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Wes’ FC-170 Authenticast


Wes forwarded some pictures of his all original rare FC-170 model that includes a snow plow. He has owned it 15 years.

Wes writes, “This was made between 1957 & 1963 by Authenticast,(Comet). It is Pot Metal like many early promotional models. Of the 3 FC 170’s they did, this is the rarest. The scale is 1/20th which is larger than most promos. It is as close to new as an older model can get condition wise. I will send you another photo for size comparison.”

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Paper Models at

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Patrick forwarded this website.  According to the website, Jesse Smith is a big Landcruiser fan.  He is such a big fan, that he builds Landcruisers (and over vehicles) out of paper.  Below are two non-Landcruiser models he makes that you all ought to recognize.  He sells the models for $7.00.

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Dale Model Company WWII Recognition Model on eBay

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This looks interesting. I have no idea what the value is.

“This is an absolute amazing find! Pot-metal coaster made by Dale Model Company; 1:25 scale. Rear spare tire has “Dale Model Co Chicago” cast into sidewall. Underneath rear has “JEEP” cast. Star on hood. Paint has chips (see pictures), but appears to be original. Wheels roll; and steering wheel turns. Measures roughly 5.25″ x2.5 and heavy – weighing roughly 14oz.

During WWII, similar models were used for training spotters. At the end of WWII, Dale purchased the molds, and converted to the toy (recognition models). These models are difficult to find, especially in this condition.”

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Steve’s Ceramic Wagon Model

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Yesterday Steve shared a photo of this ceramic wagon model of his ’57 Sedan Delivery Wagon that he created when he was 18.  It is 12″ in length.

He wrote, “I made the wagon the first year at Jr. College.   There was a ’57 Chevy I though was pretty cool made in a previous class.  So, I did a “self portrait”, sort of…..    My Willys Wagon was my “wheels” until I got a real job, as opposed to summer jobs.   The engine when bad, so I parked it and bought my first FC-170 in ’82.  I drove that through my University days.  Everyone called it the “garbage truck”.   I was in the sailing club and very few had a vehicle that could tow the boats on weekend saildays.  So, the garbage truck was one of the tow vehicles on the weekends, and on the two campouts each year.  I’m sure everyone has fond memories of that ugly thing.

Now the ’57 wagon has it’s first paint job, and waiting to be assembled.  The body is on the frame, but it not bolted down yet.  The engine and transmission will be next….some day.  I have too many projects in line at the moment.”

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Grrrumbler: Custom Flatfender Model

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UPDATE: Was on eBay. **SOLD**. It is similar to the Trailblazer

Where was this when I was building models?  This has desert dog-like tires, a stainless look, and some turbine rims!

“GRRRUMBLER 4×4 Jeep Off Road Custom MPC 1:25 OPENED Vtg Model Kit 70’s”

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Rotabuggy Flying Jeep Paper Model Directions


Jim forwarded this website.  It includes plans for a paper model Rotabuggy Flying Jeep.  You can learn more about the plans at this website:

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Model Kit in Box by E.Z.KRAFT on eBay

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This is neat.

“From 1950’s ??? ….. Excellent Condition (see picture) …… U.S. Army JEEP …. Wood Model Kit by E.Z. KRAFT ……….. See MY STORE for other Model Kits > War Tank, Army Tank, and another Jeep with AntiAircraft Gun …. ALL VINTAGE > UNUSED and in the ORIGINAL BOX !!!!!!”

View all the information on eBay

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Brass Model Jeep on Flickr

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David spotted this model on Flickr.  I don’t much other than it is being well built by someone named Alex.

You can see all the pics here

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A Model WW2 Jeep Built From Scratch in Macedonia

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This well done jeep model was built by a Macedonian who wants to own a real jeep some day.  I believe he has the skills to take care of one!

He writes on youtube, “Model Jeep I spent 3 months on. I know it’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. Real WWII Jeeps in Macedonia are extremely rare, if not impossible to find. Also I thought it would be far more fun to built rather than buy a model Jeep. Work was done during the summer of 2009, 2-3 hours a day, often late into the night.”


Here’s a pic of the finished product:

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Custom RC Jeep

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Jerry spotted this at the forums.

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Balsawood Jeep Kit from MODEL CRAFT

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This is a picture of a boxed balsawood jeep kit held by the Australian War Memorial.  The information below comes from the website.

Description: Boxed balsawood kit of a Jeep. Box obverse is illustrated in two colours with a PT boat and a jeep with the legend ‘MODEL CRAFT’. The sides are illustrated with patrol craft and trucks, accompanied by the legend ‘Manufactured by Model Aircrafts 1 Bond St Sydney’. Reverse is printed in red and blue with a listing of the other model kits available. Contents consist of a thin printed balsa sheet and smaller plain sheet and six long stringers, all wrapped in the plans for the kit. The instructions are damaged.

Summary: Little is known of Model Aircrafts Ltd. A Sydney-based company established in 1928 and operating from premises at 1 Bond St, Sydney, they manufactured a series of boxed balsawood aircraft, truck and ship kits. The evidence of their production is based on their wartime output, which is imaginative and extensive – and includes contemporary subjects such as the Mitsubishi Zero and the Hawker Hurricane – but extremely basic and evidently restricted by Australia’s wartime austerity drive and materials rationing. Thus, wartime contents for aircraft frequently provide merely a simple block of balsa and a 2.5 cm square of sandpaper with instructions to ‘shape fuselage according to the illustration’. Wartime plans are often signed ‘J Mercer’.

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Beer Can Flattie (and others)

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UPDATE:  Lylito pointed out that more information about these models and their New Zealand designer, Sandy Sanderson, can be read here.  Plans are available, too.  Jalopnik has also did a story about Sandy that includes details of the original drawings.

Randy forwarded me these amazing models.  I’ve got more pics of the others and will forward them as an email.

Here are some other models (again, I have more pics of these if you are interested.

Keywords: Aluminum Cans; Beer Cans;


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Wooden Jeep Sonora, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $600.

It runs and drives.

“This is a custom built 1/4 scale Willys Jeep with a wood and metal body using an electric motor from a walk along golf cart. It has a single disk brake and chain drive. The wheels are from a wheelbarrow. A real craftsman made this and he had lots of time on his hands!”