original miles. The fire apparatus has a 250 gallon tank with a 5 hp gas motor that both starts manually or with an electric push button starter. Pump works great and all seals seam to not leak. Vehicle comes with 200 feet of fire hose ( cotton single jacket), 150 of 1 1/2 and 50 ft of 1 inch. Two variable plastic nozzles with 1 1/2 fittings. There are two yellow helmets and a first aid kit. All gauges work (except the speedometer) and two new gauges were added for oil preasure and temperature. Body shows some signs on repair around the passenger door handle, but otherwise the vehicle is in good overall condition for the body. Vehicle runs fine and all mechanical parts work good. Brakes are in good condition as are tires, clutch and transmission. There is no slippage when shifting. This is a fairly rare vehicle and would be well suited for a ranch (for insurance purposes) or another church. Please e-mail any questions.”

View all the pics on eBay

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Toyota’s Jeep AK10 and Jeep BJ

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As usual, searching for something unrelated to Toyota lead me straight to the Toyota BJ (I was searching through some automobile history).  I knew very little about the Toyota Land Cruiser history, so the threads I’ll share below were very interesting to me.  The pics all came from the website, where there are plenty more pics of both the AK10 and the BJ.


According to Wikipedia, in response to a request by the Japanese government, Toyota developed the AK10 in 1942.  Apparently there are few surviving images and no surviving vehicles.  You can view the AK10 discussion thread at the website.


Again, according to Wikipedia, in 1950 the Korean War created demand for a military light duty vehicle.  The United States Government asked Toyota to build 100 vehicles based on Willys specs.  The following year, Toyota designed the BJ prototype.  While longer and more powerful (6cyl) than the 1/4 ton jeep, the BJ had no low range.  The National Police Agency (NPA) was impressed enough to put in an order for the Jeep BJ’s, which became their official patrol vehicle.  The BJ would have 3 different Models, a Touring model (BJ-T), a Radio model (BJ-R), and a Fire Engine Capable Model (BJ-J) [technically, I suppose these would be the english equivalent translations …].

In 1954, Willys-Overland put pressure on Toyota to cease using the “Jeep” name.  Technical director Hanji Umehara had the responsibility to rename the vehicle.  Interestingly, rather than compete with the Jeep label, he chose to compete directly with the Land Rover label.  He notes, “I had to come up with a name for our car that would not sound less dignified than those of our competitors. That is why I decided to call it ‘Land Cruiser’.”

Here are several images of the BJ that I found on the IH8MUD site.  You can see many more here The Toyota BJ ‘Jeep’ thread at the website.

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A ‘Police’ Wagon from the Movie Plumm Summer Bozeman, Mt $4800

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UPDATE:  UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4800.

After some searching, I found a movie trailer that shows a short clip of the Police Wagon (shown below).  You can see the entire trailer from this 2008 movie here.

“1960 willys jeep for sale. great condition. 4×4. Flathead Hurricane 6 original motor, ~100,000 miles. Was in the movie, “A Plumm Summer.” Painted like a sheriff vehicle. runs great, and always starts, may need to have the piston rings replaces, but all the seals were just redone. cheep to insure, and a great vehicle, some custom work was done to the back seats to turn them into side benches. this jeep has all original parts, except for 1 missing rear seat, but i have the replacement in storage.”

Plumm Summer Movie Willys Wagon

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1967 M725 Ambulance Collingswood, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $995.

“I purchased this over 2 years ago with the intentions of restoring it. I have purchased many additional parts but have not had that much time to work on it. The boro had asked us to remove it from the property back in September due to one of our wonderful neighbors. We need to sell soon. I did get it to turn over. This is a great solid Jeep with very little rust for someone who has time to work on it. We had it posted in the Fall for $1750 but now brought the price down. The price is firm. I have posted many items on here with great success. We are looking to sell this quick. Not looking forward to selling it but in the future when I have more time I will look into purchasing another vehicle to restore. Need to be removed from our property by end of March. ”

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Constabulary / Military Police Jeep Paint Schemes

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About a week ago I was looking through some images and noticed a couple jeeps with unusual paint jobs across the windshields.  It turns out these were jeeps associated with the Constabulary Force in Europe. (I believe these differ from the ‘white mice‘ MPs)

Here’s an excerpt about the Constabulary Force from the history of the 2nd Constabulary Regiment, “The District Constabularies were regarded as an interim force during the time USFET [United States Forces European Theater] was submitting plans for a more extensive organization.

The Theater plan of organization proposed a Zone Constabulary composed of three Brigade Headquarters at the German Land or state level, each to include an Air Reconnaissance Squadron and varying numbers of Cavalry Groups; twelve Constabulary Group Headquarters; forty-eight Squadrons with 192 mechanized recon troops, 48 tank companies, and 48 Headquarter and Service troops. The total strength was to approximate 38,000 troopers.

Paralleling the planning and development of the United States Constabulary from its origin to the operational date of July 1, 1946, was the Mobile Security Control of the U. S. occupied zone (as we have already stated) by the District Constabularies. The Second Cavalry Group was shortly joined by the Sixth and Fifteenth Cavalry Groups to accomplish this.”

Back to the paint schemes, here are several pics with the unusual paint schemes.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any color pics and the pics I do have aren’t great ones.

Walter Sanders snapped the 2nd and 3rd images as part of his work for Life Magazine.

Here’s a link to the site with this image:

Here’s a link to the site with this image:

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1958 Fire Truck FL 170 Northport, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay

I want one!  Thanks to Steve for spotting this one.


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Rare Holden-Modified Marine Ambulance

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This is an edited version of an ad for a Holden-modified ambulance for sale in 2010 (or maybe it wasn’t a Holden?). Now it contains some information on Holden-Modified Jeeps.

  2. G503 link about Holdens and another


This video shows a Holden at Iwo Jima:

Here are some photos of a Holden modified jeep that was for sale in 2010.


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Reason #63 for a trip to Italy

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Some of the folks over at the website had a discussion regarding the Museo Storico Piana delle Orme – Latina (Italy).    The museum describes itself as a “historical theme park designed to accommodate one of the largest and most diverse collections in the world: planes, tanks, locomotives, wagons, radio, weapons and hundreds of military vehicles, agricultural tractors, threshers, trams and coaches, tools and thousands of objects of all types and sizes. Dedicated to the twentieth century, the Museum is a journey through 50 years of Italian history. 14 themed to tell the traditions and culture of the peasant, the great works of improvement, the Second World War but also to show the vehicles and means at the dawn of industrialization and great toys with which children entertained themselves.

For the purposes of ewillys, the highlight of the trip might just be the opportunity to check out these two modified flatties a little closer (ok, hopefully we could find many more highlights as well!)

In the foreground, we have a MB that has been converted into a tow truck.  Behind, and to the left, is a jeep with a water tank(?) on the back of it.  Maybe a water transporter?  This photo was taken by “Captain Bill”.

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Art’s 1946 CJ-2A Fire Willys and Trailer

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Bruce surprised me today with some pics of a Fire Jeep.  He noted that after reading the section that includes Fire Jeeps, he thought I might be interested in seeing a couple pics of Art’s Jeep.  After reviewing the pics, I asked him for permission to publish them.  Bruce was kind enough to contact Art, who in turn has been nice enough to let me share them with you.  If you haven’t seen Art’s Jeep on the CJ-3B page or at one of the Willy’s reunions, then you are in for a treat.

One of the more interesting factoids I ran across while doing a search for Art’s Jeep on the internet was a discussion on the CJ-2A Page Forum regarding Bill’s effort to include Art’s Jeep in a Calendar of Fire Vehicles.  It turns out that Daimler Chrysler wants a piece of any Calendar pie for showing a Jeep Grille (specifically, a $500 guarantee and 12% royalties).

So, that got me thinking. What about Jeeps on pay websites?  Could Daimler, for example, begin asking for royalties from a site like the Jeep Forum, which has paying members, on which plenty of images of a Jeep Grille exist?  At this point, my opinion is they can’t, because they haven’t enforced their rights (if they even have them) to do so.  But, I’m gonna research this more.

Anyway, here’s some pics of Art’s Willys.  Thanks for sharing Art 🙂

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Fire Jeepish Pics

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The CJ-3B Page has some great pics of Fire Jeeps.  Here’s a few I found by accident on this page.

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Book: Willy – The Little Jeep

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Here’s a kid’s book called Willy:  The Little Jeep Who Wanted to Be a Fire Truck.  I haven’t read it yet, but it’s supposed to be based loosely on a real event and a real 1947 CJ-2A.  The book has its own website.

From, “Join Willy as his dream of becoming a fire truck takes some surprising twists and turns. Travel with him on an adventure that brings him from the sidelines to center stage and safely back home again.

Written originally as a Christmas present for a friend, WILLY has already captivated children of all ages. As one reviewer noted, “The book is written for a child, but has so much meaning for adults as well. I don’t mind admitting that a tear of joy rolled down my ‘headlight’ too!” Others have described Willy as “lovable,” “endearing,” and “plain ol’ fun.”

The story, penned by volunteer firefighter Don Estes, is based on actual events that happened in Clinton Corners, New York and Clinton, Connecticut.”

View all the information at Amazon

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1955 Fire Truck Vidalia, La **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was listed at $2100

I’d like a closer look at the bed to see what makes this a fire truck.

“1955 Willys / Jeep FIRE TRUCK, Kaiser Supersonic 6 cylinder, 4X4 works, runs well, Needs brakes bled and new home.”


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1945 Follow Me Jeep Pics

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Here are some great “Follow Me” Pics of one jeep.    Thanks Bruce!


Follow_me_45 jeep


Follow_me_45 dash

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Ebro Trucks from a Jeep Pickups website

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Here’s some a couple great pics of an early Ebro Cameador.  You can view more images at

Jeeps first started being assembled in Spain in 1952 by a company called VIASA, which means Vehículos Industriales y Agrícolas, S.A in spanish. I am not sure if VIASA ever made pickups, as I cannot find any records of them being produced. However, in the late 1970’s VIASA was absorbed into EBRO, another spanish company. The only pickup that I know of produced by EBRO was called the Campeador. It was a forward control pickup available in either single or double cab version, which was called the Duplex, as well as a van, called the Toledo/Furgon. At some time, Hotchkiss in France also produced these vehicles, but I can’t find any pictures of them. Production of these vehicles was from 1971-1985 in France.  The Ebro name was discontinued in 1980.



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The White Mice

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This excerpt is from an article title White Mice, which is about policing European highways during and after the war.  Included is a MB painted in the distinctive colors:  White vehicle with a black hood.  If you go to the website article,  you will see a variety of cars with this motif.  This would make an unusual restoration project.

The 62nd Military Police Company was created on November 30, 1943 and activated in North Africa a day later. Originally, it was a standard combat MP unit, and participated in the campaigns in France, the Rhineland and Ardennes-Alsace. Following the end of the war, the unit was reorganized twice, first as the 62nd Military Police Service Company in June 1948 and then as the 62nd Military Police Highway Patrol Company on September 20, 1951, when it was reattached to the regular Army forces occupying American Zone of Germany.

Corporal Edward Olson in a Highway Patrol Willys MB. Note the permanent roof and the large combination siren-warning light on the fender.

Unlike standard military police units, the Highway Patrol was created not only to enforce laws and regulations, but to handle other duties typically handled by civilian police agencies. These included assisting motorists and promoting traffic safety. On a given day, a trooper might work traffic, investigate a crime, or perform escort duty for a convoy. Or all three, just like his civilian counterpart.”

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Vista, Ca **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  This seller also restored this CJ-2A with a similar theme.

A well executed and creative build.  These are exactly the kinds of non traditional restorations I’d like to see more of that properly record the wide and varied deployment of the jeep.

The builder/seller writes, “1946 Willys V.E.C. CJ2A #14, 422 – County Sheriff  Patrol Jeep: I’m relisting this beautiful Willys with a lower reserve. However, don’t make the mistake of believing that I’m giving it away!  I just recognize that the market is soft right now.  I know what I have put into this restoration.  This is my fourth and final restoration of a 1946 Willys Civilian Jeep (CJ) 2A.

I became interested in the 1946 CJ-2A because it was the first production 4 wheel drive vehicle available to the public and is the grandfather of all modern SUVs.  This particular CJ-2A restored as a Sheriff Patrol Jeep was restored as a tribute to my own Grandfather who was a deputy sheriff in Southern California during the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  This CJ-2A is a faithful restoration of the type patrol vehicle that may have been used by the sheriff in the California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona back-country. The Federal siren and all Unity lights are period vintage police equipment.  The STOP light on the left front fender is a vintage Griffin model used by Military Police on jeeps during the Second World War.


Continue reading

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1959 Tow Truck Colorado Springs, Co $3500

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1959_willystruck_coloradospringsUPDATE:  Still available

I think this is cool.

“I have a 1959 Willys good condoition for the year it is. Ive put 3500 into it the engine needs some work this i a one of a kind truck im selling due to layoff and need the money. Asking 3500 or best offer you can call for more info or arange a time to come and look at call 475-1841 between 5pm and 8pm Thank you for looking and have a good day.”

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Follow Me Jeeps

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UPDATE: I keep seeing the ‘follow me’ jeep from Portland for sale, so I thought I’d rerun this post from last year …

While looking for something else, I stumbled upon a website showing a model of a “follow me jeep”, which is shown to the right. The website notes:

Follow Me jeeps were jeeps that were used at airfields to help control ground traffic of airplanes at an air base.Follow Me jeeps used close to the front remained the normal olive drab paint color, but at bases farther to the rear, the jeeps became brightly colored.

I’ve never heard the term “follow me jeep”, though I did know they were used at airfields.  However, I had never seen a jeep painted this way before.  So, I wondered if the paint job was someone’s fantasy of what a “follow me jeep” might have been.

However, after doing a little searching, I found a page on Brian’s Military Jeeps Site that discusses, in depth, some of the unique characteristics of a “follow me jeep” plus some very specific restoration information, including an image of a jeep with the “gas attack” paint:  portions of the jeep could change color if certain gasses were present.

And to the right is a black and white image of a checkered jeep and checkered trailer.